Idioms challenge 3

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Idioms challenge 3

Idioms challenge! WORKSHEET A

Exercise 1

Read the definitions (1-7) below of some idioms. For each definition, two of the

    expressions (a-c) have been invented, but one is the correct idiom. Can you

    identify it?

    1. to deceive you or give you false information, often causing you to waste your time

     a) lead you up the garden path

     b) give you a tour of idiot town

     c) put you in a fools house

    2. to let someone avoid an unpleasant situation, or let someone avoid blame or

    punishment for something they have done wrong

     a) let someone off the hook

     b) let someone out of the honey jar

    c) let someone swim past the shark

    3. to spoil your plans, or spoil something good that you are enjoying

    a) put salt on your chocolate

     b) rain on your parade

     c) add gas to your coffee

    4. to stop doing something for a while, usually until at least the following day

    a) put the day to bed

     b) call it a day

     c) put the day in your pocket

    5. a surprise plan or idea that you think will be successful, but you are keeping secret

    until the time is right

    a) a diamond in your wallet

     b) a champagne on ice

     c) a card up your sleeve

    6. to talk to someone about something that has been worrying you, so that you feel

    better about it

    a) get something off the bottom of your shoe

     b) get a stone out of your sock

     c) get something off your chest

    7. to be embarrassed or appear stupid because something that you tried to do has gone


    a) get/have milk on your salad

     b) get/have egg on your face

     c) get/have oil on your hands

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Idioms challenge! WORKSHEET B

Exercise 2

Now choose the correct answer (a, b, or c) for each of the questions below.

    1. What does it mean if you eat your words?

     a) You admit that something you said earlier was wrong.

     b) You think you are always right, and like listening to yourself talk.

     c) You do not speak clearly.

2. What does the icing on the cake mean?

     a) something unhealthy and unnecessary

     b) something that you notice immediately but is actually not very important

    c) something that makes a good situation even better

    3. What does it mean if something happens in a flash?

    a) It happens very quickly.

     b) It happens very slowly.

     c) It attracts the attention of a lot of people.

4. What does it mean if somebody says they would “jump through hoops” for you?

     a) They would try to make you laugh.

     b) They would make great efforts and sacrifices for you.

     c) They would make things really difficult for you.

5. What does it mean if somebody or something is not up to scratch?

     a) They do not reach the required or expected standard.

     b) They perform well in difficult circumstances.

     c) They do the job they are intended to do.

    6. What does it mean if an idea or plan is pie in the sky?

     a) It has already failed.

     b) It would make a current situation worse.

     c) It is totally unrealistic and therefore will never happen.

7. What does the grass is always greener mean? (The complete expression is the

    grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.)

     a) Life seems better somewhere else, or other people’s situations seem better than

    your own.

     b) Things will get better if you are optimistic.

     c) Some people are always lying about what they have or do, so you should never

    believe them.

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    Idioms challenge! WORKSHEET C

Exercise 3

Complete the sentences below with the appropriate idioms from Exercises 1 and 2. You

    may need to change the verb forms.

1. What? He bought a car just so he could drive you to the airport? Wow, he would

    really ______ ______ ______ for you!

2. “Our company’s new advertising campaign has been a total disaster, so now we’ve all

    got ______ ______ ______ ______. The problem was that we didn’t have enough

    money, or the right people. Last year they said we’d have everything we needed, but

    it was all ______ ______ ______ ______ .

3. “I was very nervous about telling Jo what had happened, as I didn’t know how she’d

    react, but I really needed to ______ it ______ ______ ______ .

4. They were losing the soccer game 1-0, but then he came on as a substitute and

    changed the game ______ ______ ______ . Five minutes later they were winning 3-1.

    The fourth goal was the ______ ______ ______ ______. Everyone who’d said he

    wasn’t a great player had to ______ their ______ .

    5. “It’s so unfair. Basically it’s Tony’s fault the project failed, but our boss didn’t realize

    that, so Tony was ______ ______ ______ ______, and I got the blame instead!

6. “I’m so tired that I can’t think straight any more. Why don’t we just ______ ______

    ______ ______, and continue tomorrow morning?

    7. “The new guy at work didn’t last long. It was clear after a month that he wasn’t really

    ______ ______ ______, so they told him his contract wouldn’t be extended.

    8. Mary was getting all excited about organizing the New Year’s Eve party. Then the

    owner of the venue ______ ______ ______ ______ by saying the party couldn’t go

    on after 11:00 p.m., so she had to cancel everything.

    9. “Look, let’s wait and see if they accept our first proposal. If not, don’t worry, I’ve got

    another ______ ______ my ______ . It’s a suggestion I’m sure they’ll like.”

10. The real estate agents said they’d found us a two-bedroom apartment right on the

    edge of the park. Well, when we got there we realized they’d been ______ us ______

    ______ ______ ______ it was a mile from the park, and the second bedroom was

    more like a closet.

11. You know what, Dave, the ______ ______ ______ ______ . I know it looks like

    Steve’s got the perfect job, but if you actually had to do it for a few months I think

    you would get tired of it.

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