meeting log with luis966

By Dolores Patterson,2014-05-20 21:23
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meeting log with luis966

Member Input Info

Search Engine search some templates for member according to his info

Image switching/placing

? Img background switching 1.full size (5.5*9cm)

    ? Logo placement/Adjustment 1.十二宮格 大小/上下左右/充滿

     2.placement forbidden

    ? Font 1.字體/大小/間距/行距/顏色/bold/斜體 è discuss about the technology availability and go/not go(consider about the bandwidth and server capability)

     2.placement forbidden

? fdf form pdf形式,offline情況,可以以自己的form編輯pdf,支援jdf

    ? input/output 2 option: 1.jdf(fdf) 2.word (cmyk? 寫在jdf)



Log for member to manage his used templates

Pdf with the data of simple info

Metadata for (Designer feedback, Template 限量)

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