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    Unit Five Case Study


    Manager:Good morning! Im a manager of The HR Department.

    Now, there are some problems in our department.

    Lets study the problems and find out the solusion. A: What are your problems?

    M: First, it is the space problems.

    B; Space problems

    M: Yes,our staff do not like the open-plan office. They dont

    have enough space or priyacy. Many of them work in

    small areas without windows. The office is noisy and

    staff are often interrupted by colleagues. C: We could build some windows, keep the air freshly. D: If have some problems, I think we should discuss quietly

    and keep the office quiet.

    E; Why not separeted everyones work place by glasses?

    M: Yes, thats a good idea. Theres another problem, because

    of the redundancy, staff are working harder and longer

    hours. Also, they have to attend too many meetings

    and deal with too much paperwork. The company is

    monitoring their work more closely and controlling

    them more than ever before.

    B: I suggest to cancel some unnecessary meetings, at the

    meantime, reduce the paperwork.

    A: I think monitor is neceeeary, but some staff also have the

    space that belongs to themselves.

    M: The monitor is only monitoring their work more closely,

    not want to monitor their own life.

    C: Why not refuce the workloads?

    M: Yes, I agree with you, staff should work as usual, not

    overtime. And the third, some of the HR staff have

    suffered great emotionl strain from the redundancy


    D: I think redundancy is necessary, that is good for refine the

    agency, if you good enough, you would not to asked to


    B: But this always make staff nervous, that is not good for

    their working.

    E: I think I agree with you. How about employ some

    physicians, and organize staff to do some sports. M: Good,I will think about that suggestion. And, there is a

    new rumour about possible further redundancies. A: That is so easy! Why dont you stand out to explain that is

    only a rumour to the staff?

    M: Yes, I will. The new Director is unpopular, she never get

    along with others. What should I do?

    B: How about call the handsome staff to speak to her


    D: Haha! Thats interesting!

    C: Im not sure I agree. I think you should hold some group

    activities frequently. It is good for communicating

    each other.

    M: Ah, right! And the last one, several good HR personnel say

    they will resign unless the situation improves. E: What is the situation?

    D: May be there have many situations.

    E: I think you should collect the problems about what they

    complain with?

    M Okthen?

    C: Improving the environmemt,improving the system. A: Yes, that is very good! I support you!

    M: Does anybody has idea too?

    ______Thats all,thank you very much!

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