Lecture 10 Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Lecture 10 Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Lecture Ten Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Why is TCM unique? Because of its complete dialectical theoretical framework, diagnostic methods,

    pharmacology, and special methods of treatment including acupuncture and

    moxibustion, deep breathing, and medical massage.

    Theories of TCM Theory of Yin and Yang

     Theory of the Five Elements

     Theory of Jing and Luo



    Theory of Yin and Yang The yin and yang theory holds that everything, or every phenomenon in the universe,

    consists of two forces, yin and yang, that oppose each other and at the same time

    complement each other. According to this, the human body is also made up of yin and

    yang elements. When there is a balance between the two, there is no disease. If the

    balance in a person is disturbed, he is sure to become ill.

    Theory of the Five Elements It assumes that material world is basically made up of five elements of metal, wood,

    water, fire and earth. Among these elements there exists an interdependence and

    inter-restraint which determines their state of constant changes. The human body is

    regarded as part of the physical world and the internal organs such as lungs, liver,

    heart, kidney and spleen correspond with the five elements in the universe.

    Theory of Jing and Luo Jing, the main channels that run longitudinally; Luo, the branches that run latitudinally.

    According to the theory, the internal organs and the limbs of the human body are related

    and linked by channels through which blood and qi(vital energy) circulate. If there is a

    blockage in either jing and luo, the blood and vital energy cannot pass through. To

    clear the blockage and ensure the free flow of blood and vital energy is the first and

    fundamental step in curing a disease.

    Acupuncture and Moxibustion Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of treating a disease or relieving pain by

    inserting one or more metal needles at a certain point or certain points of the human


     Moxibustion was discovered by ancient people when they sat around a fire. They

    found that the heat not only kept them warm but also relieved certain physical pains.

    In the treatment moxa leaves are ignited over certain points on the skin’s surface.

    Medical Books The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine《黄帝内经》

     Shen Nong’s Canon of Herbs《神农本草经》 Golden Prescriptions for Emergencies《备急千金要方》

     Supplementary Golden Prescriptions《千金翼方》 The Compendium of Materia Medica《本草纲目》

    Four Basic Diagnostic Methods


     Listening and Smelling


     Palpating (pulse-feeling)

    Drug Forms Decoction 煎剂

     Tincture 药酒

     Dispersion 散剂

     Ointment 油膏,软膏

     Paste form 浆剂

     Pellet form 片剂


Bian Que

    Hua Tuo

    Zhang Zhongjing

    Li Shizhen

    Sun Simiao

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