Unit Four The Virtual World

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Unit Four The Virtual World

    Unit Four The Virtual World

    Period 1-5: Extensive Reading

    Part I. Pre-reading Task

     T asks Ss questions about surfing on Internet such as,

    Q1. Have you ever surfed on Internet?

    Q2. Have you ever chatted with anyone on line? What did you feel for the first time you chatted with

    someone via Internet?

    Q3. Do you have any net-friend? Have you ever met each other?

    Q4. What role does Internet play in your life?

    ? T asks Ss to offer some computer-and-Internet-related vocabulary such as,

    virtual life(虚拟生活), virtual world (虚拟世界),virtual pet(虚拟宠物),

    cyberculture(网络文化)cybernut /nethead(网虫)cyberpet(电子宠物)


    email( 电子邮件)e-business/e-commerce(电子商务),

     cybersurf / netsurf / websurf(网络漫游)cyberian(网络用户)netter / Netizen(网民)

    Webnomics(网络经济)Webzine(网络杂志)WWW(world wide web,万维网)

    the Net Survival Contest (网络生存竞赛)

    Part II. Reading Tasks

     Step One: New Words & Expressions

    Step Two: Contents Questions

     Step Three: Points for discussion ( Do 1 & 2)

     Step Four: Text Organization

     T asks Ss to do exercise 1 & 2.

    Part III. Language Points:

    1. stretch: 1)extend, enlarge, widen, etc. 2) a continuous period of time 一段连续的时间 E.g. Having finished their work, the clerks stood up and stretched themselves. 舒展,伸展

     My working day stretches from seven in the morning to eight at night.

    My garden extends as far as the river. (时间或空间上)延长,推广,扩大

    They’re prolonging their visit; they’ve decided to stay another week.(延长,拖延)

    The company has expanded its operation in South-east Asia by building a new factory there.


     2. submit 1) give sth. to sb. 提交,呈递:You should submit your reports to the committee.

    2) agree to obey 服从,顺从: We submitted ourselves to their wish.

     Children at school must submit to the orders of the headmasters.

     3. confront: 1) difficulty appears before sb. 出现在面前

     The difficulties that confronted the college students were numerous.

    2) face 面临,面对: Escape being impossible, the soldier turned to confront the enemy.

    3) cause to face: confront with; be confronted with:

     The lawyer confronted them with the evidence of the crime.

     As he entered the bedroom he was confronted with / by a scene of disorder.

    ? Face: He realized that he was facing a terrible situation.(面临)

     She was prepared to face the consequences. (面对, 承受)

     We are now faced with the burning threat of war. (面临, 面对)

     We are all faced with the same problem of improving our English.

    4. replace B with A / substitute A for B 替代, 替换

     E.g. We have replaced human labours with / by machines.

     She substituted a fake diamond for the original/genuine one.

    5. find oneself

     E.g. When the boy came to life, he found himself lying on the ground.

    He found himself tailed by a stranger in the darkness.

    The soldiers went on walking suddenly they found themselves in a valley from which they

    couldnt escape.

    After that car accident she found herself more cautious than before.

    6. suck in: The little boy was sucked in by the computer game. ()

     suck up to: He is a snob and always sucks up to his supervisor.(奉承,拍马)

    7. restore to

     E.g. Our friendship is restored and well never be separated.

     The manager was asked to resign but later restored to his former post.

    Part IV. Exercise

    1. Translation: Write it on Bb.

    2. Text B

    3. Debate: Internet, Good or Evil

    4. Writing: Internet, Good or Evil (150 words)

    5. Movie for Relaxation: Matrix Period 6-8: Extensive Reading & Listening


     1. virtual 11. sentimental 21. acquaintance

     2. accent 12. sensational 22. scatter

     3. interpret 13. emotional 23. vehicle

     4. submit 14. routine 24. tendency

     5. communicate 15. unemployment 25. individual

     6. symptom 16. external 26. version

     7. interaction 17. restore 27. innocent / naive

     8. conversely 18. interview 28. needless to say()

     9. commercial 19. appointment 29. resume

     10. insensitive 20. anti-corruption campaign ()

     30. high-tech 31. ultimately 32. artificial intelligence ()

     33. fashion 34. convince 35. in other words ( )

     36. security

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