By Edna Mills,2014-02-10 06:08
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Five more employees at American Media Inc. have

    tested positive (阳性) for exposure to anthrax, a company spokesman said Saturday.

    Last week, a photo editor for The Sun supermarket

    tabloid (小报) died of the inhaled form of the

    disease, the first death in the United States

    related to anthrax in 25 years.

    Two other co-workers were found to have been

    exposed to the disease. They have not become ill.

    Gerald McKelvey, a spokesman for American Media

    Inc., said the company was notified about the five employees Saturday by the Centers for Disease

    Control and Prevention (防疫中心). He said he

    had no further information on the exposed

    employees or their conditions.

    Health officials had been waiting for results of

    more than 35 anthrax tests checking employees and

    visitors to the company's headquarters. About 20

    postal employees who handled the company's mail were also awaiting test results.

    On Friday, the FBI agent said test results of 965 people who were in the building recently found no new infections.

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