business conversation

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business conversation


    Dialogue one

    M: Can you have the briefs from the Anderson firm's lawyer on my desk by tomorrow morning. There are quite a few very time sensitive matters with this case. I'm afraid I can't wait any longer.

    F: Getting those Anderson briefs has been harder than you can imagine. I have tried to contact their lawyer many times. But every time I call, his secretary says he’s in a meeting or out of the office or away on business. I am beginning to think he is trying to avoid me.

    M: That's highly possible. He knows if we miss our filing deadline, we don’t stand a chance to compete against them for the bid. Try to get a hold of him again. Give him a call and see if he can fax them first thing.

F: What if I can't speak to him directly?

    M: Ask his secretary to fax them. Its the same thing. Have them faxed over with a copy also faxed to Martin’s office.

F: How do I find Martin’s fax number? Is he in your rollerdesk?

    M: No, but you can also call their office and ask the secretary to give you their fax number. I’ll email you their office number later today.

F: Ok, I'll get on it first thing.

M: Be sure you do, I need those briefs ASAP

Dialogue two

    M:Did you put this morning's faxes on my desk?I'm waiting for some urgent faxes from headquaters,I'm pretty sure they came in last night.

    F:Evething that came in the office fax machine last night is all on your desk,but I noticed that some of faxes came through pretty blurred,maybe you take a look at them,if the copy is unreadble,I'll call then and ask them to refax.

    M:Yeah,you're going to have to call them and get them to be refax. These copies are so dark. I can't make out any of the words.

F:What about that one?

    M:This one?This one is so light and I can barely read it. How can that be?

    F:You know, I think the fax machine is out of toner. I can change the toner cartridge. That should solve the problem.

    M:Yes,but this one will have to be refaxed as well. And look, there's about 3 pages missing. It looks like the fax machine ate half of my important faxes,and ones that made it through are so blurred or too light. They are unreadable.

    F:I guess the fax machine is out of paper too. Don't worry,I'll have someone look at it this afternoon,and in the meantime,I'll have your documents refaxed to our other fax machine.


    Dialogue 1

    A:Hello,thank you for calling Bradford and Sons. This is Tracy speaking,How may I help you?

    B:Hello.I would like to speak to your director of human resources,Ms.Jenkins,Please.

    A:Just a moment.I'll check to see if she is at her desk.May I tell her who is calling?

    B:This is Bill Burton from Milford Insurance,I'm calling in regards to our meeting next Tuesday.

    A:Thank you,Mr.Burton.Can you please hold for a moment?I'll check to see if she is available.

B:No problem.

    A:I'm sorry,Ms.Jenkins is away from her desk.She has already left for lunch.

Would you like to leave a message for her?

    B:Yes,please have her return my call when she returns to the office.It's best if she can get in touch with me before 3 pm today;she can reach me at my office number,635-8799.

    A:I'm sorry,I didn't quite catch that,could you please repeat the number?

    B:No problem,my office number is 635-8799,Tell her to ask for extension 31.

    A:I'm sorry,Mr.Burton,just to confirm,your name is spelled B-U-R-T-O-N,is that correct?

B:Yes,and I represent Milford Insurance.

    A:I wil make sure Ms.Jenkins receives your message and returns your call before 3pm this afernoon.

B:Thank you very much.


A:Hello,Pasadena Inn,this is Sandy,how may i direct your call?

B:I'd like to speak to someone about reservations.

    A:I can help you with that.what date would you like to make a reservation for?

    B:We'll be arriving May 12th ,but I would like to make reservations for penthouse.

    A:Oh,I'm sorry sir,I only handle bookings for our standard rooms.The person you need to speak with is Tony Parker,he makes all the arrangements for our executive accounts.Unfortunately,he's not here right now.Can I take your name and number and have him get back to you?

B:When do you expect him back in?

    A:He'll be out all afternoon,he might not be able to return your call until tomorrow,Will that be alright?

    B:Yes.I suppose.My name is Sam Darcy.He can contact me at 660-843-3235 .

A:Could you please spell your last name for me?

B:Sure.It's D-A-R-C-Y.

A:Okay.Mr Darcy,and your phone number is 660-843-3233 ?

B:That's 3235.

A:Sorry!3235.Great.I'll have Tony call you first thing tomorrow morning.


    Dialogue one

M:Hello,Bill Berton speaking. What can I do for you?

F:Hello,Mr Berton,this is Jenny Jenkins of bradford and sons

    returning your call. I’m sorry you missed me when you called

my office this morning. My sacretary said you called concerning

our meeting next Tuesday?

