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By Brent Rodriguez,2014-01-20 01:52
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LG Incite (CT810) Tips & Tricks - Hawk Electronics

    Tips & Tricks

    (text only no demos)


    ? Activating silent mode: Press the Side Keys, then tap Off. ? Speakerphone: You can activate the speakerphone during a call by

    tapping Speaker On. To then deactivate the speakerphone, tap Speaker


    ? Mute/unmute while on a call: Simply tap Mute/Unmute. ? Access recent incoming, outgoing, and missed calls: Press the Send

    Key while in home screen mode.

    ? Call Waiting: The handset will alert you to an incoming call with a special

    tone in the earpiece, and the display will show that a second call is waiting.

    If Call Waiting is on, you can put the first call on hold and answer the

    second call by tapping Answer.

    ? Rejecting an incoming call: You can reject an incoming call by tapping



    ? Calibrating the touchscreen: If the touch screen is not responding as

    you expect, calibrate Incite from home screen mode by tapping Start >

    Settings > System > Screen > Align Screen. ? Locking/Unlocking the touchscreen: To lock the touchscreen, press the

    Keypad Lock/Unlock Key located on the right side of the phone. You can

    then unlock the touchscreen by pressing the key once more and tapping

    Unlock. You’ll be prompted to tap Unlock again to confirm unlocking the


    ? Changing the touchscreen settings: You can customize the touch

    screen’s feedback to vibrate, play sounds, or remain silent. To adjust this

    setting from home screen mode, tap the Menu icon > Settings

    subcategory icon > Touch Feedback.

    ? Accessing voicemail: From standby mode, tap the Phone icon. On the

    virtual keypad, press and hold 1.


    ? Phone Lock: With this feature enabled, your phone is automatically

    locked and requires a security code to be unlocked. Even if the phone is

    locked, you will be able to receive calls. To access lock settings from

    home screen mode, tap Start > Settings > Lock. ? Resetting the phone: You can perform a soft reset on your phone by

    pressing the Reset Button located on the left side of the phone.


    ? Zoom: Adjust the zoom by tapping the Zoom icon in viewfinder mode.

    Then press and drag the indicator bar to the desired setting. The camera

    resolutions of 2048 x 1536, 1600 x 1200, and 1024 x 768 pixels do not

    support this feature.

    ? Brightness: Adjust the brightness by tapping the Brightness icon in

    viewfinder mode. Then press and drag the indicator bar to the desired


    Music Player

    ? Shop Music: Purchase music in a flash. From home screen mode, tap the

    Menu icon > Multimedia subcategory icon > AT&T Music > Shop

    Music. Some sites are data intensive, so users should have the

    appropriate data plan, such as PDA Personal or PDA Enterprise. Please

    consult with your sales associate for the appropriate data plan.

    ? XM Radio: This preinstalled Java application allows you to listen to digital

    radio channels on Incite. Get unlimited access to commercial-free music in

    a variety of genres. From home screen mode, tap the Menu Icon >

    Multimedia subcategory icon > AT&T Music > XM Radio.


    ? Changing the text input mode: While entering text, you can choose

    which type of virtual keypad you wish to use. Tap the Input Selector

    Arrow at the bottom center of the screen and select one of the available

    entry methods.

    ? Editing a message: Insert pictures, sounds, and video clips by tapping

    Menu > Insert while composing a message.

    ? Cut/Copy/Paste: Highlight the area you would like to cut/copy, and then

    tap and hold down the stylus on the screen. A shortcut menu will appear,

    and you can select Cut or Copy. To paste, go where you want to insert

    the text and tap and hold down the stylus on the screen. Select Paste on

    the shortcut menu.

    ? IM Shortcut: From the customizable Today screen, tap IM to access the

    IM client of your choice.

    ? IM Auto Sign On: You can set IM to automatically launch when the phone

    is powered on or when IM starts.

    ? Text Templates: Make frequently used text into a template for faster text

    messaging. To edit a template while composing a message, tap Menu >

    My Text > Edit My Text Messages. Tap an existing message, and then

    input your word or phrase.


    ? Personalizing your CV home page: To quickly access your favorite web

    sites, you can add links to the CV home page. From the CV home page,

    tap EDIT. Select the content you would like to add or delete from the CV

    home page by tapping the name of a site.

    ? Music Videos: Access music videos from the hottest artists as well as

    view programming from MTV, VH1, CMT, Music Choice, and more. From

    home screen mode, tap the Menu icon > Multimedia subcategory

    icon > AT&T Music > Music Video. You will be taken to the appropriate

    section of CV.

MEdia Net

    ? MEdia Net: AT&T’s branded web portal.

    ? Launching MEdia Net: Access the mobile web quickly. From home

    screen mode, tap the Menu icon > Multimedia subcategory icon >

    MEdia Net.

    ? Personalizing your MEdia Net home page: From the MEdia Net home

    page, tap EDIT. Select the content you would like to add or delete from

    the MEdia Net home page by tapping the name of a link.


    ? Turn on Bluetooth visibility: Make your device visible to other Bluetooth

    devices. From home screen mode, tap the Menu icon > Settings

    subcategory icon > Bluetooth > Accessibility. Tap the box next to

    Other devices can discover me.


    ? USB Connection: There are two ActiveSync connection options. To

    choose a connection type from home screen mode, tap the Menu icon >

    ActiveSync > Menu > Connections. Select a connection from the drop


    o USB: Connect your phone to your PC through an optional USB

    cable. While connected to your computer, your phone’s battery will


    o BlueToothActiveSync: If your PC is equipped with Bluetooth

    hardware, you can sync to it via Bluetooth. This connection requires

    no additional hardware.

    Transferring photos or music to the microSD card: After downloading ActiveSync from

    us/help/synchronize/default.mspx, you may transfer your photos or music from

    your PC to the microSD card when your Incite is hooked up to a PC via an

    optional USB cable or Bluetooth. Note: Windows XP requires ActiveSync

    software. Windows Vista requires Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center.


    ? Checking the amount of free memory on Incite: View memory

    consumption on your phone. From home screen mode, tap Start >

    Settings > System > Memory. You can then see the amount of free

    space on Incite (Storage and Program) or microSD card (Storage Card).

    To avoid running low on memory, you should regularly delete or transfer

    data to a compatible memory card or PC.

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