20040213 RPSG#3

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20040213 RPSG#3

    EUROPEAN COMMISSION Information Society Directorate-General Communication Services: Policy and Regulatory Framework RSPG Secretariat

    Brussels, 25 February 2004

    DG INFSO/B4/RSPG Secretariat




    Subject: Chairman's Report of RSPG#3, 13 February 2004

    RSPG #3

    Brussels, 13 February 2004


    1. General introduction to RSGP#3

    The Chairman of RSPG, Mr. Jørgen Abild Andersen, Director General of the National IT

    and Telecom Agency (Denmark), opened the meeting by establishing consensus on the 1proposed meeting agenda dedicated to issues of substance as most organisational and

    procedural aspects had been dealt with during the two first meetings of the Group.

    2. RSPG Opinion on the secondary trading of rights to use radio spectrum: progress

    of work

    RSGP#3 reviewed the progress of the work of the subgroup on secondary trading on the

    basis of a report presented by its chairman Mr. G. Broesterhuizen, Deputy Director

    General Telecommunications and Postal Affairs (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs).

    RSPG#3 took note of the subgroup work on definitions and taxonomy of tradable rights,

    as well as on the key issues identified in the context of launching a public consultation.

    The Group confirmed that the work of the subgroup is on schedule and is progressing in 2accordance with the Commission’s request for a RSPG Opinion issued at RSPG#2.

    Concerning the work ahead, the subgroup was encouraged to focus on the European

    dimension of secondary trading, in particular its impact on the internal market and the

    electronic communications sector, as each Member States may understandably have a

    different view on some specific aspects of national implementation. In this context, the

    subgroup was also invited to assess the cost of a possible lack of co-ordination between

    Member States while avoiding an unfruitful debate about a "one fit all" approach by all

    Member States.

    The text of the ongoing public consultation on secondary trading is available at the

    following web address:

Deadline for comments is 2 April 2004. All responses will be made publicly available on

    the RSPG website.

     1 Document RSPG04-23 on

    2 Document RSPG03-13 on


    3. RSPG Opinion on the spectrum implications of the switchover to digital

    broadcasting: progress of work

    The Chairman of the subgroup, Mr. N.G. Billinger, Director General of Post &

    Telestyrelsen (Sweden), reported on progress of work. The Group confirmed that the

    work of the subgroup is on schedule and in accordance with the Commission’s request for 3an RSPG Opinion issued at RSPG#2. The Group noted that the appropriate radio

    spectrum policy issues, which the digital broadcasting raises, are well identified by the

    subgroup and that the overall work of the subgroup is heading into the right direction.

    Following a discussion on substance, RSPG#3 endorsed a proposition by the subgroup

    regarding two key objectives to be achieved at the upcoming Regional Radio Conference


    "Objectives from a European point of view should be the following:

     To create maximum flexibility for the second session of the RRC, thus

    permitting Member States to take account of technological and commercial


     To reach a decision on a plan that allows Europe to introduce digital

    broadcasting services and other services."

    The Group agreed that the time available between the two sessions of the RRC

    Conference should be taken advantage of in order to firm up the European strategic

    approach and common position on policy matters.

    The Group also confirmed a proposal to extend the public consultation period by two

    weeks (new deadline: 15 March 2004). All RSPG Members were encouraged to

    contribute with their views and comments directly to the work of the subgroup to further

    increase the consensus value of the Opinion which will result from the debates.

    The text of the ongoing public consultation on the spectrum impact of digital

    broadcasting is available at the following web address:

Deadline for comments is 15 March 2004. All responses will be made publicly available

    on the RSPG website.

     3 Document RSPG03-14 on


    4. RSPG Opinion on WRC-03 follow-up and WRC-07 preparation: progress of work

    Following the Commission's Request for Opinion issued at RSPG#2, the Group discussed

    a proposal from the Chairman for the organisation of work on the matter in subject 4(Information Note by the Chairman, RSPG04-30 ). The Group first approved the Commission plans and actions launched in view of the

    implementation of the results of WRC03 as described in the Communication to Council 5and the European Parliament on the results of WRC-03 . The Group also conducted its first discussion on a strategy for the preparation of the

    forthcoming conference (WRC07). The Group agreed to use the core principles outlined 4in the Information Note by the Chairman as guidance for developing its position on the WRC-07 agenda from a policy point of view.

