Instructions for set up of ARGOSI challenge software

By Steven Brown,2014-06-17 19:02
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Instructions for set up of ARGOSI challenge software

Instructions for set up of ARGOSI challenge software

    These instructions are designed for experienced developers. In order to be able to install and deploy the ARGOSI challenge software, you need to be familiar with the following technologies:

    ? Ruby on Rails.

    ? MySQL server.

1. The code can be checked out from:

    2. In addition to the standard Ruby configuration, you will need to ensure that the

    following gems are installed (it is important that the versions are correct):

    ? rails (1.2.6)

    ? mongrel (1.1.4)

    ? capistrano (2.0.0)

    ? RedCloth (3.0.4)

    ? ruby-openid (1.1.4)

    ? ruby-yadis (0.3.4)

    ? needle (1.3.0)

3. You will also need to install ImageScience:

    (This is required for the functionality that supports the uploading of avatar images and

    attachments, but the application will work without apart from these elements.

    ImageScience will need to be configured for each separate installation see the

    manual for details.)

    4. Create a database where database name is the same as in config/database.yml

5. Configure database access.

     Edit file /config/database.yml (username/pass).

6. Setup database (i.e. rake db_schema_import).

7. Configure email settings.

     Edit file /config/environment.rb.

8. Run tests (i.e. rake).

9. Test that software runs on local machine.

10. Set up deployment data.

     Edit /config/deploy.rb.

11. Deploy (i.e. cap) onto hosting machine.

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