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How Can You Make It Happen?

    ? Start with a Winning Attitude

    ? Set a Goal

    ? Create a Plan

    ? Use the Right Tools

    ? Commit to going the Extra Mile

    Winning Attitude

    Believe you can, take the steps that will get you there and you will


    Goal Start where you are right now and decide where you want to go!

    What do you want to achieve:

    ____ $10,100 President’s Club Goal

    ____ $20,200 Honor Society

    ____ $38,000 Rose Circle

    ____ $66,500 David H. McConnell Club

    ____ $112,000 President’s Council

    ____ $280,000 President’s Inner Circle

By what campaign do you want to achieve your goal? _______

    How many Customers do you currently sell to each campaign? _______

    Based on a $20 average order how many customers do you need to sell to each

    campaign to achieve your Goal? _______

    How many new Customers do you need? ______ By what campaign? ______

    How many new Customers do you need each campaign? ______

    What is your current average Customer Order? ______

    What do you want it to be? _______



     When you become an expert at generating ANEW three customer referrals from each satisfied customer, just think of the never-ending list of potential customers you will have! As you are personally servicing a satisfied customer, you will want to engage their help in building your customer list. The coupons below can be inserted in your Catalogs and Brochures to encourage customer referrals. Share the Miracle with 3 others! Remember this technique can also produce Business Helpers. Get $5.00 Off Your Next Purchase of Retroactive


     Convert This List Telephone:________________________ Into A Discount Call Me With Their Orders. People who would enjoy the Pick Your Own Discount Avon shopping experience:

    1. Name:________________________

     Address:______________________ Here's How: _____________________________

     Show Your Avon Brochure to Friends, Phone:________________________ Family and Co-Workers.

     2. Name:________________________ Call me with your Order

     Address:______________________ and Their Orders*

     _____________________________ 1 other person = 10% off your Order

     Phone:________________________ 2 others = 15% off your Order

     3 others = 20% off your Order 4 others = 25% off your Order 3. Name:________________________ 5 others = 30% off your Order



     Representative:__________________ Phone:________________________



    Which Salespeople Are Getting The Business?

    …Calling Back Does It

    48% of Salespeople make 1 call and quit.

    25% of Salespeople make 2 calls and quit.

    15% of Salespeople make 3 calls and quit.

88% of Salespeople quit after 1, 2, or 3 calls.

12% of Salespeople keep on calling.

The 12% who keep on calling do 80% of the business.

Yet it was discovered that 60% of the merchandise was purchased at the fifth call or after!

    Moral - Even the most difficult prospect can be sold if called on regularly.

    Now I ask you -- which approach will you follow?




Hi!! I'd like to welcome you to my store; my AVON store.

I feel it is the best STORE around, and I would like to share it with you!


    ? Convenient parking - your own driveway.

    ? Convenient location - your sofa, lounge chair or kitchen table.

    ? Terrific hours - open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    ? A Variety of Quality Merchandise - Gift items for any occasion, skin care, color,

     daily needs, jewelry, intimate apparel, fragrances.

    ? No hassle with the Manager over refunds - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or

     money refunded.

    ? Personalized Customer Service - I'll help you pick out the right shade/formula for

     your skin tone, and give you a sample to try first.

    ? No check out lines - I'll make an appointment to bring it to your door whenever it

     is convenient for you.

    ? No high-pressure sales tactics - I promise!

    ? Competitive prices at a terrific value.

    ? Bonus buys and specials in every book.

If my store sounds like a welcome change from "Mall Madness" or "Shop Around the Clock

    Tonight," it's as close as your telephone. Please call me at ________________, and I'll drop off

    my brochure so you can browse in my store today!



Which actions will become part of your plan to increase Customers?

_____Ask Customers for referrals

_____Call Back

_____Leave a personal note or letter potential Customers

_____Use first week of campaign to find new customers

_____Call on working Customers Saturdays or evenings

_____Re-canvass territory

_____ Engage Helpers -

    (be sure they are trustworthy - you are responsible for money due avon).

_____ Sell to businesses

_____ Carry a box of products you can sell for $1.00 (deodorant, lip balms,soaps, hand

     cream, etc.)

