By Alfred White,2014-08-27 16:45
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     thWe have planned to deliver a fully functional end-to-end scenario test using TOM by 25 of June.

    This enables us to prioritize the development of TOM and iron out all the details in the process.

Scenario Details:

    Orch1 Orch2





; Orch1 is activated by a File or HTTP receive (One way).

    ; Orch2 is published as a webservice and Orch1 consumes it

    ; Tracking is enabled for all receive ports

    ; The incoming message to Orch1 is transformed to web message type and sent to the

    webservice using SOAP Send (RequestResponse)

    ; Orch2 is activated by the webservice and it constructs a response message and sends it

    back to the webservice

    ; Orch1 receives the response back from the webservice

    ; Orch1 transforms the webservice response to its internal schema type and sends it out to

    a FILE send location

    ; Both Orch1 and Orch2 write trace statements which are validated at this stage. ; The event viewer is validated for no error\warning messages

    ; The message dropped in File Send location is validated against expected instance (Xml


    ; HAT is validated for completed orchestration instances (need to investigate) ; Tracking data is validated

Release criteria:

    Transport agnostic: We should be able to change transports easily without changing the


    Locale agnostic: We should be able to run the scenario on any language platform.

    Topology agnostic: For the scenario we would be using remote SQL for all databases but

    the scenario should run on different topologies.

    Use of Topology variables: We should not hardcode the machine names etc. This should

    come from the ETCM context.

    EE Guidance: Should meet all the Engineering Excellence guidance criteria.

What are we not doing as part of the scenario?

     Product Setup

     Product Configuration

     Test MSI setup

     Design time generation of BizTalk artifacts

     Special SSO usage

Steps in the scenario:

    Compile BizTalk Project

    Compile C# project (Web Service)

    Publish Web Service

    Setup scenario: Deploy/Enlist/Start/Import Binding info/ Setup ports etc.

    Run: Submit message

    Wait For Completion: Appearance of a message on the other end/ Orchestration instance


    Validate: Messages on the other end verified, orchestration traces verified.


Development: Tasks and ownership

Task Owner

    WMIAdmin concrete class CharuP/PLN

    Deploy concrete class CharuP/PLN

    Compiler concrete class Ni/UmaSS

    WebServicePublisher BhaskarB

    TrackingInfo CSipos

    IISConfig IuliuR

    Generate C# from WSDL BhaskarB

    TraceLogger BhaskarB

    TraceValidator SidRoy

    WaitForCompletion SidRoy

    Test BizTalk Artifacts BhaskarB

    E2E scenario class IuliuR/MrinalB

    GenericUtil VikasN

    Validator concrete class VikasN

    ContextBag MrinalB

    ClassFactory MrinalB

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