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2007.01.13 =2008.04.27 Q1:Your Favortite Room. My bedroom. First, I love my bed, it is so cozy and big. Let me tell you the size of it. It is long 2.4meters, wide 2.2 meters. Every night, it bring me to the sweet dream and give me a healthy sleep. Second, there is a big window in my bedroo..

     2007.01.13 =2008.04.27

     Q1:Your Favortite Room.

     My bedroom. First, I love my bed, it is so cozy and big. Let me tell you the size

    of it. It is long 2.4meters, wide 2.2 meters. Every night, it bring me to the sweet dream

    and give me a healthy sleep. Second, there is a big window in my bedroom. Every

    morning, the sunshine go through it shining on my face, on my body. It is wonderful. I love my bedroom.


     Enjoy the beautiful view. First, maybe there are some interesting things , so if I miss them, I will regret. Last summer, I went to my friend‟s home for a vocation. On the way there, I saw a lot of beautiful scene and took a lot of amazing picturres, so if I didnt enjoy these view, I must regret. I really dont want to miss any chance to

    watch the beautiful nature scene. Second, as to me , I believe enjoy the view is a irreplaceable part of the journey, I realy appriciate the opportunity.

2007.01.14 =2008.07.12

    Q1: 当你去restaurant or cafe时? care about what features

     I will care two features, First is the quality of the food. Such as the food there

    should be clean, delicious and fresh. Yestoday, I had my lunch in a restaurant, I got a

    fish, it was not fresh. Gross! you know. It really influenced my mood.So quality of food is very significant. Second is the enviroument. It should be cozy and neat and give us a

    good mood to enjoy our food. And the waiters and waitress there should be patient and

    polite .

    Q2: 城市建设中应该保持old building 还是用new replace

     I think it should depend on the value of the old buildings .Such as Forbidden City,

    White House, Big ben. They are old but they are unique, they r priceless. They signify

    the brilliant culture and history. We should protect them rather than replace them.

    But some old buildings, they will handincap the development of the society, so the goverment should replace them with the morden buildings to improve our economic and society.

2007.01.19 = 2008.02.02


    I am desprite to go to the USA. First, there are a lot world-famous universities.Such

    as Yeal, harvard, Standford, Prinstain. They are all my dream schools.A friend told me that Standford is one of the most beautiful universities in the world. A lot of buildings there are unique. Amazing! Second, I love Hollewood. So many wonderful films and film

    stars born there. Johny dep, rob padinsain, will smiths, I really love them. So I really want to go to the USA and see all of these.


     Agree. First, the main job of a child is to play. He has no stress, no sorrows and no

    bothersome things. Only giving him a toy or some candies, the child will be happy for a long time. But just candies cannot make an adult feel happy again. Second, children know little, they are simple and pure. They neednot to face the complex world.They

    lough loudly every day. But an complex adult, they always smile to everyone but not from the deep heart.



    First, a good friend should be loyalty, he must be a person that I can be trusted and

    depended on. When I have some troubles, he will stand by me and try his best to help me. For example, I didn't pass the math exam last year. I really lost my heard. Thanks to My friend Dan encoughing me all the time and teaching me patiently. Without her

    help I cannot find my confidence again. Second, a good friend should tell you your

    defect rather than applaud you all the time.

    Q2: Learn from family (friends) or personal experience?Prefer?

    I love to learn from my family, expecially my parents. First, it is more convenient and

    effective for me to learn things. Most of the time, personal experience is very

    difficult to find, and my parents have been mature enough, they have more knowledge

    and experience than me, so they can tell me the best way to deal with situation and come through the troubles. Second, it is time-saving. I need not spend time and energy

    to find the pricious personal experience.

2007.02.03 = 2008.10.26

    Q1:What kind of film do you like most

    I like Comedy. First, it bring me a lot of happyness. Through watching comedy movies, I can laugh loudly, it help me get rid of the sorrows, unhappy stuffs. It is really a excellent way to relax myself. I still remember that I watched Mr Bean with my best

    friend Dan last summer. Mr Bean was so funny that Dan and I cannot stop laughing. It was a happy afternoon! Second, there are always some handsome stars in the comedy movies.

    Q2:Agree:Student should wear uniform in school?

    Agree. First, wearing uniform like a signal to mention the students that their duty is to

    learn knowledge rather than to play games or to be in some fashionable colthes.So it is good for their study. Second, wearing uniform is convenient for management. For

    example. The doorguard will know who is the student from this school and who is not. And it is a effective way to prevent some bad men entering the school to do some bad things.