    The Chairman invited the Commission to share with RSPG its assessment of the WRC-07

    agenda as outlined in the Communication to Council and the European Parliament on the 5results of WRC-03 . A first discussion revealed agreement on the main priorities

    identified by the Commission while identifying the need to closer analysing some agenda

    items of WRC-07 as their scope becomes more clearly visible.

    The RSPG Secretariat was tasked to prepare a background document outlining the

    relationships between EU policies and specific agenda items of WRC-07 and to submit it

    to validation by RSPG members before using it for the launch of a public consultation to

    be closed by 15 May 2004. The results of the public consultation will be discussed at the

    next RSPG meeting in June when the timing follow-up steps proposed in the Information 4Note by the Chairman will be examined again.

    65. Public consultation on the RSPG work programme RSPG#3 discussed the responses received to the public call for comments on the work

    programme. RSPG concluded that these responses did not show a need to change the

    existing work programme and confirmed the relevance of the topics which have been

    selected in priority by RSPG.

    RSPG#3 noted that the consultation had attracted little attention, which contrasts with

    claims by spectrum user constituencies to make RSPG proceedings as transparent as

    possible and to be allowed to give input to its work. Administrations were requested to

    help raising awareness for the ongoing public consultations on the RSPG work

    programme, in particular towards industry, in an effort to ensure the adequacy of the

    RSPG work agenda.

     4 Document RSPG04-30 on





    The text of the call for comments is available at the following web site:

    As agreed at RSPG#2, the RSPG work programme is to be subject to a periodic review by RSPG and consequently the call for comments on the RSPG work programme is to remain open. However, in order to allow RSPG at its successive meetings to take notice of comments received, these need to be submitted at least one month in advance of RSPG meetings. The next consultation deadline for the RSPG work programme is therefore set to 14 May 2004.

    6. Report on Commission activities since RSPG meeting of 19 September 2003

    The Group was provided with a short summary of a Commission document highlighting 7its key activities in radio spectrum policy since the last RSPG meeting on 19 September

    2003. These activities allowed progress to be made on implementation measures prepared by the Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC), namely the approval of a CEPT Mandate on RLAN in the 5GHz band, the agreement for a strategy regarding the harmonised introduction of Ultrawide Band technology, including the preparation of a new CEPT mandate, the progress on the dossier regarding Automotive Short Range Radars (SRRs), the endorsement of a strategy to strengthen the internal market for generally-authorised devices (i.e. short-range devices), including the proposal for a general CEPT Mandate, the support for modalities to increase synergies between spectrum policy and EU research & development. Other activities mentioned were the progress of the planned Recommendation on Power Line Communications and the preparation of a

    Communication on Radio Spectrum Policy to the Council and European Parliament due to be adopted in H1 2004.

    7. Consideration of a draft Commission request for a RSPG Opinion on a co-ordinated EU spectrum policy approach for wireless electronic communications access platforms

    In view of issuing formally a Request for Opinion at the next RSPG meeting in June, the Commission launched the discussion on the development of a co-ordinated EU spectrum policy approach for wireless electronic communications access platforms. In summary and 6in relation to the RSPG work programme (item 1), the Commission proposes that RSPG

    develops a comprehensive understanding of the services and markets served by the different radio access platforms (e.g. RLANs, 2G, 3G and beyond, datacasting etc.) in a foreseeable future as well as an opinion on a co-ordinated EU approach for managing the spectrum resources available in a more flexible way. The conditions of the introduction of such an approach, including the assessment of a suitable time frame, should also be looked at by RSPG.

    The Group recognised the importance of addressing this topic at EU level, in view of finding a proper balance between flexibility and harmonisation of regulatory conditions applying to a converged wireless electronic communications market. The Group also noted that the issues at stake have an important political and economic dimension, potentially including competition-related aspects, which will determine possible changes

     7 RSPG04-27 on


    to the way spectrum resources for wireless is handled. On the latter, the need for a close co-operation with CEPT was emphasised.

    Administrations agreed to discuss this matter internally before providing written comments in order to assist the Commission to prepare its proposed Request for Opinion to be discussed at the next meeting (RSPG#4 on 18 June 2004). The deadline to submit comments is 15 April 2004.

    8. AOB

    The Chairman thanked Members for having provided updates to the provisional table "Organisation of responsibilities in RSPG member countries with regard to radio spectrum policy and spectrum management" and invited participants to communicate any pending modifications by 28 February 2004. Following this last verification by RSPG members, the table will be made public on the RSPG web site in early March 2004.

    9. Next meetings

    The next RSPG meeting (RSPG#4) is scheduled to take place on 18 June 2004 in Brussels.


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