H ow To Become a Sales Director in 3 Months (90 Days)

By Roberto Dixon,2014-05-12 05:08
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H ow To Become a Sales Director in 3 Months (90 Days)

     How To Become a Sales Director in 3 Months (90 Days)

    You can become a Sales Director in 3 months or less! This plan shows the POWER OF FOCUS: Simply

    follow the plan by working 20-30 hours per week! The KEY is what you do with

    those hours! Recommended: Holding 2 to 3 full-circle TimeWise Classes, and 1 to 2 interviews per

    class, plus 1 2 interviews outside of the classes. Using every hour is the key. You don’t have to do

    this forever but to get where you want to go in 3 months you do. If you are starting from “0” – It may

    take you doing this twice once to gain momentum and a second time to achieve, surpass and even

    break records.


    o Meals and shopping/Housework/laundry

    o Anything that takes you more than one hour of time and is not directly

    related to your family 1:1 time. Find a way to delegate it.

    o Routine MK office tasks (restocking, cleaning mirrors, filing, banking, bill

    paying, etc.)

    Learning to be a good at delegating is necessary for a Consultant and essential for a Director!


    o Meals in advance & grocery shopping for needed items.

    o Hold all personal appointments for one day (dentist, vet, doctor, nails, haircuts,

    etc.) Delegate any of these you can to responsible help. By holding all in 1

    day there is less to remember this way & greater control of your time!

    o Special time for you, your husband, family & friends

    o Your life on paper, using a weekly plan sheet. You are becoming a role model

     it essential you use easy to understand and easy to use time management tools.



    o Tomorrow’s tasks & phone calls the night before. Use your six most

    important things list EVERY night before you sleep.

    o Develop and use a “car office” – so you have literature, address/phone lists, etc.

    with you to use in “spare” moments – esp. if you work outside the home in

    another job.

    Write your 6 most important things to do every night before bed & then review it in the

    morning, delegate routine tasks, complete highest priorities first, cross off as you go!!


    o God First, Family Second, Career Third

    o Wise financial judgement pay off credit card debt, tithe, don’t spend just

    because it’s “deductible” for your business. Invest in your business and in

    yourself in things that will build the value of your business and free up

    your time to do IPAs.


    o The peace of mind you get from living a disciplined life & the self-

    satisfaction of advancing rapidly in your Mary Kay Career!

    3 to 6 months or less to Directorship

    when you consistently use this plan!!

     YOUR WEEKLY PLAN Monday: Phone work 2 -3 hours

    o First phone call of EACH day is a recruiting call, new prospect call

    o Follow up on interviews from last week

    o Profile guests for skin care classes

    o Confirm guests to Success Meeting & Saturday Class

    o Coach this week’s hostesses

    o Call customers for reorders

    o Pack car and mail correspondence for week

    o Meet 3-5 new people

    o Make 3-5 phone calls to new potential customers/recruits Tuesday: Meeting 2-3 hours

    o Attend Unit Meeting

    o Bring 2 guests pick them up!

    o Interview on the way home

    o Complete Summary Sheet

    Wednesday: Skin Care Class 2-3 hours

    o Hold a Skin Care Class, during it …

    o Book 2 new classes

    o Book 2 interviews

    o Have recruit prospect observe class and interview on the way home Thursday: 2-3 hours

    o Meet 3-5 New People

    o Make 3-5 phone calls to new customers and/or recruits Friday: Skin Care Class 2-3 hours

    o Hold a Skin Care Class, during it …

    o Book 2 new classes

    o Book 2 interviews

    o Have recruit prospect observe class and interview on the way home

Saturday: Skin Care Class 2-3 hours

    o Hold a Skin Care Class, during it …

    o Book 2 new classes

    o Book 2 interviews

    o Have recruit prospect observe class and interview on the way home

    Complete your Weekly Accomplishment Sheet Online Sunday: Plan day

    o Plan your next week on paper and stick with your plan!

    o Complete Summary Sheet for the week

    Weekly selling hours = 12-20 ~ Advancement to Sales Director can mean an increase of monthly

    income (over consultant income) of $1000 to $2000 / month.. You can work this schedule around a full

    time job! Directors earn incredible incomes in MK, have flexibility, freedom to advance, and a

    supportive, positive, leading-edge company to work with. You decide how quickly you want to

    accomplish this career step. It’s certainly worth 3 to six months of intense focus to get there quickly.

