By Charlie Perkins,2014-06-02 05:07
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    We should end online anonymity

    Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, call online anonymity “dangerous” and predicting that governments will eventually “demand” that people use their names for all online activity.

    Online anonymity has become an increasing problem in today’s society to

    the point where it can no longer be considered freedom of speech. If a person wishes to have freedom of speech and state their own opinions, they should be mature enough to show their identity as well. Hiding behind a computer does not make a person stronger than another, it only proves that they are not brave enough to present who they really are in fear of consequences for their own words.

    Therefore, I argue that we should end online anonymity. I have two reasons: the responsibility, and the detriments.

    First, we all have the right to speak freely. However, every thing has two sides. When we enjoy the right, we should abidance by the law which gives us the right. Online anonymity is such a thing that we can deliver our opinion without being known by others. However, there are always many persons who don not carry out obligation. They think it is funny to harass other or have ridiculous biases on some things. This thought causes them to say rash things about others, and having no sympathy for how it will affect them. In addition, their words may wreck the stability of the country online freely. Because, we dont know any information

about them. Although, we know that they dont allow the law, we also

    have nothing to do with them.

    Second, online anonymity will lead to many detriments to our society. There was an exact case happened in our society due to online anonymity. Someone commits suicide, because the untrue sayings about her. Further more, someone deliver the dangerous things that would happen in the future, which leads to the panic of the public. And other things as: broke the social orders, harm others, and restrict the development of the economy and so on.

    From these perspectives, we can understand why we should end online anonymity, and how important it is. Everyone should take the responsibility for what we said.

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