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Quality control procedures are important to prevent the damage of items and to ensure that the correct standards are maintained. It is very important for an

    UNIT AS17

Suggested answers to

    Self-Assessment 01

    ? The following is only suggested answers to the self-assessment Instructions


    ? Your unit’s procedures must always be taken into consideration

Question 1

    This response is company specific.

Question 2

    It is important that you keep receiving areas clean and tidy for the following


? Dust and dirt will soil the clean linen deliveries (hygiene and health)

    ? Rubbish left lying around may cause accidents or contaminate or damage

    linen (health and safety)

    ? An unclean area may attract pests (health and hygiene)

Question 3

    Quality control procedures are important to prevent the damage of items

    and to ensure that the correct standards are maintained. It is very

    Suggested Answers AS17 1

important for an establishment to keep good quality linen at all times. The

    linen must be inspected for any stains, tears, marks, fading or damage. Any

    linen that does not meet the required standards should not be used. Linen

    that is stained should be sent back to the laundry for rewashing and torn

    items should be sent for repair, cut up and used for cleaning cloths or some

    other use, or condemned.

Question 4

    It is important that all supplies are stored under the correct Storage

    conditions. Sometimes items for various departments will be conditions

     stored in different areas. Check with your supervisor so that

     you know where to locate the storage areas in your


    Whether or not housekeeping items are stored separately

    from other items will depend on the policy of your workplace.

    However, all items should be stored under correct conditions

    to maintain supplies correctly. The factors to be considered

    when storing items are:

    ? Good overhead (usually fluorescent) lighting is essential Lighting

     so items can be easily located. Good lighting also assists

    in maintaining strict quality control as some marks or

    stains may go unnoticed in poor lighting.

    ? Storage areas should have adequate ventilation to prevent Ventilation

    mildew forming on goods. If mildew forms items would have to

    be cleaned which would then waste both time and money. If

    goods have been excessively affected by mildew, it may be

    necessary to throw out the affected item, which would then

    need to be replaced again costing time and money. Good

    ventilation is also important for the health of the workers. Poor

    ventilation or lack of air may also cause unpleasant smells.

Suggested Answers AS17 2

    ? The temperature of the storage area should be set so that Temperature

    mildew does not form. The area must remain dry and cool and

    ideally should not exceed 25 degrees C. High temperatures will

    affect consumable items, which may not stay fresh. The

    temperature should be at an acceptable level for staff to work.

    Staff will work more productively if it is neither too hot nor

    too cold.

    ? Humidity a high level of moisture in the storage area will Humidity

    cause mould, mildew and other problems, especially if the

    temperature is not controlled. The level of moisture in the

    store rooms will be affected by the room temperature.

    Moisture and heat are also ideal breeding conditions for pests

    and bacteria, so control of all factors will reduce these risks.

    High humidity levels may also cause unpleasant smells.

    ? In order for clean linen to remain clean it must be stored in a Cleanliness

    clean area. Shelving used in the storage area should be dust

    free and able to be easily cleaned. Your establishment should

    have set procedures in place for the regular cleaning of the

    storage areas. Ideally the walls and ceilings of the storage area

    should be washable and the floors easily cleaned.

Question 5

    Accurate recording of all movement of linen will ensure that you always know

    exactly what stock you have in hand, and where it is at any one time. This will

    help with stock taking, and will help prevent loss, theft or damage of stock.

    Effective controls will also help to control costs of replacing linen. This will

    ensure that you have the required amount of linen on hand to meet the needs

    of the establishment so that all tasks can be carried out on time. Inaccurate

    records could result in extra stock being bought in, which could be a waste,

    it could tie up a large amount of finances in stock or it could add to stock

    controls, thus creating a greater risk of losses.

Suggested Answers AS17 3

Question 6

    This response is company specific.

Suggested answers to

    Self-Assessment 02

    ? The following is only suggested answers to the self-assessment Instructions


    ? Your unit’s procedures must always be taken into consideration

Question 1

    This response will depend on company procedures. However, the following

    guidelines apply. Incorrect deliveries must be reported immediately so that

    deliveries of the correct supplies can be organised. Failure to do so would

    result in stock shortages and financial losses, as well as a disruption to the


    Step Action

     1. Do not sign the delivery docket, unless you check with your

     supervisor first.

     2. Report the discrepancy to your head of department as required

    by your establishment’s policies and procedures. Suggested Answers AS17 4

     3. Record the discrepancy on the delivery note to show that items

    were incorrect.

     4. Follow up to make sure that the discrepancy is corrected, either

    the next delivery or the next day.

     5, Contact the supplier to arrange for correct items to be delivered.

Question 2

    This response is company specific.

Question 3

    5 Star hotel: Should you be the person responsible for maintaining a clean linen

    supply in a 5 star hotel, the following differences in procedure will

    need to be adhered to:

    ? Linen quantities and types might be different from other hotels.

    ? Control and documentation procedures might be different.

    ? Bed linen might be changed daily, regardless of room status.

    ? The quality of the linen used in all departments will be of a

    higher standard and cost; therefore you need to ensure that

    quality control procedures are strictly followed.

    ? Linen might be different for each type of room or suite,

    according to theme and furnishings.

    Suggested Answers AS17 5

    Guest House In a guest house the standards could differ greatly, e.g. you could

    have a guest house with 6 star standards or with 1 star standards,

    so you would need to be aware of what the organisational

    requirements were in order to correctly and efficiently satisfy the

    guest’s needs.

    ? Usually it is a little more relaxed and casual in a guesthouse ? Guesthouses may use a great many types of linen and you would

    need to be aware of the differences to ensure that the correct

    linen is being used in the correct area. E.g. maybe there would

    be white towels in one room and blue towels in another. ? In smaller establishments you would more than likely have to do

    more than one job, so the time spent doing each, would have to

    be managed very carefully in order to maintain guest


    Suggested Answers AS17 6

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