    Sometimes it helps to “break” the “week” cycle in our mind and in our life– by focusing on achieving

    certain steps every TEN DAYS. TEN sets of TEN = 100 Days. You can use the plan above to “blitz” it

    for 100 days! Every 3 sets of 10 is a month. Use what works for you!

    Here is a chart you can use to “table your tasks” for a 100 day blitz!

     Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10

     Blitz 1

     Blitz 2

     Blitz 3

     Blitz 4

     Blitz 5

     Blitz 6

     Blitz 7

     Blitz 8

     Blitz 9

    Blitz 10

SCC = Class

    PI = Personal Interview

    TI= Team Interview

    O = Office time 1 hr

    $ = sales

    M = Mtg event

    M/G = Event with guest

    5 = “5” calls to new prospects

CHART your activities as completed when finished. Keeping good records, handling

    paperwork ONCE, turning in W.A.S.- these are important activities that help you track

    skill developments, areas of strengths, habits, etc. People who want to go up “suit up and show up” prepared. You have an incredible support team in MK and you have many

    mentors who will boost you higher and cheer you on your way!

    Thanks SNSD Judie McCoy for 100 Blitz format, and Dir. Penny Enders/SNSD Donna Floberg . bb

    For simplicity you can also use the wonderful IPA for Consultants IPA = Income Producing Activities. Good luck and GO FAST!

     NSD Kathy Goff "The Difficult Part of a Mary Kay Business"

    (Thanks Dir. Sara Bennett for sharing from your web

     As strange as it may seem, booking, coaching, selling, and recruiting are the easy parts of this career. Granted,

    unsuccessful consultants are not doing enough of either. In fact, successful consultants do not do as much of

    either of these as they could. However, those are not the difficult parts of this career.

The difficult, challenging part of our wonderful opportunity is image, ethics, and attitude. Those are the areas that

    we most often resist with a passion. Why? Is it because we have such a need to do it our way? Is it because we

    resist any kind of authority, even the kind that has walked the walk and learned that the right way really is the best

    way? Attitude - Mary Kay always taught us that attitude determines altitude in this business.

That is so true. Negative people, negative things, negative comments will surely come our way. In fact, the only

    reason you're not yet in your red jacket or red car or director suit is because you just have not heard enough

    no’s. When you ask enough people, you get more no’s and when you get more no’s, you also get more yes’s.

Isn't it wonderful to know that while we cannot control the no’s, we can control how they affect us and we can

    control the numbers so that we also get yeses? It's o.k. to be disappointed, but it's not o.k. to allow

    disappointment to become discouragement and rob us of our dream. There is a difference. Disappointment is

    temporary and completely disappears as soon as we get back on the phone and book a class or sell something.

Discouragement follows us everywhere and clouds our thinking and robs us of the will to get back on the

    phone. Aren't you glad you're in control of discouragement? Ethics - sometimes it’s so easy to justify doing the wrong thing. Sometimes it easy to slip it by and hope that no one notices. We all know the answer to the

    question, "is it o.k. if your customer begins to buy her products from me?" But, we can always justify selling to

    her because she is our friend, our neighbor, or goes to church with us, on and on. But, the real issue is whether it

    is right or not.

Our customers do not understand our philosophy of building our business on the golden rule. They've never seen

    another company do that. When we explain to that customer, that we would never take her from her consultant

    (who provides her service, has her on the preferred customer mailing, has paid for her to get free gifts) and that

    we would just die if in 6 months some new consultant came along and took customers that we had worked to

    build, they will understand. The responsibility to do the right thing rests with each of us. We don't take

    customers - EVER. We don't take recruits - EVER.

Image, this one gets tougher and tougher as more resist dressing like professional women in the business world of

    men. But, it doesn't matter how tough it gets, Mary Kay asks us to wear a dress to EVERY meeting, EVERY

    guest event, EVERY skin care class or facial, EVERY interview. The only time it is o.k. to wear pants is to a

    workshop that has been announced as a casual dress event.

Attitude, Ethics, Image - Mary Kay Ash has always been a woman ahead of her time. Don't you suppose the

    reason why she was that may be her stand on attitude, ethics, and image?

Let's be appreciative consultants. Let's be respectful consultants. Let's honor her wishes. Let's not try to justify,

    just to get our own way - the thing that makes people successful in this business is team spirit. One day you will

    build a team - what kind of team do you want - do you want people like YOU? We usually do get back exactly

    what we give out - it's the law of sowing and reaping.

    ***************************************************** You are GREAT!!! And in the process of BECOMING GREATER!!!!

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