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Items to consider include:

    WANTS/DON’T SAK Response


    Low Job Satisfaction or

    Lack of Challenge The SAK is a machine

    High Employee Count or Do-it-Yourself mode allows Customers their privacy and

    Turnover the ability to see their Skin Challenges for themselves Long or Unpredictable SAK remains operational 24x 7, if required. Work or Store Hours

    Complicated or Lengthy SAK is automated with minimal user administration in Paperwork normal operational mode.

    Saturated or Highly SAK is unique as a DIY machine and Multi-Unit Competitive Industries Territorial Integrity can be an option for Franchisees. Product Obsolescence or SAK is comprised of off-the-shelf products. Possible Technological


    Existing or Imminent SAK has cleared the FDA 513(g) CDRH evaluation for

    Industry Regulation or Red regulation. CDRH = Center for Devices and Radiological Tape Health, Maryland. USA.

    Large Minimum Inventory Each SAK unit is standalone and minimal maintenance is

    or Equipment purchases required once configured.


    Physically Demanding or Minimal Training required to operate the Kiosk and to

    Skilled Employee assist consumers with their Skin Assessments. Requirements

    High Insurance Costs or Each SAK unit is insured to protect the franchisee from

    Liability Exposures consumer accidents in and around the Kiosk. The Kiosk

    uses off-the-shelf Black lights that are readily available at

    most hardware stores for public consumption. Insurance is

    approximately $80 per month per unit. Lack of Outlet for Personal On the Contrary, SAK does not require personal experience

    Talents or Skills or skill to provide a Win-Win scenario for the Franchisee

    and the Consumer.

    Socio-Economic-SAK underlies a Global Context via the basic premise of Educational Traits of “Coz…Everybody…Got Skin ….!!...” and is targeted at Employees/Customers delivering the value of allowing Customers to ascertain the

    following premise: “Do your Expensive Skin Care

    Products Work for you?” in any Language necessary. Restrictions on growth or SAK units can be added as necessary to accommodate the

    Expansion or Relocation volume required. Each SAK unit can be transported easily

    and does not occupy an excessive amount of space. Political or Social Scrutiny

    of Product or Service SAK underlies Global Context via the basic premise of

    “Coz…Everybody…Got Skin ….!!...” and is targeted at

    delivering the value of allowing any consumer to ascertain

    the following Premise: “Do your Skin Care Products

    Work for you?” in any Language necessary. High Volume Sales SAK business modeling incorporates a ROI of just over 1

    required for break-Even year at 24% utilization of each unit. Salesmanship or High SAK affords the franchisee incremental additions to Advertising/Marketing existing advertising or marketing of incumbent products or

    Costs services.

    High Maintenance or SAK maintenance includes Bulb and paper replacement,

    Perishable or Shrinkage Mirror and Screen Cleaning. No perishable components Costs exist and shrinkage is not applicable to a stand-alone


    High Capitalization of SAK units are leased and can be co-located within the Equipment or Real Estate confines of an existing business with minimal space


    High Initial Financial SAK provides a value add service that generates repeat

    Exposure or High Down-customers wanting to “Track their Individual Skin

    Side Risk Rejuvenation Progress” over time as the targeted market is

    Women ranging from age 16 to age 70.

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