Gary Hollister XanGos Chairman He and his wife, Beverly, have

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Gary Hollister XanGos Chairman He and his wife, Beverly, have

Gary Hollister

    XanGo’s Chairman

    He and his wife, Beverly, have four children and 11 grandchildren. (Beverly is also XanGo’s

    senior VP of business development!)

    Gary graduated Drake University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and went to work for accounting firm Ernst & Ernst (now Ernst & Young).

For 25 years Gary worked at Merle Norman cosmetics, 14 years of which he was their president

    and chief operating officer. Under Gary’s watch, Merle Norman’s operations tripled to more than 3,000 franchises, and annual sales went from $60 million to more than $250 million.

The book ―1001 Ways to Reward Employees‖ mentions Merle Norman, recognizing some of the

    measures and programs instituted by Gary and his team. And one of the greatest testaments to his

    efforts is that Merle Norman had numerous employees who logged more than 20 years of perfect


Gary has been president of a number of enormously successful companies, and he formed his

    own consultancy, where he launched the wildly popular Michael Jordan fragranceone of the

    most successful product introductions in retail history.

In 1997 Enrich Internationalnow Unicityrecruited Gary to be its president and CEO, and it

    was there he met Aaron, Joe and Gordon.

Most recently, along with XanGo partner, Aaron Garrity, Gary was named a national finalist in

    the 2006 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards.

Beverly Hollister

    Sr. VP, Business Development Some participate in a category; others create it. Some catch up to trends; others set them. Beverly

    Hollister is someone with the vision and experience to marry the category-creator XanGo with

    the global, growing allure of natural, organic, clean skin care. The result is XanGo’s latest

    innovation Glimpse?, Intuitive Skin Care.

A natural evolution for the mangosteen category creator, XanGo’s latest brand innovation has its

    roots in Joe Morton’s discovery of the mangosteen. It was Joe who as a young boy had a glimpse

    of the impact he could have in the world, and that glimpse of the future was realized when he

    first experienced the mangosteen. Now, Hollister looks to continue XanGo’s mangosteen

    category dominance by exploring the fruit’s topical applications and benefits as shared in

    generations of Asian folklore.

Hollister is the architect behind recruiting some of the world’s foremost skin care authorities and

    leading research scientists, from as far away as Japan, to create Glimpse’s proprietary scientific

    formulation featuring BioActiveX3 Complex. Produced from the mangosteen pericarp, the active

    ingredients in Glimpse assure this brand a place at the forefront of newly emerging trends in the

    personal care industry.

    As important as creation is, Hollister’s track record for launching and building brands with distributors’ success in mind is the ultimate testament to what will be possible for Glimpse.

With a broad and accomplished background in the network marketing industry, Hollister remains

    focused on her passion of advancing skin nutrition and wellness. As marketing chief for an

    international direct sales company, Hollister led the development and marketing of five major

    brands ranging from a botanical-based personal care line to a weight-loss system, all of which

    became global bestsellers within weeks of being released and generated sales of more than $200

    million annually.

The key for Hollister each time? Traveling the world and working intimately with distributors to

    completely engage them in the brand, resulting in strong global business growth.

Named as one of Utah Business Magazine’s 50 most powerful businesswomen, Hollister is

    excited by the challenge of creating another seamless global brand opportunity for XanGo. There

    could be nothing more natural for her than expanding on the power of xanthones as found in the

    pericarp puree in this superior skin care brand.

When she’s not launching major brands, Hollister devotes her time to work with the women of

    XanGo to help them succeed. Hollister also is committed to the business community as a

    member of the American Management Association, the National Association for Female

    Executives, Lexington Who’s Who and Cosmetic Executive Women.

Misha Hughes

    Personal Care Consultant

    Anne-Michele Hughes brings valuable insight into current trends in the skin care industry. Her

    skin care marketing and retail experience previously with SkinCeuticals and Gateway Aesthetic

    Institute provide the knowledge critical for developing effective products utilizing cutting edge

    formulations and ingredients. Misha has been working with XanGo on the development of

    Glimpse for the last twelve months.


    ? Paramedical, Master Aesthetician for 16 years.

    ? Owned and sold her own successful aesthetic skin care business.

    ? Proven track record in ability to market and sell skin care products.

    Sales and Industry Knowledge

    ? Prior Territory Sales Associate and educator for SkinCeuticals skin care.

    ? Increased SkinCeuticals territory sales 300%. Recognized as US #1 rep in new medical


    ? Skin care territory sales rep for Aveda.

    ? Successfully grew Physician’s skin care retail business 500% over the course of a one

    year period

    ? Conceived the concept of retail product store for high volume Dermatologist. Oversaw

    the store design, staffing, marketing and product lines selection.

    ? Throughout the United States Misha has consulted dozens of various Medical Spas

    including layout, retail, and staffing.

    ? Consulted several new retail skin care stores throughout the US.

    ? Strong expertise in product packaging and retail placement.

    ? Respected for her extensive industry knowledge about current trends in product


    ? Sought out by individuals to create customized skin care regimens that address a variety

    of skin conditions.

    ? Frequently presents on anti-aging skin care solutions and has been featured on several

    television programs

    ? Continues to lecture and present on efficacy of skin care products through educational

    institutions and master class sessions through retail outlets.