2007.02.24 =2007.12.15


    Absolutely the capital of China Beijing. First, it has brilliant culture and long history. You can visit a lot of trational constructures like Forbidden City, or feel the longest wall in the world, the Great Wall. It got be awlsome. Second, the people there are very hospitable and the food there are so delicious, such as Beijing roast Duck.

Q2Onlien courses or traditional courses?

I prefer the traditional courses. First, there are always some discussions on class . For

    example, last week, on my art class, we discussed the novel writed by Chars Dickens together, we shared our different feelings and opinion toward the novel, thats really

    great. It is much more interesting and easy understanding than only through the online

    courses. Second, if I have some questions that don't understand well. I can ask my classmates or the teacher as soon as possible.


    Q1:Challenging experiece, how you overcome it?

    Believe it or not, I had got SARS in 2002. It is really terrible thing to my whole family. Cause I am the only child. I even thought I was going to die. So how I overcame it? That was by my mothers help. Cause she never gave up me, she looked after me day and

    night; encoughed me to fight with the death, to be strong. She gave me energy, told

    what happened outside. With mothers help, I cooperated with the doctor, and found my confidence and hope again. So now I am rocovered, and I am a healthy girl.

Q2:prefer subject leads to a better job or intereted in?

    I prefer subject leads me to a better job. First, I am not from a rich family. I must ensure that my family can survive in this society and live well. A better job can bring

    me more money to support my family and myself. We can enjoy more delicious food, more beautiful clothes and bigger house. A better job is very significant to me. Second,

    having a better job doesn't mean I cannot do the things that I am intereted in, I can do it in my spare time. But again, the most important is to survive.


    Q1:Describe the most important gift.

    The most important gift is the book Bible from my father. First, the gift is meaningful

    to my whole life. The storys in the Bible tell me how to be a humanbeing, how to love

    people, respect people . The book also teaches me to believe the god and trust there must be hope in everyone‟s life. Second, this gift shows the love of my father. It let me

    know, how much my father loves me and how much I love him. So this gift is really significant.

    Q2:Do you think life is much better if your grandparents are still alive. Yes, it must be better. First, I love them, I want to be with them, it is a very happy

    thing. We can chat with each other, play the chess, walk along the river and enjoy the sunset. I cherish every moment we are together, that is called the happyness. Second,

    my grandparents are good at cooking, the food will become so wonderful so delicious in

    their hands. Amazing you know, I will never the feeling that I ate them.



    It must be computer. First, computer is a necessory tool for my study. For example,

    last year I writed a paper about gay marrige. You know, at that time I really don't know how to start it. But the computer helped me, through the Internet, I found a lot of information. They are so helpful. So it change my study style. Second, computer is also a very convenient way to communicate. With the help of email or msn I can touch with

    my friends without caring about the distance.

    Q2: 有人觉得大学学习重要?有人不觉得!Yours?

    Of course, college education is very important. First, it is the most effective and fast

    way to gain the knowledge and survivel skills. The college teachers are professional and expericed, they will tell you a lot of expercise they know. Second, the friends you made

    in the university will be valuable resource during your life. No matter to your career or your family, they will be very helpful. If you have college education you will have more

    economic and social opportunities. You will gain higher social status.


    Q1:作为一个Team member 的重要QUALITY

    First, the member must be loyalty to the team and never betry the team. For example,

    in the company, as a member, you cannot disclose the economic stratagy to your rival.

    Because if you did, the whole company will be ruined. Second, as a team member, you

    must trust other team members, because only you trust eachother can you overcome

    the difficults and make the whole team become more and more powerful.

Q2:Watching or reading news?prefer?

    I prefer reading news. First, it is more convenient. The newspapers are portable, you

    can read it on the bus or in the toilet, wherever you like. But it is very difficult to carry

    a TV all the time. Second, watching news on TV depends on the electricity. But reading

    a newspaper can without the electricity. Third, watching TV is bad for our eyes, so

    reading a newspaper is more healthy.

2007.03.23 = 2008.05.17

    Q1:Describe a letter or poem, why important?

    It is a poem used to memerize my grandma. I will cherish the realitionship between her and me deeply in my heart. She was so optimistic and strong. When she was suffer the cancer in 2004, she never cried, just as usual, smiled to everyone. What is more, she told me how to love people and respect people.After her leave, I wrote the poem . Trough it I want convey how much I love her and what a wonderful person she is. So

    this poem is very significant to me.


    Of course, I like team work. First, no one is perfect in the world, I need the help of

    others. For example, last month we did a project, the reference mertirals are japaness,

    I don't know japaness, I cannot finish it alone, thank goodness it is a team work, other

    member who knows japaness help us. In todays society, team work are much more important than ever before. Second, it is a good opportunity for us to learn from

others, and to make more friends.

