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By Dolores Andrews,2014-05-12 06:22
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HOM Script - hollowayteamcom

    Herbalife Opportunity Meeting Presentation

Introduce yourself. Welcome everyone.

Identify why they are here:

     Maybe you’re here because...

    1. You’re frustrated because after you pay your bills, there’s no

     money left. Or maybe you can’t even pay this month’s bills.

     2. You’re tired of sitting in traffic everyday on your way to work.

     3. You’ve realized that there really is no opportunity for

     advancement in your job. Things aren’t going to change for you if you

     don’t change something.

     4. Maybe you’d like to spend more time with your children or your spouse.

     5. Maybe you’ve had incredible results on our products and would like to

     share the products with others.

Whatever the reason for you personally, the opportunity to run your own business can

    be your answer, like it’s been for thousands of other people. Like it’s been for many of us in this room

4 Factors necessary to be a valid opportunity:

     1 - consumable high quality products that people reorder monthly.

     2 - a lucrative marketing plan.

     3 - a stable company with a strong management team.

     4 - a step by step training system.

    I’d like to show you the most incredible opportunity ever... Herbalife meets all of these criteria. Let me share the company history, the products

    and the marketing plan with you.

(1) Products: Cover overview/systems: Weight Loss; Nutritionals; Hair Care; & Skin

    Care. Stress: High quality, High demand, Reorder, Referrals.

Product Testimonials

(2) Marketing Plan: You become a distributor by purchasing an IBP. Explain IBP.

    Once you are registered you need to decide whether you want to start at 25%, 42%, or

    set yourself up to earn 50% profit.

     - Show profits from a $100 or $200 sales at 25%, 42%, 50%.

    You can work at any level you choose. At 50% you’ll earn more pay for the same work.

    -Show Royalties: Draw 5 squares across. Pick the square in the middle and

     show 3 levels deep of volumes and earnings. Then multiply the royalty you

    come up with by 5. WOW!

     -Talk about bonuses being on top of that!

     -Herbalife pays 30% more than any other MLM.

     -We groom you to become a millionaire.

Marketing Plan Testimonials

(3) A stable company with a strong management team that has vision for the


     - Herbalife was started because our Founder, Mark Hughes, lost his

     mother from an overdose of diet pills that her doctor prescribed. He wanted to

     offer people a safe, effective way to lose weight and improve their health.

    - In the first year...Sales = 2 M...then just 7 years we hit 1.5 Billion.

    Today over 3.5 Billion and still expanding and growing!

    - Mark knew that Herbalife would become bigger than him, so he surrounded

    himself with teams of successful business people to help him run the corporation

    and teams of successful distributors to help him build his company around the

    world. That is exactly what is happening. Even though Mark Hughes is no

    longer with us the thousands of successful distributors and corporate team

    members are continuing to spread his dream of taking good nutrition and

    business opportunity around the world. We are currently in 65 Countries and still


Because of the incredible success of our Weight Loss Programs and our Skin Care and

    Beauty Products we are on our way to 5 Billion and beyond!

The Future: Timing is perfect for you NOW!

     Momentum is incredible!

     In America alone we’re going to $2 Billion!

(4) Our International Success Training System will teach you what to do step by step.

     We’ll groom you to become a millionaire.

     Teach you how to start your business.

     Teach you how to build an international business working from home.

    You can access the system by phone, the Internet, printed material, audio and

    DVD, as well as exciting live trainings.

Promote the next event.

The Close

    Remember why you came in the first place. Herbalife can be your answer to saying

    goodbye to your frustrations. The Herbalife opportunity can take you from where you

    are to where you want to go. Get together with the person who invited you here and get

    registered and tell them which level you want to start working at!

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