Yoko F. Little

    Sr. Brand Manager

    Yoko brings over ten years of network marketing experience to XanGo with specific expertise in marketing, product development and brand management. While in the industry, Yoko has developed and introduced a number of nutritional supplements and personal care products, opened a Japan office and worked for the second most successful network marketing company in Japan.

    Having worked with multimillion-dollar companies with emphasis in liquid supplements, Yoko has an intimate understanding of the liquiceutical industry and the development, production and marketing associated with liquid supplements. She has also played intricate roles in multiple skin care projects including the recent launch of an innovative, premium anti-aging skin care product line.

    Working closely with regional offices, she devised product launch and promotional strategies in multiple markets including: the U.S., Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Mexico and Canada.

    Yoko has a proven record of leadership, and her extensive experience and enthusiasm for the industry will undoubtedly be a great benefit to the marketing department and XanGo as a whole. She is pleased to be a part of XanGo team.

Yasue Mizukawa

    Brand Manager

    She has a solid background in marketing coupled with natural sales ability, which she have

developed and fine-tuned in years of working in a global corporate sales environment.

She is an innovative, results-oriented marketing and product development professional with more

    than 8 years experience in a multinational corporate sales environment. She has a proven record

    of successful new product launches and product restaging. Excellent cross-cultural

    communication skills and deep familiarity with Asian business protocol. Fluent in English and



    ? Neways; Product Line Manager/Personal Care from Nov 2004 September 2007:

    Reported to the Director of Marketing with responsibility for increasing global sales

    through new product concepts, market research, margin analysis, branding, global launch

    st rategies, and product presentations. Provided support and feedback for other product

    line managers to help them develop and fine tune their marketing strategies to effectively

    target Asian consumers.

    ? Unicity; Project Manager/Marketing Specialist from Sept 2002 May 2004: Oversaw

    new product development for personal care product line from initiation to completion for

    U.S. and foreign markets. Set up time line for and oversaw execution of development and

    performance testing of new hair care product line.

    ? Unicity International Tokyo, Japan; Marketing Specialist from June 1999 September

    2000: Evaluated competitive product positioning/pricing strategies and prepared sales

    forecasts. Developed proprietary products for Asian market and created strategic

    marketing plans.

Larry Popp

    Sr. Packaging Engineer

    Larry is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial

    Technology. He began his packaging engineering career in 1985 in the aerospace industry in

    southern California.

Since 1995 Larry has been working in product development for personal care products. As a

Senior Packaging Engineer for Nu Skin Enterprises, he was intimately involved with the

    development and manufacturing of many of the hair care, skin care and ethno botanical products

    that Nu Skin still markets today.

Larry joined XanGo in 2006 and has kept busy with many juice related packaging projects. He is

    very excited to be once again working with a diverse and talented team to develop XanGo’s first

    complete family of intuitive skin care products.

Tony Wang

    Director, PC Product Development

    Mr. Chong Tony Wang joined XanGo in 2007 as the Director of Personal Care Product

    Development. He has a lovely wife, one very beautiful daughter, one handsome son as well as a

    cute Chinese Shar-Pei.


    In the course of the past twenty years, Tony has worked for Nu Skin Enterprises as Sr.

    Scientist/Formulation Lab Manager, Unicity International as R&D Manager, Scott’s Liquid Gold,

    Tiro Industries and Shenyang Pharmaceutical Control Institute as a Scientist. His experience in

    the personal care/cosmetic and pharmaceutical nutrition industry includes product

    ideation/research, formulation/development, manufacturing, clinical testing, registration and

    quality control.

R.D. Rex

    Director, Technical Services R.D. leads the technical services group in XanGo’s Operations Department. Over the last two

    years, he worked on the expansion of production capacity for XanGo Juice to support growth and helped to get the spouted pouch, Xalo, the new XanGo bottle, XanGo Shot, and XanGo Single to market.

    He received his education in Manufacturing Engineering and spent 12 years working in product development for a direct-selling skin care company where he managed the packaging and production engineering group for many years. Most of the projects he worked with were very successful product systems and treatment products which included the first home-use electronic skin care product for the company.

Scott Taylor

    Regulatory and Labeling Consultant

    I’ve spent the last 6 years in the direct selling industry. As a college student, I started my direct selling career as a German order entry agent for Unicity International. I later was promoted to the European Communication Manager position and managed all Europe not for resale (NFR) sales and communications. After graduating, I became the regulatory manager for Europe at Neways International. I personally managed and hired consultants/experts to help manage our 200+ product’s entry into Eastern Europe and bring all current markets up to date with current regulations. Within six months I became the project manager for all regulatory activities in all 25 markets. I’ve been involved in formula review, label creation, litigation, due diligence, building

    new product regulatory frameworks, import/export issues, licensing of dangerous substances and registration for personal care, household cleaning, food supplement, juice and automotive product lines.

I currently am the regulatory and labeling consultant at XanGo, LLC.

    I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Business from Brigham Young University. At BYU, I started multiple businesses and was a finalist in the national new business competition. I currently am pursuing my Master’s of Business Administration at the University of Utah.

    I have two great loves in life, first and foremost my wife and second soccer. I play and coach soccer and have won multiple state championships at both the high school and club levels as a player and a coach. I recently married way up and my wife works as a secretary and a caterer. Tasia will continue pursuing her Bachelor’s in exercise science with nutrition emphasis this summer.

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