2007.04.21 =2008.11.09


    Actually, I dont like any of them. I love to live in the city. So if I have to choose, I will choose forest. The reason is very simple, there are a lot of lovely animals, beautiful

    and aromatic flowers, and a lot of strong green trees in the forest. I can enjoy the

    fresh air there, or climb up the tree and built a small room in the tree, it is thrilling. In the morning, Ill get up with the sweet song sang by the birds. And I can swim with

    little fish in the river. So I will choose forest.


    Both of them are very wonderful,but I love 幻想 more. First, it fire my imagination.

    For example,Harrypoter, a thrilling novel. People in it can fly, and there are some curse,

    magic in it. A lot of unbelieveable things. Second, most of time, the things in 幻想文学

    are more beautiful than reality. So I can forget some disgusting things in the life

    through reading the幻想文学。 So as to me, I love to read....

2007.04.29 = 2008.08.17

    Q1:Describe a time you needed help from others, how he or she helped you and what was the result. SARS

    Q2: When you choose a career ,what is the most important, money or personal satisfaction.

    The most important thing that I care about is money. First, without money everyone

    cannot survive in the society. I am not from a rich family. And I must ensure that my family and I can live in this world, and then to care about other things. And only I had

    money, my family and I can own the big house, enjoy the delicious food and have a happy life. Second, as far as to me, earning a lot of money also means a kind of personal

    satisfaction. So money is important.

     2007.05.18 =2008.12.13

    Q1: Bike , Automobile, airplane? More enjoyable?

    Absolutely I love the airplane. First, it is time-saving, airplane is faster a lot than the

    bike and automobile. For example, from NewYork to California, taking the airplane will

    just cost me 4 or 5 hours, but by bike or automobile maybe more than ten days or even longer. Second, only the airplane can fly over the ocean, if I want to go China from the

    USA, can I be there just by bike or automobile?

    Q2: Part-time job or summer employment 是否对职业选择有帮助

    Absolutely, it is very benifical for choosing the career. First, through the part-time job I can know which kind of job I like most, or if I have the talent in this field. For

    example,If I don't enjoy this part-time job, then I won't choose it as my major in the university. Or if I realise I don't have talent in this realm through the part-time job, I'll try some other things. Second, you can receive a lot of expercience and make a lot

    of friends through the part-time job.They will be very helpful for me to choose my


2007.05.19 =2009.02.28

    Q1:一项不会却想学的技术?why want to ?

    The technique of process films by computer. First, I love films, expectally 科幻片:

    they are amazing. Just 2 months ago, I saw a film called AVEDOA. The computer techenic change the people blue, and there are also a lot of unbelievable scene disposed by the computer in the film. They are epic. Second, if I managed this

    wonderful techenic, I can apply it to my major---archetecture. It got be awlsome.

Q2: Agree: A year break before college?

    I agree a year break before college. First, it is benefical for the student to choose the

    career. During this one year, the student can try some different jobs to do, then find

    his favourite major. For example, my friend Dan often regrets that she chose a wrong major. If she try this during the break year, she won‟t choose it wrong. Second, druing

    the one year break, the students can gain some social experience which got be very

    helpful to their education and lives.

2007.06.16 = 2008.11.15

    Q1:some good news

    I can go to the US for my education. It is really a good news to me. First, there are so many world famous universities in the US, such as ………They are all my dream schools.

    To study there must be allsome. Second, America is such a beautiful country, the

    people there are so friendly, and there a lot of places of interest, such as hollewood,

    Yellow Stone Park and so on. So it is really a good news to me. Q2: 新生与其他年级混住还是单独一个楼

    The fresh should live with the students of other grades. First, the students from other grade can help the fresh to know the school better. For example, my friend Dan

    always helps the fresh who living with her, tell them which teacher is more serious, how to do the project and so on. Second, it is a good way to make some elder friends who

    will be very helpful to their education and their future jobs.

2007.06.24 =2008.10.12

    Q1:Who would you love talking with? What to talk?

    I would like to talk with bill Gates. Everyone knows that he didnt graduate from the university, he

    just droped it. So I really want to know how he can have such courage to drop the school and make his own business. Second, I want to know his secrets of success. How can he become the richest man in the world. And what is more, I want to know why he want to give his fourtune to charitable foundations not give to his son.

    Q2:Do you think it better for a student in lecture to participate in discussion?

