Get Out of Debt

By Kim Snyder,2014-05-12 04:35
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Get Out of Debt

    Get Out of Debt

    It is not our intension to take you by the hand and lead you step by step on how to

    accomplish this because most of you in general already know how. It’s as simple as dieting: use more

    calories then you take in, you lose weight. Take in more money then you spend, you get out of debt.

    However, just as in dieting, sometimes you need a plan of attack. We want to share what is working

    for us. Yes, you read that right, is working, as in still in progress. We still have debt from years and

    years of very poor decisions in the past. The turning point for us was going through the Dave

    Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course offered through our church. It opened our eyes to how

    we got into the position we found ourselves in and showed us ways to get out and never go back to

    that bondage. We have since paid off 10 credit cards and a couple of small loans. I have mixed

    emotions about sharing this, proud of the progress we’ve made so far, but embarrassed that we got

    ourselves in that position in the first place. I would highly recommend that you go out to your local

    library and check out a couple of Dave Ramsey’s books, my favorite on the subject is The Total

    Money Makeover.

    Another book I would recommend is 48 Days To The Work You Love by Dan Miller, once again, hit the library. He writes about ways to get into a job that you will be happy with and talks about

    having multiple streams of revenue

    It worked then and it works now! Bartering- An early system of exchange (buying and selling)

    where goods and services were swapped: the goods and services were used as currency (money).

    Do you have something to offer to someone who has something you want?

    Additional revenue speeds up the process by which you can get out of debt and start living the

    life you want. As stated in the introduction of this page, we want to share what has and is working

    for us, so I hope this information is helpful. I would always use as many free resources as possible and resist the temptation of buying frivolously.

    Here are some of our favorite web sites, along with a link for free E-Books:

     We are not compensated to advertise the above web sites, we just wanted to share them with


    One of our additional revenue streams comes from sharing with others a chance to have their

    own home-based business, while helping themselves and others in improving wellness and skin care.

    Financial freedom is a realistic goal, let us show you how by attending one of our opportunity

    meetings or an in home skin care spa. The link below has helpful video clips, please view them and

    allow yourself to dream of the possibilities:


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