the sorrows of young werther

By Josephine Reed,2014-07-19 21:44
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the sorrows of young werther

     The Sorrows of Young Werther



     The Sorrows of Young Werther was written by the famous German author Goethe. The story was based on his own

    experiences of his adolescence. It is a dairy form so as

    to fully represent the changes of Werthers inner world .

    Werther happened to meet Lotte and then he fell in love with

    the engaged girl Lotte secretly at once. lotte was a very

    beautiful ,charming and kind-hearted girl, and his fiance

    was a handsome, honest gentleman. Werther and Lotte became

    good friend, but Werther dared not to speak out his

    admiration to her because he didnt want to separate the doomed couple and he didnt think he deserved her love for his not being good enough. But Werther loved Lotte so

    much that he went to the parties and activities that Lotte

    participated. Every time he had the impulse to tell his love

    to her, but then he saw the fiance, and he swallowed the

    words. Time after time, he became more and more upset, and

    the more upset he was, he thought even more of his upsetness and gave him more sorrows. He felt like a little hopeless

     and lonely mouse.

    Then he went away from his hometown, and Lotte went to be a minister somewhere else ,he wanted to get away from the sorrows. Then he was in a legation .But the life was not the same as he thought, he then always be looked down on by the nobility and the gentry as he was not rich and he was not in the high status. Apart from that, he found

    himself totally different from the count who employed him. So he went back to the little village.

    The things there was worse than before, one of the two boys he drew picture for was dead, Lotte got married .He thought that the whole world was filled with bad things. He became desperate of life. Several days before Christmas, he went to Lottes place and hugged and kissed her deeply after

    reading a book. Two days later, after he ended his suicide note to Lotte, when midnight came, he shot himself with his sorrows.

After reading this novel, I felt sorry about Werther .Did

    Werther have to die? Was Werther must be so upset?

    Cant he just say out his love to Lotte?

    Only when a man goes back to the beginning will he unhappily

    turned to admit he was lost. Werther was lost in the world

    of love, he couldnt go out, he couldnt stop loving Lotte.

    He didnt know to find another road, he indulged himself

    in his sorrows. Nobody can help him, nobody can save him.

    He should learn how to control himself, he should learn how

    to get out of the upset feelings and think more about the

    much better things in the world. But he didnt , so we

    should learn the things and control ourselves. We admire

    his love, but we cant admire his suicide. He killed himself , and also killed his love. After the death, his

    love came to be a history, it never can came ture. Love

    should be much stronger, and so do our hearts. When we know

    our love cant be accepted ,we should say congratulations

    and good luck to the one we love, because to love is not

    to make her yours but to make her feel happy. Some say love

    makes people stupid, maybe Werther is the one they describe,

    but we shouldnt be like that. We should keep cool and calm

with love, then we can make the best choice, and then well

     never fell regretful to ourselves.

    Werther had love, and we know love is the most amazing thing

    in the whole world ,but why didnt dare to say his love out ?The cause is the feudal thought, the people at the time

    couldnt put up with his love to an engaged woman. Besides

    this, why he was looked down by the nobility and the

    gentry The cause is also the feudal thought, so the

    feudal thought is the killer in some sense. We should fight

    against the feudal thought like Goethe. Werther was so kind that he didnt want to break up the relationship between Lotte and his fiance. He always

    thought about the others, like the boys he ever drew

    pictures for, like Lotte. But then he found there is barely

    anybody care about him, he felt this world was full of

    crulty. No one could really heart and soul thought of him.

    His love to others was useless. Thet was a cruel and cool

    world. He felt alone and lonely ,he couldnt find some one he could depend on including Lottethe one he loved most. Hopelessness and helplessness came to his mind,and then

    death, suicide.

    The before , now ,and the future are the forever ever topics we are talking about. Which one should we focus on mostly? Werther concentrate on the former days, he always thought about the upset and unhappy things once and again. He found more sorrows from one. And then more and more sorrows came up, these sorrows made him kill himself. So we should think more about the nowadays time and the future, especially the future, we can find more hope than hopelessness from the future. The lost days are just gone, we have no opportunity to think about them.

    At last, I think Werther is a kind-hearted, loving, treasonous man, he pursues individual liberation, he hopes to get love and happiness, he loves life, he loves adolescence. But because of his own character and the cool world he lives in, he cant get what he deserves to get,

    what he has got is just loneliness, hopelessness, helplessness, sorrows and at last death. So he is also a poor and pitiful one. I often feel sorry for him.

    The novel is not a long one, nor a hardly understood one. Goethe use the least ,best ,and also simplest words to make the best and most famous novel, what he gave us is

    more than Werthers sorrows, but also the thoughts the book brought to us. We should be grateful to him and his

    book and we should also be grateful to the world we live

    in .Besides this, wed better think more about the future instead of the lost days. Always remember the experience

    of Werther, then we may be more sane to make the best choice

    in our own lives. And so we can avoid hurting ourselves or

    the people we love. We will make the world to be a better


    (Postscript: This composition is definitely written by me.

    If you find it on the Internet, its because I uploaded

     it onto my personal web page.)

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