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Software Assurance_Speaker Notes

    Microsoft Seminar Script

    Microsoft Partner Program Training Seminar

    Software Assurance

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    Seminar Description

    This seminar will introduce the learners to the Software Assurance offering from Microsoft. The learners will understand the need for Software Assurance and will learn about all the benefits offered under Software Assurance.

    Notes to Presenter

    This seminar is designed to give Microsoft channel partners an understanding of Software Assurance and the benefits it offers.

    Demo Setup

    There are no demos for this training seminar.

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Welcome to the Software Assurance seminar.

    Microsoft's Software Assurance offers benefits to customers that exceed the benefits offered by traditional upgrade and support

    contracts available in the industry. Software Assurance offers customers a manageable and cost-effective method of benefiting

    from Microsoft product upgrades during the term of the agreement.

Software Assurance includes a collection of support services,

    deployment tools, and training resources that provide business value, and reduce costs for customers.

    Software Assurance benefits are not uniform, and vary with each Volume Licensing program. In addition, server licenses come with

    benefits that are different from those for desktop licenses.

Software Assurance is optional with:

    ; Open License

    ; Select License

    Software Assurance is built into the agreement with:

    ; Open Value

     ; Enterprise Agreement

    ; Enterprise Subscription Agreement*

    Customers can find out about the Software Assurance benefits they are entitled to by referring to the Offering Chart on the Microsoft Web site, by asking their reseller, or by calling the toll free phone

    number for Software Assurance enquiries.

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    When a customer decides to acquire a new version of software, there is a typical set of steps that they go through. This software management process comprises of the following steps:

    ; Planning

    ; Deployment

    ; Use

    ; Maintenance

    ; Transition

     Microsoft now offers Software Assurance benefits to address the particular needs and trouble areas for a customer in each of the steps in the process. These needs begin when the customer asks

    whether there is a new version of Microsoft software that the

    customer can use. The needs rapidly increase in complexity and

    encompass deployment issues, additional use requirements, and technical problems. Software Assurance benefits contain a wide array of offerings to meet these varied needs, and continue to

    assist customers throughout their entire relationship with Microsoft.

    New Version Rights: With Software Assurance, customers receive access to new versions of licensed software released during the term of the agreement. Customers can then deploy the new

    versions at their own pace. New Version Rights simplify the

    procurement process and shortens the business process cycle.

Spread Payments: Payments can be spread annually, which

    enables customers to reduce initial costs and forecast annual

    software budget requirements up to three years in advance. The initial payment is due at the time of placing the order, and the balance is split in equal amounts to be paid at the start of the

    second and the third year of the agreement term.

    Desktop Deployment Planning Services: Select and Enterprise

    Agreement customers receive a Desktop Deployment Planning Services voucher, which can be used for one to 10 days of planning services, depending on their spending for Office software

    with Software Assurance.

    The service is based upon the Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment and best practices from Microsoft’s consulting services, with the objective of reducing the cost and complexity through high levels of process and automation. A long-term cost

    saving is the objective, with proven techniques to leverage the network and server infrastructure to fully automate desktop builds, migrate user data, and streamline typical recurring maintenance processes.

Information Work Solution Services: This Software Assurance

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benefit provides customers with one-to-three day service offerings

    that address Business Development Manager (BDM) productivity, deployment, security, and infrastructure needs.

    This benefit enables customers to avail of Microsoft partner-driven

    workshops that help the customer’s IT teams to:

    ; Discover how information work can help them realize their

    company’s goals.

    ; Design information work so that it fits their current


    ; Deliver to their employees with minimal investment and high


Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE): WinPE is a

    version of Microsoft Windows XP Professional that replaces DOS and can run Windows setup, scripts, and imaging applications. WinPE enables IT staff to build custom solutions that speed up deployment through automation, so that the IT staff spend less time and effort in keeping desktops updated. Customers receive one kit

    per enrollment.

    Windows Vista Enterprise: This benefit enables data protection of

    a customer’s hard drive, if the data is stolen or lost. This feature provides:

    ; Full-drive hardware and software-based encryption, which

    includes the system files and boot sector.

    ; Protection of data in case of theft or when disposing of a


    ; Application compatibility with Virtual PC Express

    ; IT cost and complexity reduction with Multi-language User

    Interface (MUI)

    Virtual PC Express for Software Assurance: Virtual PC Express

    serves as a cost-saving and timesaving solution in enterprise

    situations when users need to run multiple operating systems.

    Training Vouchers: Enterprise and Select Agreement customers with 30,000 or more information workers (IW) or client licenses will be eligible for additional training vouchers for training on select

    courses from Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions (CPLSs), the premier authorized training channel for delivering learning products and services on Microsoft technology. These

    training vouchers can be:

    ; Used for training on select courses from Microsoft Certified

    Partners for Learning Solutions.

    ; Traded for additional days of Desktop Deployment Planning


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    E-Learning: Customers with a Select or Enterprise Agreement receive one set of Microsoft E-Learning per Office or Windows

    license. Self-paced online learning is a convenient, efficient way for customers to keep their employees’ skills current.

