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The students will carry out web based search on various state of art topics related to safety in automobile design and safe driving

Unit Plan Template Unit Plan Template

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Unit Plan Title The Safe Ride!

    Curriculum-Framing Questions

    ? Does everything around us equilibrate in one form or


    ? Is change an integral part of our life?

    ? Does everything in life go smoothly? Essential Questions

    ? As the key architects of India in 2020, how do you

    foresee the challenges and solutions for road


    ? As responsible citizens of India, how do you perceive Unit Questions the role of rules and regulations in the road safety?

    ? How do the road accidents affect personal and social

    life of a common man?

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    State the Newton’s third law of motion and on the basis of it

    explain the following:

    ? How do we walk?

    ? How do we swim?

    ? How does a boat move forward?

    State the law of conservation of momentum and derive its


    A large truck and a car both moving with a velocity of

    magnitude ‘v’ have a head on collision and both of them

    come to halt after that. If the collision lasts for ten seconds;

    ? Which vehicle experiences the greater force of

    impact? Content Questions ? Which vehicle experiences the greater momentum


    ? Which vehicle experiences the greater acceleration?

    ? Why is the car likely to suffer more damage than the


    What is friction? State different types of friction. On the

    basis of it give examples from real life.

    What difference do we find while walking/running on sand,

    dry track and muddy track

Unit Summary

    We see many examples of Newton’s third law of motion in everyday life. The third law along with the second law leads to the principle of conservation of momentum. A large number of phenomena observed by us in everyday life can be explained on the basis of law of

    conservation of momentum, for example recoil of gun, damage during head on collision,

    injury during accidents.

    Friction is another important concept in motion study. Friction depends on type of surfaces in contact. The force of friction between the surfaces depends on the way bodies move over each

    other and it is always opposite to the direction of motion. Different types of friction seen are

    limiting friction, sliding friction and rolling friction.

    Friction is usually considered to be harmful as it opposes the motion and results in loss of useful force. Friction cannot be eliminated completely but it can be controlled to some extent.

    In few situations friction is required and can be used to gain advantage, for example traction of

    a locomotive, use of belt drives , design of brakes and tyres in automobiles.

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     (List all subjects that apply) Subject Area(s)

    ? Science

    ? Social sciences

    ? History

    ? English

    ? Math

    ? Computers

    ? Performing arts- Dramatics

    ? Fine Arts and crafts

    ? Economics

    Class Level [Click box(es) of all class level(s) that your Unit targets]

     Junior Kindergarten Senior Kindergarten

     1-4 5-8 9-10

     11-12 Resource

     Gifted and Talented Other: School Examination Board Guidelines


Student Objectives/Learning Outcomes

    Content Objectives

    ? Students will be able to comprehend the effects of action and reaction and relate it

    with activities in their day to day life

    ? Students will be able to apply Newton’s laws of motion to derive the law of

    conservation of momentum

    ? Student will be able to relate various examples from their day to day activities, with

    the law of conservation of momentum.

    ? Students will apply their thinking to :

    o Analyze- What causes friction.

    o Compare- useful and harmful friction

    o Understand Ways to control friction

    o Deduce and Hypothesize the effect of momentum and friction with road


    ? Students will also acknowledge the universal laws :

    o Understand that change is an integral part of our life.

    o Learn that hurdles occur every where, but we still have to overcome the same.

    o Comprehend that every action has some or other reaction. ? Student will be able to collect, analyze and, evaluate data collected through a

    questionnaire regarding basic safety needs for automobiles and driving.

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     Multimedia presentation objective :

    Student will be able to analyze and present the data collected, through a multimedia


    Role Play objectives:

    o The students will be able to identify with the effects of accidents.

    o Students will empathize with the reactions of the accident victims and their


    o Student will relate to the ethical issues related to road accidents.

    Publication objectives :

    o The students will carry out web based search on various state of art topics

    related to safety in automobile design and safe driving.

    o Analyze the topics with respect to their relevance.

    o Compile the relevant information in the form of the newsletter using Microsoft


    o Students will disseminate important information to their peers.