_____ Host parties

_____ Other ideas:


    Value of a Beauty Customer

     Skin Care Customer Daily Product Customer

     Cleanser: $10.00 Shower Gel $5.00

     Deodorant: $1.00 Toner: $10.00 Fragranced Body Color Customer Cream: $10.00 Day Cream: $24.00 Hand Lotion: $1.99 Foundation: $9.00 Night Cream: $24.00 Shampoo: $3.49 Blush: $7.50 Conditioner $3.49 Hi-light eye shadow: $4.25 Eye Cream: $18.00 Hair Gel: $3.99

    Contour eye shadow: $4.25 Hair Spray: $3.99

    Total: $86.00 Brow Color: $5.00 Fragrance: $22.50 Percentage: 40% Face Powder: $7.50 Retroactive Body

    Earnings $34.40 Lotion: $14.99 Eyeliner: $5.00 Mascara: $6.00

    Lip liner: $5.00 Total: $70.44

    Lipstick: $7.00 Percentage: 40% Earnings: $28.18 Total: $60.50 Percentage: 40%

    Earnings: $24.20

    Earnings Proposition

    Value of One Customer = Approx. $1000

    (The Typical Customer will buy these products 5 times a year)

    20 Customers = $20,000 At a 40% Commission Rate = $8,000 Earnings

How can you increase the number of beauty products your

    customer’s buy from you?


Increase how much each Customer buys from you:

Which actions will become part of your plan to increase how much you sell to

    each Customer?

_____Increase the number of Beauty Products your Customers buy from you

_____Use 3 Easy Techniques:

    ? Link Selling: linking one or more products to other products that naturally


    ? Add on Selling: suggest related products

    ? Cross-Category Selling bridge customer to other product categories

_____Create your own bundles

_____ Become a Beauty Advisor

_____ Leave samples for each person in the household

_____ Carry demos in a basket to attract attention

_____ Host Home Parties

_____ Suggest Customers charge purchases on American Express, Discover,

     MasterCard or Visa (credit card purchases are often higher.)

_____Order extra products for instant selling

_____Offer Customer discount or free gift for large orders (over $50)

_____Offer 1 entry in drawing of $100 worth of products for every $25 order

_____Other ideas:



     50 brochures $12.65

     Demo Products 15.00

     Samples __5.00

     $32.65 investment

    18 customers (1/3 of 50)

    x$20.00 average customer order

     $360 at 35% earnings = $126 in earnings

    $126.00 in earnings

    _-32.65 investment

    $93.35 in actual earnings



     100 brochures $18.60

     Demo Products 15.00

     Samples __5.00

     $38.60 investment

    35 customers (1/3 of 100)

    x$20.00 average customer order

    $700.00 at 40% earnings = $280.00 in earnings

    $280.00 in earnings

    _-38.60 investment

    $241.40 in actual earnings


    Which would you rather earn?

    $93.35 or $241.40?

By spending an extra $5.95 your additional EARNINGS are $148.05.

    The choice is up to you!



The Demo Reinvestment Plan is based upon selling your demonstration products after using

    them to encourage sales. Then take the money from the demo sales and reinvest it in the future


The following is a sample of a single demo investment, what the demo could be sold for and

    how much money would then be available to reinvest in the following campaign.

     Demo Resale Price

     Investment (Brochure Price)

     First Campaign $ 4.17 $ 6.97

     Second Campaign $ 6.97 $ 11.91

     Third Campaign $ 11.91 $ 19.85

     Fourth Campaign $ 19.85 $ 33.08

     Fifth Campaign $ 33.08 $ 55.13

     Sixth Campaign $ 55.13 $ 91.89

     Seventh Campaign $ 91.89 $153.16

     Eighth Campaign $153.16 $255.27

Remember: If you have twelve orders for a product you've demonstrated, order only eleven.

    Sell your demo.


Use the right tools

Which actions will become part of your plan to use the right tools.

_____ Order extra brochures and use them to get new Customers

_____ Maximize Demos Use the demo reinvestment plan

_____ Create lumpy brochures

_____ Instead of returning products, offer them as super sellers

_____ Follow-up on samples left with customers

_____ Give Customers samples in product categories they are not currently using

_____ Pursue Fundraising Opportunities

_____ Other Ideas:


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