    Yes, participating in discussion is very beneficial to the student in lecture. First, it is

    more interesting and easy understanding. For example, last month, on my writing class,

    the members in my group told me a lot of interesting novels writed by Chairs Dickens. It gave me great impression. Second, through the discussion, I can also make a lot of

    friends. For example, my boy friend Dan, we knew each other deeply through a



    Q1:Favorite sport of your country

    Desk-tennis. First, I am Chinese, so how populor the pingpang game in my country you should know. Almost everyone in China can play pingpang. For example, I can often see some boys, maybe just 5 or six years old, playing pingpang near my home. Or some old

    men who are almost 70 years old playing pingpang in the park. Second, it is not money-consuming, we need‟t spend much money on it, so even the people who donot have much money, they can also enjoy it, so it is very popular in China. Q2: project(report) 时?上网还是看书(printed material)

    I will surf the Internet to gain the information. First, it is convenient and time-saving.

    If you use the printed material, you have to go to the libeary, and find them, then bring

    them back home. After all of these things u can begin the project. Maybe half of the

    day was past. Second, the information on the Internet is more affluent. The number of

    books in the libeary is limited, but on the Internet it is unlimited.

2007.07.07 = 2008.08.09

    Q1Describe a subject you like studying in college?

    I like to learn architecture. First, I like drawing and designing, you know, I started to

    learn painting since I was six years old, so I want to choose something that relates to

    painting. And I believe it must be the most happy thing that I live in the house

    designed by myself with my family. Second, archetecture is very significant to the

    whole society, nobody can live or work without buildings. So I love to do some

    contributions to our society.

    Q2: Big city , countryside , 度假!

    I perfer to have a vocation in the countryside. First, I have been living in the city all the time, I want to try some different places----countryside. I‟d like to feel the green around me, I want to breath the fresh air, and I want to see some lovely wild animals

    not the ones in the cage without freedom. Second, we must admit that people in the

    countryside are more hospitable than the people in the big city. Of course, the food there are more nutritious.

2007.07.14 =2008.09.13

    Q1Free time , how to spend

    I‟d like to watch some movies in my spare time, especially the hollewood films. First, it

    really a wonderful way to relax. For example, 2 month ago, I watch a film called ARWANDA, the people in the film are blue. And the story and the scene are so beautiful. I was totally attracted by this amazing film, and forgot everythings unhappy, completely fell into the relaxtion. Second, there are always a lot of handsome boys in

    the film, such Johny Dep, Rob Pardinson.

    Q2: 大学应该收费!

    I don't agree the students should pay for the college education. First, there are a lot

    students from poor familis in our society, they even have no money for food let alone

    the tiution, so if the university 收费, they will have no chance to have the education in the university. We all know only they know knowledge, then can find a good job and get rid of poverty. It is not fair to the poor students. Also, it is the responsbility of the



    Q1: Describe a subject you would like to learn more ?

    I want to learn more about computer. First, I can only use it to surf the Internet, chat

    with my friends. It is not enough for my future jobarchetecture. So it is a sort of

    duty to learn it more. Second, computer technique is such a wonderful thing, 2 month

    ago I saw a film called ARWANDA, the people in the movie are blue, made by computer, amazing, ha? I really want to know how to make it by the computer.

    Q2:Some think cell should be prohibited in certain conditions ;some think one can use cell phone anytime.

    I think the cell phone should be used anytime. First, cell phone is the most effective

    communication tool. When we have some trouble or emergency, cell phone can help us.

    For example, last week, one emergency meeting was held, they called me to join it. So if I didn't receive the call, I would miss the meeting. What is more, people can change

    the cell phone to shaking condition when in some public places.

2007.07.28 =2009.06.13

    Q1:Difference in five years?

    There must be a lot of differences in five years. First, I will graduate from my colloge

    and get a job. My major is architecture, so I will be an architect. And of course, It got

    be much more busy than to be a student. Second, maybe I will get married with my

    boyfriend, and even have a baby. That must be the most happy thing in my life. In addition, I neednt depend on my parents, I can depend on my self and look after them. In five years, I will be a big girl.

    Q2:Power and money is the definition of success?

    It is ridiculious to believe power or money is the definition of success. First, success

    doesn‟t mean what you receive from the society but what you contribute to the society.

    For example, a good teacher, who help a large number of students, and absolutely have not much money, but who can say he is not successful. Second, some people who have amount of money and power, but they never help poor people, just care about how to

    earn more money, no one can say they are successful definitely.

