Lecture 12 Chinese Classical Gardens

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Lecture 12 Chinese Classical Gardens

    Lecture 12 Chinese Classical Gardens


    ? There are three categories: imperial, private and landscape gardens. Suzhou,China’s City of Gardens

    ? There are more than 1000 Suzhou gardens recorded in the history book. ? The first advantage is related to geography.

    ? The second factor is its developed economy.

    ? The third advantage is developed culture, a strong academic atmosphere and numerous people of talent.

     Representative Gardens of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties

    ? The Pavilion of the Surging Waves

    ? It is known for its rustic charm.

    Lion Grove

    ? Strange rockeries

    The Humble Administrator’s Garden

    ? Tranquil waters and elegant buildings

    ? By Wang Xianchen in Ming Dynasty

    ? He named the garden after his failure in an attempt to ridicule the influential officials of the court.

    The Garden for Lingering In

    ? It is known for its ancient architectural art and arrangement of hills, waters and plants Other Classic Gardens

    ? The Garden of the Fisherman

    Yuan Garden


    ? In heaven there is paradise, on earth Huangzhou and Suzhou

    ? Linyin Temple

    ? 灵隐寺

    West Lake


    ? I would like to compare West lake to Xi Shi the ancient beauty, ? Charming she looks whether richly made up or only slightly so. ? ---Su Dongpo

    ? Lovingly my eyes dwell on every familiar sight,

    ? The lakeside view I’ll miss most sadly of all.

    ? ---Bai Juyi



    Summer Palace

    ? Gold Mountain Traveling Palace in Longevity Hill during Jin Dynasty(1115-1234) ? In 1888, rebuilt by the order of Empress Dowager Cixi

    ? In 1924, became a public park after Puyi abdicated

    Three Areas

    ? The royal palaces,

    ? The residential quarters

    ? The garden

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