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The contractor, and not the Government, is responsible for management and quality control actions to meet the terms of the contract.

    Sample QASP Grounds Maintenance Services




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    Sample QASP Grounds Maintenance Services





This Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) has been developed to evaluate contractor

    actions while implementing this PWS. It is designed to provide an effective surveillance method

    of monitoring contractor performance for each listed objective in the PWS in the maintenance


The QASP provides a systematic method to evaluate the services the contractor is required to


This QASP is based on the premise the Government desires to maintain a quality standard in

    operating, maintaining, and repairing facilities and that a service contract to provide the service

    is the best means of achieving that objective.

The contractor, and not the Government, is responsible for management and quality control

    actions to meet the terms of the contract. The role of the Government is quality assurance to

    ensure contract standards are achieved.

In this contract the quality control program is the driver for product quality. The contractor is

    required to develop a comprehensive program of inspections and monitoring actions. The first

    major step to ensuring a “self-correcting” contract is to ensure that the quality control program approved at the beginning of the contract provides the measures needed to lead the contractor to


Once the quality control program is approved, careful application of the process and standards

    presented in the remainder of this document will ensure a robust quality assurance program.


    Sample QASP Grounds Maintenance Services

    Performance SOW Performance Standard AQL Surveillance

    Objective Para Method

    1.1 and Grass is maintained within Customer Customer Maintain

    1.3 proper height for its area. complaints shall not Complaints Improved and

    Sod does not need to be exceed 3 per month Semi-

    replaced. Sod is healthy Improved

    and looks well maintained Grounds

1.4 Trees, plants, hedges, Customer Customer Maintain

    flowers, flourish and do complaints shall not Complaints Trees, Shrubs,

    not need to be replaced. exceed 2 per month. Broadleaf

    They have adequate Evergreens,

    drainage and mulch. They Hedges, and

    do not show any sign of Perennial

    disease or pests and Flowers

    appear healthy. They are

    pruned properly and in a

    timely manner. They are

    trimmed properly.

    Bedding is mulched and

    free of weeds, grass, and

    debris. Fertilizer and soil

    amendments are applied.

    Soil is aerated; 1.5 Irrigation system System Functions Random Maintain

    functions properly. 95% of time. Inspection Irrigation

    System and

    Replace Parts

1.6 Snow and ice is removed Customer Customer Remove Snow

    and does not accumulate. complaints shall not Complaints & Ice

    Paved areas are safe for exceed 2 for each

    the vehicle or pedestrian month it snows.

    traffic intended. Areas

    have adequate de-icing

    material for the

    conditions. Barrels are in their correct Requirements met Random Maintain Sand

    locations. Barrels are 95% of time Inspection Barrels

     adequately filled. Area

    surrounding barrels is neat

    in appearance. 1.1.5 Grounds are free of trash Customer Customer Police Grounds

    and litter. complaints shall not Complaints of Trash and

    exceed 4 per month. Litter


    Sample QASP Grounds Maintenance Services

    1.1.8 Pest control plan is Customer Customer Pest Control

     reviewed and pests are complaints shall not Complaints

    controlled. Pesticide usage exceed 4 per month.

    is reported to Government


    SURVEILLANCE: The Government Contracting Officers Representative (COR) person will receive complaints from Government personnel and pass them to the contractor's quality control

    inspector (QCI) for correction.

STANDARD: Customer complaints shall not exceed the thresholds cited above for each

    performance standard. The COR shall notify the Contracting Officer for appropriate action in

    accordance with FAR 52.212.4, Contract Terms and Conditions-Commercial Items (May 1997)

    or the appropriate Inspection of Services clause, if any of the above service areas exceed the

    customer complaint thresholds.

    PROCEDURES: Any Government employee that observes unacceptable services, either incomplete or not performed, for any of the above performance objectives should immediately

    contact the COR and the COR will complete appropriate documentation to record the complaint.

    The COR will consider the customer complaint valid upon receipt from the customer. The COR

    should inform the customer of the approximate time the unacceptable performance will be

    corrected and advise the customer to contact the COR if not corrected. The COR will consider

    customer complaints as resolved unless notified otherwise by the customer. The COR shall

    verbally notify the Contractor’s Quality Control Inspector (QCI) to pick up the written customer

    complaint. The QCI will be given two hours after verbal notification to correct the unacceptable

    performance. If the QCI disagrees with the complaint after investigation of the site and

    challenges the validity of the complaint, the QCI will notify the COR. The COR will conduct an

    investigation to determine the validity of the complaint. If the COR determines the complaint as

    invalid, he will document the written complaint of the findings and notify the customer. The

    COR will retain the annotated copy of the written complaint for his/her files. If after

    investigation the COR determines the complaint as valid, the COR will inform the QCI and the

    QCI will be given an additional hour to correct the customer complaint. A customer complaint

    will not be recorded if proper and timely correction of the unacceptable condition(s) is

    accomplished. The QCI shall return the written customer complaint document, properly

    completed with actions taken, to the COR, who will file the complaint for monitoring future

    recurring performance. Recurring customer complaints are not permitted for any of the above

    service items. If a repeat customer complaint is received indicating the same deficiency during

    the service period (month, quarter, etc.), the COR should contact the Contracting Officer for

    appropriate action.


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