Happy new year colleagues and friends

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Happy new year colleagues and friends

    The Year of the Pig Cuisine & Culture Jan. 07

    Happy new year, colleagues and friends. Cuisine & Culture is pleased to usher in 2007, the Year of the Pig, with the third sequel to its color of food seriesyellow colored food items following the green and red colored food episodes presented

    respectively in its November and December issues. Common yellow colored food items count in this category banana, cauliflower, corn, grape fruit, lemon, orange,

    pumpkin, soybean, yellow chives, etc, all rich in Vitamin A, C and D.

Vitamin A works to protect stomach and intestine membrane and effectively deters

    gastritis and gastric ulcer, keeping stomach and intestine cancers at bay. Vitamin C is

    well known as a disease fighter, often acting to neutralize carcinogenic substance.

    Vitamin D helps absorb calcium and phosphorous, strengthening bones and muscles

    as a result.

    With its mission to help us eat well and eat healthy, Cuisine & Culture eagerly recommends to you in this issue the secrete treasure and magic effects of two

    members from the yellow colored food family---pumpkin and cauliflower.

    Unlock the secrete treasure of pumpkin More known and consumed for its decorative appeal pumpkin cries out, however, for unlocking its secrete treasure, nutrition-wise. Rich in carotene and vitamin B1, B2 and

    C and numerous minerals, including iron and phosphorus, and low on protein and fat,

    pumpkin is internationally credited as one of the healthiest vegetables and widely

    recommended to people of all age groups. Frequent consumption of pumpkin helps beef up immune system, reduce blood pressure, prevent complications caused by

    diabetes, smooth blood circulation and nourish skin, especially that of females. An

    imperial physician of the Qing Dynasty repeatedly implored Empress Dowager Ci Xi

    to befriend pumpkin in her menu, advising her that natural food such as pumpkin provided far more nourishment than tonic.

    Popular Pumpkin Recipes Pumpkin Dumplings

Ingredients: pumpkin, glutinous flour, red bean paste, starch

Preparations: clean away seeds; heat pumpkin in microwave oven for 10 minutes;

    scoop out pumpkin meat, mix meat with glutinous flour and starch, make dough out

    of the mixture, cut the dough into small pieces, fill in the bean paste and gently press

    into pie shape, steam (5 minutes) or fry (till crispy) as you wish.

    Pickled Pumpkin Preparations: skin off the pumpkin, do away with the seeds, slice the pumpkin meat

    and add salt and sugar, keep slices in a jar for 5 hours, add vinegar and enjoy.

    Effects: regular consumption may help minimize facial pigmentation and

    prevent acne.

Medicinal Tips on Pumpkin

    --A handful pumpkin seeds a day keep wrinkles away

    Rich in zinc, pumpkin seeds, if consumed regularly, help smooth facial skin and delay

    formation of wrinkles while lack of zinc easily leads to fish-scale wrinkles around


    Skin care with pumpkin Simply apply the raw pumpkin meat and juice to your face and gently massage for 20

    minutes and rinse. Do this once daily after rise and you’ll feel like a baby.

A stomach and spleen smootherpumpkin and oat meal


Having an upsetting stomach or spleen? Make yourself a pumpkin and oatmeal

    porridge and enjoy daily as part of breakfast for one week and see the results.

Cough droppumpkin soup

Cough like hell? Make yourself a pumpkin soup and drink daily for a couple of days

    and see the results.

    Cauliflower Cauliflower outshines most of its vegetable peers in terms of nutritional attributes

    including protein, carbohydrate, food fibers, vitamin A, B, C and E, and minerals such

    as calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Widely recommended by American and European

    nutrition experts as one of the 10 most healthy food items, cauliflower is also credited

    as an efficient cancer fighter thanks to its above-listed nutritional contents which

    stimulate cells to produce a highly active enzyme forming a membrane effectively

    protecting human organs from carcinogenic attacks. Cauliflower now finds itself high

    on the cancer preventing and resisting menu well recommended by nutritionists all

    over the world. American Cancer Prevention Association recommends that

    cauliflower be a regular part of daily menu, and Chinese throat cancer specialists

regularly prescribe cauliflower as a must.


Cauliflower and Shrimp Stew

Ingredients: Cauliflower, shrimp meat, carrot slices, mushroom slices, cucumber

    slices, black fungus (optional), chopped green onion, chicken soup.

Preparations: marinade shrimp meat in egg white, cooking wine, vinegar and salt; set

    wok, add cooking oil and put in shrimp meat when oil is lukewarm, stir fry until ripe

    and scoop it out and set aside, leave remaining hot oil in the wok, pour in chopped

    green onion and stir fry for a few seconds, add cauliflower, all the vegetable slices and

    black fungus and continue stir frying for a few minutes, add chicken soup, add salt,

    cover the wok and let it stew on low fire for twenty minutes before it’s ready to serve.

Medicinal recipe with cauliflower---magic for female


Ingredients: cauliflower (200 grams), dry mushroom (4 pieces), basil (10 grams)

    Preparations: decompose cauliflower into thumb-size pieces and clean; soak dry mushrooms in lukewarm water until inflated, clean and slice; clean and chop basil

    into tiny pieces; set wok and add peanut cooking oil, stir fry on high fire all the

    ingredients for five minutes, add salt and sugar (a couple of pinches each) and vinegar

    (half a spoon), continue stir frying until ready to serve.

Take this recipe prior to bed time for six consecutive days and be surprised with the

    magic results.

Skin care prescription with cauliflower juice---effective facial cleanser

     and smoother

Ingredients: cauliflower (150 grams), celery (100 grams), cucumber (one small

    piece), spinach (100 grams), carrot (one piece), and apple (one piece).

Preparations: clean and chop all into small pieces before crushing them in a blender.

    Enjoy the juice three times a week for two weeks and you’ll feel the smoothness of facial skin with acne, if any, completely gone.

Tips on cauliflower

When cooking, add some milk or vinegar to keep the cauliflower freshly white.

People with either rich man’s or poor man’s gout stay away from cauliflower! Sorry.

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A Special Acknowledgement of Thanks from Cuisine & Culture

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    technical advice and assistance and is hereby extremely pleased to retain them as

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Cuisine & Culture

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