    Behavioral objectives :

    The project work will help students in :

    o Developing a humane attitude, scientific temper and spirit of reform.

    o Developing a planned approach to research, study and analyze facts.

    o Developing their personality.

    o Developing interpersonal skills.

    o Learning about the benefits of teamwork.

    o Improving their presentation skills.

    o Meeting the challenges of information and communication technology


    ? The teacher initiates a discussion on the topic ‘Does everything around us equilibrate

    in one form or other? ‘Students debate and come out with various examples and realize

    that change is an integral part of our life. Further the teacher raises a question that if

    there is equilibrium in life, everything in life would be smooth. But why it is not so?

    Students discuss and come out with various reasons

    ? Based on the discussion the teacher explains that the principle of equilibrium as

    applied to force can be explained with Newton’s third law of motion, that is every

    action has an equal and opposite reaction. She explains it with the help of a example;

    explaining how while rowing a boat two opposite forces act, which help in the

    movement of the boat. The teacher then initiates the student to come out with more

    examples of such application.

    ? This discussion further leads to the topic of the law of conservation of momentum. The

    teacher explains the law with the help of an example of head-on collision between two

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    marbles. The teacher helps / guides the students to derive the formula: mu +mu = 1122

    mv +mvAgain the students come up with various day to day experiences about 1122.

    collision and its’ effects.

    ? Taking from the cue of collision, the teacher initiates discussion on Accidents and

    Road Safety in general. Students discuss and debate regarding the importance of safe

    driving. Teacher initiates the students to carry out research on the topic. ? The teacher introduces the concept of friction, and explains various types of friction,

    its advantages and disadvantages and the methods to control friction. ? On the basis of this, a discussion is generated on the topic, ‘Friction: Bane or Boon’.

    Students come up with various ideas where in friction is useful and also where it is

    needed to reduce. They come with the latest concept of Expressways, and also show

    concern over the increasing frequency of road accidents.

    ? The teacher intervenes and explains that friction is a double edged weapon. On one

    hand its absence helps you to travel fast and on the other hand its presence helps to

    exercise control. Thus, friction is very closely associated with the safety and comfort of

    traveling. She tells them that you as future road riders should be aware of the

    importance of safe driving.

    ? The teacher then assigns them a project titled, ‘The Safe Ride !’.

    The project objectives are set as :

1. Collection of information on

    ? Road safety guidelines

    ? Latest innovations in automobile industry.

    ? Opinions of students, teachers and parents on increasing trend of two wheeler usage

    by students, safety precaution to be followed, following of traffic rules and various

    hazards present on road.

    2. Visit to hospital to collect the views of doctors specialized in emergency care, victims

    of road accidents and their immediate care-takers on ethics in driving.

    The dissemination of the findings is decided to be in three forms : ? Conducting , analyzing, evaluating and presenting the results of opinion poll. ? Preparing a newsletter based on the research conducted and information gathered. The

    newsletter will address the latest innovations in technology related to automobile

    industry, interesting facts about road safety and would primarily focus on increasing

    awareness for Safety in Driving.

    ? Presenting a role play on the ethical issues related to Road Accidents

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    Students are divided into three groups based on the activities to be conducted.

    ? Group-1 will conduct an opinion poll on various hazards present on road, increasing

    trend of two wheeler usages by students and countermeasures such as safe driving and

    implementation of traffic rules. They will present the results in form of Microsoft

    PowerPoint presentation.

    ? Group-2 would carry out research based on the latest innovations in technology in

    automobile industry and Road safety guidelines. The research would be done through

    the various automobile magazines and internet search. This information will be

    utilized by them for preparing a Newsletter in Microsoft Publisher.

    ? Group-3 would interview various personnel who are closely related to the issue of road

    accidents and safety, like professionals working in the automobile industry, doctors

    specialized in emergency care, victims of accidents and their family. Group-3 will

    prepare a script using Microsoft Word and present the role play.