    M:Yes Ms Jenkins,thank you for returning my call. I’m glad to

finally get hold of you.I want to let you know I will not be able to make our meeting

next Tuesday. I would be out of town that day. Is there any

possibility we can move the meeting to Monday?

    F:I am sorry. I’m afraid I am completely booked on Monday. Would it be

Possible to postpone until you return?

M:Oh,dear. I was counting on taking care of our meeting before I

leave. But I suppose I can shut off a few things. Yes,we can

arrange something. I will be back Thursday morning. What about

Thursday afternoon? Would that work for you?

    F:That should be fine,shall we say about two o’clock?

    M:Perfect! I look forward to seeing you at two o’clock next

Thursday afternoon. If you need to change the time,pls feel

free to call me on my cell phone.

F:Thanks Burdon,I’ll see you on Thursday.

Dialogue two


M:Hello,is Doras available?

F:This is Doras,who is calling please?

    M:Hi,Doras,this is Mike calling from parker’s dentistry. I’m

calling to confirm your appointment for tomorrow morning at

9am with Doctor Parker.

F:Oh,I almost forgot. Thank you for calling to remind

me. Actually,I do need to change the time of my appointment.

I have a scheduling conflict,and I can’t make it that early.

M:If I put you in that later slot,would that work out?

F:It would have to be after lunch. Do you have anything available

    about 2 o’clock?

M:Sorry,Mam. The only opening we have after lunch is 1:15, but I might

be able to work you in at 4:00. Would that be a better time?

F:That’s all right.I think I should be able tomake it at 1:15. Can you

put me down for that time slot?

M:No problem,I have your appointment changed from tomorrow morning

to tomorrow afternoon at 1:15

F:Wonderful. Thanks very much.


    Dialogue 1

    A:I have been waiting here in the conference room for ten minutes already, what time is the meeting start? where is anyone anyway?

    B:Didn't you hear about that, our meeting was postponed until Friday.

    A: What? the meeting was postponed? No one told me anything about it.

B: Did you get the memo?

    A: What memo? They havn't any memo this whole week, I check my inbox every day.And I havn't seen anything.

    B: The memo went out 3 days ago. It should have made to your inbox, but maybe lost in all collectors on your desk.

    A: You know how things get pilot about my desk when I'm busy. I know sometimes I do many please things,but I always read all the memos go arround, they go directly to my inbox. Are you sure were send to whole office?

    B: It should have got arround to every body, they also post a copy of the memo in the break room. Don't you ever look at meassages post on the bulletin board?

    A: I'm usually too busy to take a bunch of cofee break by the watercooler, Anyway, I'm sure the memo never get to my inbox, I'll have to talk our secretary about it.

    B. That's right, You will never know what your missing out of it if you don't read the memos.

Dialogue 2

A: Ms. Dorsen, I need to take a dictation for me,

B: Yes, sir;

    A: They should go out intra office memorandum to all employee by this afternoon, are you ready?

B: Yes, sir, Go ahead.

    A: Attention all staff:effective immediately, all office communication are restricted to email correspondance as official memos, the use of instance message porgram by employee during work hour are strictly prohibited.

    B: Sir, Does this apply to intra office communication only or relate also restrict external communications?

    A: It should apply to all communications. Not only in this office between employees, but also any outside communciations.

    B: But sir, many employees use instance messaging to communcate with clients.

    A: This were just have to change the communication methods, I don't want any one use instance messaging in this office, it waste too much time. Now, please, continue the memos. Where were we?

B: This apply to internal and external communications.

    A: Yes, any employee who persist using instance messaging, will first recieve a warning, and placed on prohibition, and the second sense, the employment will be termination. Any question regarding this new policy maybe dirctly to the department of his.

B: Is that all?

    A: Yes, please give this memo type out and distribute to all employees before 4:00 PM.


    Dialogue one.

    A:Did you see the letter I got from Bradform films? They sent the responds to your phone call last week.

    B:If you want to see something about my call last week, why didn't they sent it to me?

    A:I guess it must have contact information, so they sent it addressed in care of your department head, anyhow,they wrote to confirm in reading what you discussed about milton contract.

B:Can I see it first in seconds?

A:Sure, here it is.

    B:Dear Mr.Clock, bother to your telephone call last Friday, I'm reading to confirm our meeting on July 21st,as we discussed, our meeting is to review the contract details.

A:Did they ask you to sent the files beforehand?

    B:Let's see, We'll be grateful for the complete to send related materials to our office prior to our meeting. It looks like... Hey! Was there anything else was send along with this letter?

A: I don't think so, why do you ask?

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