I sit writing this challenge on what can only be described as a

By Steven Watkins,2014-06-17 18:50
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I sit writing this challenge on what can only be described as a

    Mary’s Weekly Coaching Challenge

As we approach the end of January it is a good time to

    look again at those New Years resolutions. When I

    originally wrote my own resolutions I had a mix of

    some that were personal and others that related to the

    building of my coaching business.

After just one month, I have to admit that I am having

    mixed results on my resolutions. What is interesting for

    me is that when I look at the resolutions that I am

    struggling with, it is now clear that I did not define

    them very well.

By this I mean, that I did not break the resolutions down

    into small, meaningful, measurable steps that I could


    Often with resolutions we make them and then promptly forget all about them. When we set a goal for ourselves it is important that we keep going back to look at the goal, review the actions that we have undertaken to achieve that goal and if necessary revise the action plan.

    And so following my own month end review of my resolutions I have realised that for some of them I need to revise the goal, tighten them down to strong measurable outcomes and put down on paper the steps I need to follow to achieve them so that I can see clearly what progress I am making.

    I know that I have not achieved as much in January as I originally expected. However I am not too disheartened. I set my goals for 2009, and not just for the month of January. So I am going to pick myself up, dust myself off and start again. I am also going to reward myself for recognising where I am at, and making new plans to achieve my goals.

    My challenge to you this week is to take out your New Years resolutions and see how you are doing. If you are on target to achieve your goals, well done and keep up the good work.

    If you are struggling with your resolutions take a little time to consider what is stopping you. Decide if you need to redefine your resolutions into more meaningful building blocks. Create an action plan and start again.

    Then go and do something nice just for you. You still have 11 months left to achieve your resolutions for 2009 - go for it !

Warm wishes for the week ahead,


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    ? Mary Corbett, 2009

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