I3 Challenge by the Lien Centre for Social Innovation

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I3 Challenge by the Lien Centre for Social Innovation

    3The Lien I Challenge (the “Challenge”)

    Application Form

Please legibly complete and sign this application form. The completed application form

    (excluding attachments) should not exceed two pages. You may vary the size of the

    boxes provided to fit the contents. Please read the guidelines for filling in this application

    form and the rules and regulations of this challenge (both are provided below), before

    filling out this form.

1. Title of project / initiative

    2. Main project objectives, idea(s) and concept(s)

3. Why is this project/initiative innovative?

    4. What impact will this project/initiative achieve and how do you propose to measure its outcomes later?

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    3The Lien I Challenge (the “Challenge”)

    Application Form

    5. How can it be Implemented & what are the risk considerations? Please indicate your project costs.

    6. Team Members Total : _______ (insert number) of Team Members Name (Individuals or Organizations): Country & Passport No:

7. Attachments (please list and identify attachments, if any.

I hereby confirm that I am duly authorized by my team members and we have read and

    on behalf of my team members, agree to abide by all the rules and regulations for this



     Date : Name: Passport No:



    Address: Country:

    Telephone Fax/Office Number (with Number: area code):

    How did you get to know about the Li3N Challenge? ___________________

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    3 Challenge (the “Challenge”) The Lien I

    Application Form

     3Guidelines for filling the Lien I Challenge Application Form

A. Do submit your application form early. Early submissions may receive coaching on

    resubmission that enhances the chances of your project being shortlisted.

B. Participation is free. You may submit multiple entries, however each entry should be distinctly

    different from your other entry(ies). All communication from us regarding your submission will

    be done electronically, so a valid email address must be provided.

C. The objective of this competition is to foster social innovation for the benefit of societies and

    communities in Asia.

D. All entries to this Challenge, should meet the following criteria :

    1. The idea should be creative and original in at least some aspects of its social application.

    2. The idea when implemented will reasonably create positive and significant impact on the

    social sector and the communities in Asia.

    3. The idea should be practical and feasible for implementation.

E. Form content:

    You should include the following details within your application form;

    1. Title of project / initiative

    - Provide a name for this project / initiative

2. Description of concept / idea

    - Describe the idea or the concept, and its background if appropriate.

3. Why is this project/initiative innovative?

    - Explain why this project is socially innovative.

4. What impact will this project/initiative achieve?

    - Identify the benefits of this project and its impact and target, outlining where

    applicable, the social and financial (if any) returns.

5. How can it be implemented & what are the risk considerations?

    - Consider details such as : Time, Cost, Manpower, Expertise and Risks;

    - Describe the timeframe over which this idea can/will be implemented;

    - Quantify the costs of the project over the implementation timeframe, and state the

    amount of money being asked for to implement this. Projects which are co-funded will

    have greater chance of being shortlisted; and

    - Identify the risks involved in implementing this project.

6. Team members

    - Identify the people involved in making this proposal; and

    - Identify the resources and parties (individuals and/or organizations) supporting this

    project to make it work

F. Please ensure that you have made a copy of this signed application form for your own

    reference, before submitting this application. Submissions must be in English and should

    reach us before 31 March 2009.

G. You may submit an electronic version together with the required attachments to, via fax to 68280711 or you can submit a hardcopy by hand/post to :

    Lien Centre for Social Innovation

    Attn: Sharifah Maisharah Mohamed

    Singapore Management University

    Administration Building, 81 Victoria Street

    Singapore 188065

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    3The Lien I Challenge (the “Challenge”)

    Application Form

     3Rules and Regulations for the Lien I Challenge

    1. The primary applicant (person signing on the application form), must be at least 21 years

    of age when the application is submitted. However, personnel working on the project may

    include students and others under the age of 21 as long as they are working under the

    supervision of the primary applicant.

    2. Any electronic or fax entry submissions, shall be treated as legally equivalent to the

    original for any and all purposes.

    3. Participants represent and warrant that any and/or all information submitted as part of

    this Challenge, does not infringe on any intellectual property right (such as patent, design,

    copyright or trademark) or any other rights of any third party.

    4. Successfully shortlisted participants will be notified via email, so a valid email account is

    required for your submission.

    5. Participants will be allowed to retain all proprietary rights to their business ideas and


    6. Participants acknowledge and agree as a condition of entry to allow use of each

    participant’s name, any photographs, images, text, content and other information that it

    provides for purposes of publicity and education.

    7. Participants will endeavour to make themselves available to respond to the judges’

    queries and to present their proposals at the relevant stages of this Challenge :

    Stage 1: Idea Outline. Deadline 31 March 2009

    Participations are required to submit a simple one or two-page proposal on A4 paper

    setting out the idea and its innovativeness, expected impact and the implementation

    requirements. The latter include timelines, resources and risks. Please see

    application form for details.

    Stage 2: Idea Development: Deadline 31 August 2009

    Following the submissions of the idea outlines, a panel of judges will shortlist a

    maximum of ten submissions for the next stage of this competition. These ten

    submissions will then be provided with advice and S$1,000 each to develop the ideas

    further for the final stage of judging.

    Stage 3: Idea Implementation: From October 2009

    After the final round of judging, one or more (up to ten) of the shortlisted submissions

    will be selected for implementation. It is intended that the full $1m will be awarded for

    all entries.

    8. Participants who are shortlisted for Stage 2, may need to enter into a separate

    agreement with the organizer.

    9. The organizer reserves the sole discretion and right to disqualify any submissions who

    violate the rules, regulations or the spirit of this competition.

    10. The organizer reserves the sole discretion and right to alter any contest rules at any time,

    including without limitation to the right to extend the contest deadlines at any time.

    11. All decisions made by the organizer’s judges are final.

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