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Journalism English

Grammatical Situation in Journalism English

    loose sentence structure

    Mr. Carter said that the Soviet leader‟s response to the message, sent on Friday, had been inadequate. The announcement on the failure of the mission, which apparently originated in Egypt, come from the White House Spokesman Jody Powell, expressed deep regret at the deaths of the American forces involved.


    Senator Frank Church, Democrat-Idaho

    John Lennon, founder and driving force behind the legendary Beatles pop group, was shot dead… said Marvin Dun, a black sociologist at Florida International University who has studied Miami’s black

    community entensively.

    The guerrilla leaders, operating just across the border in Pakistan, also said… The party, which is believed to have a few hundred members, caused an uproar in Chicago… The Times, Eritain’s oldest daily newspaper now owned by Australian publisher Rupert Murdoch… British Broadcasting Corp., government-chartered but supported by license fees paid by owners of television



    Finland‟s most original and colorful contemporary artist, Professor Reidor Saerestoeniemi, died at his home at Kittilae in Finnish Lapland yesterday.

    Caspar Weinbergen, US Defence Secretary, said in a television interview Monday that his country was far behind the Soviet Union in the arms race…


    The area around the mountain, which is in the Pacific Northwest’s fir belt, the nation’s major supply of soft wood,

    was hit with dozens of fires burning out of control,…


    Boston, April 29 (UPI)Boston marathon officials, saying they could find no evidence that Rosie Ruiz had run

    the entire race, took from her today the women‟s title she won last Monday and awarded it instead to Jacqueline

    Gareau of Montreal.

    when & how

    Washington, Dec.31President Carter said today in a televised interview that he had told Leonid I. Brezhnev in

    the “strongest” message of the presidency that the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan “would severely and

    adversely affect the relationship now and in the future between ourselves and the Soviet Union.” tense of the verbs

    past tense

    Cairo, March 23 (Reuter)A presidential spokesman tonight declined comment on reports that the deposed Shah of Iran was heading for Cairo from Panama.

    “We have no information,” the spokesman Mrs Hemat Mustapha told Reuter.

    Camera crews of the official Egyptian press were however asked to stand by for a possible undisclosed mission.

    present tense

    Key West, Fla. April 29—There‟s a brand-new sound in the air over this tiny subtropical resort town at 600 AM

    dial, bringing South Florida all the top hits of all places, the biggest contests, the news and views from the Soviet


    It is the North America Service of Radio Moscow, previously accessible only to Americans with sophisticated

    short-wave radios. But now, after the installation of a monster 150,000-watt transmitter in Cuba, Floridians can

    have Radio Moscow in English with them on their clock radio and pocket transistorsin the car, on the beach or while falling asleep at night.

    Ving & present tense for future happenings

    Tokyo, Dec. 2 (AFP)—One major purpose of Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira‟s visit to China this week will be

to make clear that Japan pursues different foreign policies, particularly over Vietnam and the Soviet Union,

    official government sources said here today.

    The Prime Minister is leaving for Peking on December 5 for a five-day visit.

    Caracas, May 18 (Reuter via Xinhua)Foreign Minister and top representatives from 122 developing nations meet today to define their relations with industrialized countries and outline formulas for international cooperation.

    Thirty-five foreign ministers from the “Group of 77” developing nations will be present and other

    member-countries are expected to be represented by high-level non-ministerial delegations at the two-day meeting. Ving

    Washington, May 22West German Chancellor Helmut Schimdt, saying the time is right for nuclear arms talks,

    is telling US President Ronald Reagan it is “crucial for the United States to live up to its obligations as a world


    sequence of tenses

    following “sequence of tenses”

    Muhammad Ali, the three-time heavyweight boxing champion, said at a news conference in Los Angeles

    yesterday that he would fight the World Boxing Council‟s heavyweight title-holder, Larry Holmes, July 11 at the

    165,000 seat Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

    not following “sequence of tenses”

    Washington, April (UPI)President Carter said Tuesday the decision of the Iranian government to take custody of the Americans hostages is “a positive step” and “we do not intend to impose additional sanctions” against Iran.

    But, Carter told reporters, the United States will continue the “restraints” it imposed on Iran when the hostages were taken 150 days ago.


    He made it clear, however, that the freezing of Iranian assets and monitoring of Iranian students in this country

    would continue. “We will continue to monitor the situation very closely,” Carter said.

    punctuation for quoted material

    A high-ranking Common Market administrator in Brussels, who declined use of his name, said: We went to all

    this trouble to show solidarity with Carter‟s position and then he pulls something like this. It‟s a disgrace.” He

    went on:




























































































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