Unit Six Studying Overseas

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Unit Six Studying Overseas

    Unit Six Studying Overseas

    Section One: Talking Face to Face

    Teaching Plan:

    1. Introduction: Do you remember in the Unit One we have talked about English

    Tests? Especially some knowledge about TOEFL and IELTS. After attending

    TOEFL or IELTS, you can apply to a college abroad if you got the score

    enough. In unit six we’ll go on discuss about studying overseas. Please open

    your book, turn to page 98.

    2. Give the students about 2-3 minutes to do the quiz (P 80)

    New words:

    Approve: [transitive] to officially accept a plan, proposal etc:

    e.g. Congress approved the budget. 国会批准了国家预算。

    [intransitive] to think that someone or something is good, right, or suitable

    [? disapprove] approve of:

    e.g. Her father will never approve of her marriage to you. Promptly: immediately: e.g.She turned off the alarm and promptly went back to sleep.

    3. Follow the Samples: In this part we we’ll study some useful sentences of

    talking about studying overseas.

    A: In Sample One well know how to talk about plan in future. Finish Put in

    Use 1

    B: In sample Two, well know some thing about the difference in studying

    between China and the West Finish Put in Use 2 4. Act Out: Read it & explain it. Than give the students about 10minutes to

    practice and finish the task in each short dialogues.

    New Words:

    Assess: to make a judgment about a person or situation after thinking carefully about

    it [= judge]

     e.g 我们必须谨慎判断政治形势We must assess the political situation carefully

     to calculate the value or cost of somethingbe assessed at something

    e.g.The value of the business was assessed at ?1.25 million.

    Rewarding: making you feel happy and satisfied because you feel you are doing

    something useful or important, even if you do not earn much money [? satisfying, worthwhile]: e.g. Teaching can be a very rewarding career.

    Scholarship: [countable]SE an amount of money that is given to someone by an

    educational organization to help pay for their education


Section Two: Being All Ears

    Section Three: Maintaining a Sharp Eye

    Passage One Return to Home Country: A Thirty Year Perspective from Nigeria

    ?.Information Related to the Reading Passage:

    Country name: conventional long form: Federal Republic of Nigeria

    Government type: republic transitioning from military to civilian rule

    Capital: Abuja

    Independence: 1 October 1960 (from UK)

    ?.New words:

    Excel: [intransitive] to do something very well, or much better than most people

    excel at/in

    e.g. Rick has always excelled at foreign languages.

    Hormone: a chemical substance produced by your body that influences its growth,

    development, and condition

    Infrastructure: the basic systems and structures that a country or organization needs in

    order to work properly, for example roads, railways, banks etc

    Justify: to give an acceptable explanation for something that other people think is

    unreasonable: e.g. Can you justify yourself in saying that?

    你能证明你有着充分理由可以那样说吗? ?.Language Points:

    1. With my training and qualifications, job offers from all nooks and crannies

    came to me.

    2. The temptation to stay and make a career in the US, as was becoming

    fashionable at that time, was very great particularly since all my attempts at

    securing a suitable position at home did not meet with any measure of success.

    As: Relative clause introduced by as (meaning正如,像in Chinese) modifying

    temptation, the subject of the sentence.

    meet with: The phrase means satisfy, fulfill “满足,符合”.

3. My gamble paid off because our dynamic military ruler at that time was a keen

    newspaper reader who saw a satirical article about me in a newspaper

    describing me as a man over-qualified to be employed.


4. It is very unlikely that the President of the US would be in a position to invite

    me, a Nigerian, in such circumstances and offer me a job if I were still in the


     It is very unlikely that: means “it is not very possible that ”

     In a position: means “to be able to, to have the right or power to ”

It is very unlikely that.可能性不大.


     It is very unlikely that she would stay abroad to make a living.


    Under such circumstances it is quite unlikely that we would be able to succeed.

5. This immediately justified one of the reasons I insisted on coming back home

    despite the fact that jobs and life were rosier abroad.


    答案:这正好说明了我拒绝他们的理由是正确的。 This justified the reasons why I had refused them.


    The high level of difficulty justified the reasons why the project progressed slowly.

6. I found I was overqualified for the job I was offered and my scientific training

    was too high-powered for the kind of laboratories or funds available.

7. I decided to put into use whatever part of my training was applicable rather

    than continue my research into the molecular nature of hormones.

     Whatever part of my training was applicable: is an object clause of put.

     rather than: Meansinstead of “而不是”

    e.g. 他宁愿辞职也不愿意参加这样一种欺骗的交易。

    He resigned rather than take part in such a dishonest transaction .


8. The contributions I have been able to make in my native country have earned

    me many accolades


    他们为改善两国关系所作的努力为他们赢得了赞许。 The efforts they have made to improve the relations between the two countries have

    earned them accolades.

    中国为世界和平所作的贡献为她在国际事务中赢得了很高的声誉。 The contributions China has made to world peace have won her a good reputation in international affairs.

9. To have the kind of lifestyle I have in Nigeria, e.g. several cars, chauffeurs,

    cooks, stewards, nannies and a Mediterranean type home, I would need to

    make millions of dollars a year in the US.

     To have the kind of lifestyle I have in NigeriaIt is an infinitive phrase used as an adverbial of condition

    It is an attributive clause modifying lifestyle.



10. I know that only a small number of colleagues who stayed back in the US or the

    UK even come near my achievements at home, whereas a very large number of

    people who returned home have excelled and become great achievers.

     This is a compound complex sentence linked by whereas () for contrast

    Come near means “几乎,险些,接近”in Chinese.


    答案:一项调查发现男生喜欢在网上玩游戏,而女生则喜欢在网上聊天。 According to a survey male students tend to play games online, whereas female students tend to chat online


    The husband wants a house, whereas the wife would rather live in a flat.

11. In so doing they will develop themselves, and with their skills, accumulate

    fame and perhaps fortune far in excess of what they may achieve abroad.

     In so doing refers toreturning and helping develop their country.

     in excess ofgreater than; more than 大于;多于

In so doingwill: 的过程中,也会



    在理解别人的过程中你也会受到别人的理解。 In trying to understand others you’re likely to be understood. 在帮助贫困地区发展经济的过程中我们自己也得到了发展。

    In helping the poor areas to develop their economy we also developed ourselves.

12. The initial advantage of a settled life abroad will be overtaken by the fact that in

    the end people tend to achieve greater height at home than abroad.

?. Exercise:

    1. Read and Think:

    2. Read and Complete:

    3. Read and Translate:

    I have to warn you that you cannot spend in excess of your income.

    As the project is quite difficult technically, nobody is in a position to complete it


    His three years of hard work overseas paid off he is now the CEO of a big joint venture.

    Many Chinese students studying overseas take the plunge and return to help develop

    their home country when they complete their studies.

    When the fire broke out all kinds of animals poured / ran out from all nooks and


    The ever-increasing income has made studying overseas available to children from

    average families.

    The achievements made by China in many hi-tech sectors come near or even surpass

    those made by the developed countries in the West.


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