2007.08.04 =2009.03.29

    Q1:Describe a day you enjoy most or most special for you? It is my eighteen years old birthday. First, on that day, I received a most significant gift from my father---the book Bible, which can influence my whole life………..Second, it

    was the happiest day in my life. All my friends and families came to celebrate it for me,

    my grantpa was 85 years old, but he still came my home and said” happy birthday to me”, so it is really unforgetable.

    Q2:Some people prefer to have classes and do parttime job in the evening while others prefer have classes in the evening and do a parttime job on the day.Which one do you prefer?

    I prefer to have classes on the day time, and do partime job in the evening. First, the

    best time to study is in the day time. Most of the professors work on the day time not

    in the evening. So I can learn more on the day time. Second,to do the part time job in the evening, I can earn more money. Cause the social activities always held on weekends

    or in the evening. So there will be more consumers.

2007.08.11 = 2008.09.28

    Q1,最近去哪儿旅行! Beijing.

    Q2: Attend college immediately after graduation?

    No, I want to work for one or two years or maybe longer then to join in the college

    education. First, I want to know what kind of job fits me best, then I can choose it to

    be my major in the university. A lot of students choose wrong major for themselves, it is meseriable. I want to be right. Second, I can gain some social experience and make

    some friends through the job. All of these will be very helpful to my life and my career.




    I prefer to relax in the vocation. First, vocation is vocation. It is the time for student

    to do something else not to study. In the vocation, students can trivial some places, do

    some part-time job, or make some new friends. All these things can widen their horizon

    and enrich their experience and are very good to the their future education. What‟s more, students can relieve the stress of the study through the relaxation. It is

    benifical to their mental health and give the students good mood.

2007.08.25 = 2008.08.03 =2009.06.07

    Q1Social or political event celebrated in YOUR country?

    Springing festival. First, it is the most important triditional celebration in China. All of

    your families will get together to enjoy a happy time no matter how far away from each other they are. On that day, children can receive a lot of money, we call it 压岁钱.

    What is more, there will be a lot of delicious food prepared for the celebration, like

    canny, dumplings, and so on. And there will be a lot of TV shows on that night. It is really a big party in China!

    Q2: 喜欢与许多朋友还是几个密友一起!

    I‟d like to be with some closed friends. First, we know eath other well. So we can talk

    about whatever we want, even some secrets. Such as I often talk about the boy in my

    heart, some joks on me, or some trouble in the realtionship with others with my close friends. All of these secrets I can‟t tell others. Second, I don‟t like big noise. The more

    people, the louder noise there must be. So I like to be with just some close friends.


    Q1:学校里?发生在你身上最重要 and memorable 的事.?????

    The most memorable thing is I made friend with Dan who is my best friend in my life. First, she is such a understanding person. She knows my heart. Second, she is always

    Q2: Spending time in restaurant or at home with friends? Pr. I prefer to spend time at home with my friends. First, the food in the restaurant is always high in fat and caloris, it is bad to our health. But at home, we can cook some

    nuritious food together. It is more happy, more clean and more healthy. Second, spending time in restaurant is money-consuming, a meal in the restaurant usually costs 40 or 50 dollors, but cooking meal at home maybe just ten dollors.

2007.09.12 =2008.09.06


    First, the location of the houst must be very convenient. For example, near the

    supermarket and subway station then easy for us to buy somethings and go somewhere. Second, there must be little noise around the house. Then we can have a good sleep.

    Third, no pollution around the house. Cause pollution will be bad for our health. Forth,

    the house must be bright. Then the sunshine can go through the window shining our body and give us enough warmth.

Q2,一大帮朋友去看电影或看戏 can enjoy oneself?

    I‟d like to see a film by myself. First, I want to concentrate on the films, but if a group

    of friends go there together, we must chat with each other. I still remember 2 months

    ago, my friends and I went to see a film called ARWENDA, the film is so amazing, but my friends always talked to me, that made me cannot focous on the movie. I had to watch it again by myself on another day. Second. To see a film by myself I can leave whenever I want when I don't like the film without careing about my friends.

2007.09.15 = 2008.12.06

    Q1:描述一个你以前遇到的问题?你的relative , friends ,teachers 如何帮你解决!SARS

    Q2Agree :Family can help young adults a lot ?

    Yes. First, the parents are mature enough, they have gained a lot of useful social

    experience and have the ability to make deliberite decisions. So when the young adults

    want to do sth, the parents can give them a lot of advise. Second, the friends of the

    young adult maybe only a few, but the friends of the whole families must be a lot. So when the young adult has some problems, not only their parents can help him, their parents‟ friends can also help them.


    Q1: 对你有正面影响的人

    My grandma. First, she told me how to be a nice person. how to love people, how to respect people and believe the god. She told me to trust there must be hope in

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