Fall Newsletter - Pampered & Polished Spa

By Joyce Watson,2014-05-12 03:31
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Fall Newsletter - Pampered & Polished Spa

Pampered and Polished Pampered and Polished Pampered and Polished

    Spa Spa Spa

    Staff News Skin Care Myths Fall NewsletterFall NewsletterFall Newsletter ? We would like to introduce Here are a few skin myths we thought you might find helpful! our newest staff member, Myth: The higher the skin protection factor (SPF) rating, the better. Nadia Sharifai. She is a Fact: SPF ratings will soon be revised by the US FDA. These ratings only licensed nail technician, with refer to protection from UVB (burning) rays. You need protection from UVB 5 years experience. Nadia and UVA (aging) rays. Higher SPF ratings can give a false sense of security. enjoys helping her clients No matter what the rating, you should reapply at least every 90- 120 minutes. relax and highlight their own Myth: Skin damage & signs of aging can be cleared up quickly inner beauty. Welcome to the Truth: If a product seems too good to be true, you can bet its claims are false. Pampered & Polished family, The damage did not happen overnight, and it can’t be magically repaired. Nadia! Expect at least 3 skin cycles- a cycle can be 21-40 days, depending on age- to begin seeing measurable results.

    ? We are very excited to Myth:Blackheads are caused by improperly cleaned skin. announce the birth of Miwa Truth: Blackheads are caused by clogged pores, and excessive scrubbing can

    & Jeffrey Satterwhite’s twins! irritate and further inflame skin. Blackheads often contain dirt, oil and thOn July 7, she gave birth to dry/dead skin cells that need to be removed. Products that help dissolve oil

    twins Sophia and Sho. Her are more effective on these types of blemishes. new baby girl and boy are Myth: Skin repair only happens at night.

    home with their new proud Truth: A good night’s sleep is certainly helpful to skin health. Skin repair,

    parents and doing well. however, is ongoing. Inadequate sleep can cause stress, skin puffiness and can

    Congratulations to Miwa and slow the natural development of collagen. her family! Myth: Skin care products can last three or more years

     Truth: Most skin care products lose a great deal of their potency within 12

    months. It is best to use the entire contents within one year because

    preservatives don’t last forever and ingredients can get contaminated with

    bacteria, or evaporate.

    *Obtained from May 2009 Skin Inc magazine, authors Carol and Rob Trow

    * For more information, visit


    We are proud to announce the results of our Hours of Bliss Raffle! The happy winner of our drawing is Erika Borek! She will be enjoying an hour long Swedish Massage, Mini-facial, Manicure/Pedicure, and catered lunch! With the help of our clients, we have raised $469 to help our friends at Lake Lucina

    Elementary! Although the raffle is over, WE ARE STILL COLLECTING SCHOOL SUPPLIES until the end of August! The teachers & students at Lake Lucina need our support! Thanks to you, our clients, for all

    your support! Walmart & Target are running special prices on supplies. Here are a few items you can pick up:

    ? Glue sticks:2/25? ? Copy Paper $2.50/ Ream ? 4 pk 1-Subj. Notebooks/ 60? ? Crayola marker 10Pk/ $1 ? Composition books/ 50? ? 24 pk pencils/ 92? ? Index Cards 44? ? Filler Paper/ 50? 6829 Merrill Road

    Jacksonville, FL 32277 Phone: (904) 745-3301

Pampered and Polished Spa

    6829 Merrill Road

    Jacksonville, FL 32277

    (904) 745-3301

     Please note holidays and special events:


    24 Duval County - First Day of School


     07 Labor Day- Duval County - Schools closed

     13 Grandparents’ Day


     12 Columbus Day

     24 United Nations Day

    26 Duval County - Teacher Planning Day

    31 Halloween

    NEW PRODUCT! Clip & Save Coupons for We’re proud to introduce our new Keratin Complex by

    Coppola. If you fight your curly, wavy or frizzy hair, this August - October!

    product is for you! Our Keratin system is designed to .................................. straighten and relax your hair without the use of harsh 10% off- All services received on chemicals. It is a natural keratin product, which infuses the day of your visit * ststdamaged cuticles for up to 3 months, depending on hair type. Valid August 1 through October 31, 2009 It is free of chemical processing agents, so it can be safely ..................................

    used with hair color. Imagine your hair, straight, healthy and 15% off- all services received on

    manageable! To view before & after photos and get more the day of your visit * ststinformation on this service, visit our services link at Valid August 1 through October 31, 2009 .................................. $10 off- any service of your choice MIDWEEK MADNESS * ststSPECIALS FOR AUGUST, Valid August 1 through October 31, 2009 We love Pampering you! SEPTEMBER, & .................................. OCTOBER!!! $15 off- Any service of your choice Serena Tail Multicultural * Cosmetologist and Spa Owner ststTuesday: Valid August 1 through October 31, 2009 Annette Ruffin Cosmetologist Waxing services 10% off .................................. James Head- Cosmetologist European Facials $55 *One coupon per person per visit. Must present coupon Cindy Crowley- Cosmotologist at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other Nadia Sharifai Nail Technician Thursday: coupons or special offers. Rachel Presson Esthetician All Retail: Buy 2 Get 1 * Please mention coupon when scheduling your Shelly Merritt appointment. Free Massage Therapist MA 46282 * Cancellation without a 48 hour notice will void your Pedicures $30 Polly Smith coupon. Thank you! Neuromuscular Massage $75 Massage Therapist MA 50375

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