    Home Use Program: With the Home Use Program, employees can get a licensed copy of select Microsoft Office Professional software,

    to install and use on a home computer. Employees can work at home, increasing productivity and maximizing the value of the customer's Microsoft Office investment.

Employee Purchase Program: The Microsoft Employee Purchase

    Program gives employees significant discounts on the retail pricing of popular Microsoft productivity and consumer products. Employees can order discounted products directly through a secure, Microsoft-hosted e-commerce Web site.

Enterprise Source Licensing Program (ESLP): With the

    Enterprise Source Licensing Program (ESLP), eligible customers with 1,500 or more licensed desktops can access Microsoft Windows source code for internal development and support. The IT staff can make adjustments and improvements to systems and related applications, and implement improved debugging to help maintain security and protection against viruses and other computer hazards.

    24x7 Problem Resolution Support: Software Assurance enables

    customers to connect to Microsoft for their support needs.

    Problem Resolution Support:

    ; Provides 24x7 business-critical phone support

    ; Covers all Microsoft-supported products, including all server

    editions, Microsoft Windows Professional Operating

    System, and Microsoft desktop applications

    ; Makes redeeming support easier, because customers are

    no longer required to track Software Assurance coverage by

    specific servers in order to use phone support. ; Includes an option to exchange Software Assurance

    incidents for Microsoft Premier Support incidents. This

    enables customers to receive a higher level of support

    service, including faster response and incident escalation


TechNet Online Concierge Chat: With TechNet Online Concierge

    Chat, customers can have Web-based chat sessions with Microsoft

    online advisors. This helps them to quickly locate the information they need to resolve technology issues.

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    TechNet Plus: For server licenses with Software Assurance, IT professionals have access to TechNet Plus Subscription content, which features resources such as the Microsoft Knowledge Base, utilities, drivers, and how-to articles. The TechNet Plus Subscription media also includes access to beta release candidate software and evaluation copies of the latest applications.

    Corporate Error Reporting (CER): With Corporate Error Reporting

    (CER), IT professionals can monitor and review error information, and control the deployment of fixes and resolutions. CER provides the ability for applications and the operating system to collect data and report crashes in the system.

Cold Back-ups for Disaster Recovery: Customers with Software

    Assurance for Microsoft server software and related Client Access Licenses (CALs) are eligible for complimentary cold backup server licenses for the purpose of disaster recovery.

    Microsoft provides a minimum of five years of Mainstream Support and a minimum of five years of Extended Support for business and developer products.

During the Mainstream Support phase, the support options,

    including all paid and complementary support options, are available

    to the customer. These support options also include security

    updates and non-security hotfixes.

During the Extended Support phase customers who need non- security hotfix support must sign up for an Extended Hotfix Support

    Agreement (EHSA).

Extended Hotfix Support for Software Assurance 2006: Under

    the EHSA

    ; The annual program fee for the EHSA is waived for the term

    of the agreement with Software Assurance. The customer

    will have to pay the annual fee for ESHA for the term of the

    agreement without Software Assurance.

    ; The requirement to sign up for an EHSA within 90 days of a

    product’s transition from Mainstream Support to Extended

    Support has been waived, and customers can sign up at

    any time during the term of their Software Assurance


    ; Applications that are covered include Microsoft Office

    Professional, Microsoft Windows, Exchange Server,

    Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005, Microsoft SQL

    Server 2005, Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS)

    2003, and Microsoft Windows Server.

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Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs: Customers, who wish

    to extend the life cycle of their older computers without having to replace them, can avail of the Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs benefit. This Software Assurance benefit:

    ; Provides customers with a new operating system solution

    for securing and managing earlier operating systems on

    older computers.

    o Pentium I/Pentium II/Pentium III running Windows

    NT/Windows 9x

    ; Enables customers to make their older computers as secure

    and manageable as their Windows XP SP2 desktops.

    o Customers can avail of easy lockdown feature for

    desktops and hard disks.

    ; Provides customers with a smooth migration path to

    Windows XP and Windows Vista.

    o Customers can upgrade the underlying hardware

    using Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs and

    seamlessly migrate desktops to full Windows XP or

    Windows Vista.

    ; Reduces the attack surface of desktops for line-of-business


    ; Provides customer with a Windows based alternative to

    Linux for repurposing older hardware and improving the

    TCO of such computers.

    Customers are entitled to one copy of Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs as the Windows Client license for every Windows client license covered under Software Assurance.

    Answer Key: Option A is correct. The Microsoft Employee Purchase Program gives employees significant discounts on retail pricing of Microsoft popular productivity and consumer products.

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    Answer Key: Option C is correct. For server licenses with Software Assurance, IT professionals have access to TechNet Plus Subscription content. This content features resources such as the Microsoft knowledge base, utilities, drivers, and how-to articles. The

    TechNet Plus Subscription media also includes access to beta release candidate software and evaluation copies of the latest applications.

    You have reached the end of the Software Assurance seminar. Before you move on, please review the learning objectives of this

    seminar. Try to answer the questions listed on the slide.

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