Translation of News Report

By Emma Cruz,2014-05-19 18:16
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Translation of News Report

    Translation of News Report

    By news report, here we mean one of the three types of News Texts. The other two are feature stories and commentaries.

    Feature stories are basically narrations of either people or places,

    commentaries are rather subjective and usually with the personal novelty

    of the authors. while news reports, our topic for today, is by comparison characterized by their objectivity, accuracy, effectiveness and


    First lets take a look at the basic composition of a news report. The first part is the title or the headline.

    Headlines are the titles for the most important news items in, for

    example, a newspaper.

    A Lead or news lead provides the readers with the very essential

    information of the news.

    Five W:

    Chronological account: in the news, the information is provided

    according to time of occurrence.

    Pyramid Form: the least important information comes first.

    Inverted Pyramid Form: the primary information comes first.

    When translating them, we should follow the same pattern.

The translation methods we usually adopt are the following three:

1. Literal Translation:

    2. Free or Liberal Translation

    3. Addition &Interpretation :




    It does not contain any real information, but it has certain fixed format in

    either English or Chinese versions.


    Complex sentence structure with concise language, precise information

    and enough logic for the sake of truthfulness and objectivity.

    The use of passive voice for the sake of objectivity and convenience to

    relate the story.

    News reports usually involve political, economic ingredients; a large

    intended audience; a variety of styles of writing.

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