    Each group contains two gifted student, twelve resource students.

    The teacher helps the students to prepare the questionnaires for conducting opinion poll

    and provides them with the guidelines on the basis of which they analysis should be done.

    She provides each group with the guidelines based on which the research is to be

    conducted. She helps them in preparing the interview schedule and the basic template

    based on which the interview is to be conducted. She also provides them with the

    guidelines about the issues which the role play should address.


    She also gives them the guidelines for presentation of various activities i.e. PowerPoint

    presentation, the Newsletter and the Role play.

    The total time provided for the project implementation shall be four weeks.

Approximate Time Needed

Four weeks

Prerequisite Skills

    The students are computer-savvy and have basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows OS and

    basic file management.

    Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office.

    Basic knowledge of use of internet search engines.

    Knowledge of velocity, acceleration, Newton’s first and second law of motion.

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     Materials and Resources

    Technology Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed)

     Camera Video Camera VCR

     Computer(s) Printer Video Conferencing Equip

     Digital Camera Projection System Other:

     Tape Recorder Scanner

     Internet Connection Television

Technology Software (Click boxes of all software needed.)

     Database/Spreadsheet Image Processing Web Page Development

     Desktop Publishing Internet Web Browser Word Processing

     E-mail Software Multimedia Other:

     Encyclopedia on CD-ROM

    Science And Technology (Text book prescribed by C.B.S.E

    for std IX) Printed Materials Jain S.K, Science and Technology Physics (2005), Ratna Sagar

    Publication, Delhi.

    Compact Discs, Floppy Discs, Paper, Pencil, Pen, Props for Supplies the Role Play

    Computer, Color Printer

    Internet Connection and access to following websites

    ? Instructional Module- Project Based Learning.

     Seymour Report on Project Based Learning.

     Start with the Pyramid. by Diane Curtis

     The George Lucas Educational Foundation


    ? Project Based Learning. Building Motivation


    ? Technology’s Impact on Education Practices Other (

    Resources ? Project Based Learning

     CORD Leading change in education (

    ? Technologies for exploratory learning.


    ? Annenberg/


    ? Lessons in the Loop by Joice Riha Linik


    INTEL? TEACH TO THE FUTURE ?2004 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved

     ? Newton’s Third Law Applied to Aerodynamics

     Glenn Research Center


    ? The Physics Classroom- Momentum and its Conservation


    ? StudyWorks! Online- the Physics Classroom- Newton’s

    Third Law of Motion


    ? Truck Collision Example

     Impulse of Force

     ( ? Collisions

     Demonstration of Newton’s 3rd Law- Outline of Lesson


    ? Safety Technology Innovations,

     Automakers’ Compatibility Commitment

     Auto Alliance


    ? Reinventing The Wheels Other

     Fuel Cells, Crash Proof Cars- automakers are forging the Resources future now.

    (Contd.) (

    ? Specification for Automotive V Belts

     Automotive Research Association of India


    ? Road Safety Education in Schools

     Global Road Safety Partnership

     ( )

    ? Continental Annual Report (

    ? MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics

     Current Research Projects- Health and safety


    ? Road Safety

     Draft National Road Safety Policy

     Department of Road Transport and Highways,

     Government of India


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     Doctors specialized in emergency care, and parent/teacher

    volunteers to accompany the students to visit accident victim Others and their immediate care-takers.

    Accommodations to support different levels of learners in your classroom

    These students will be given the task of interviewing,

    collecting information and will also help in preparation of the

    questionnaire, interview schedule and the role play. They will

     Resource Student be given the task of documenting data.

    These students will have a more challenging task of compiling

    the data collected; analyzing the information collected through

    the web with respect to its utility for the preparation of

    newsletter, developing spread sheets and to analyze data

    collected through the questionnaire. They would also handle

    the major responsibility of preparing the various dissemination Gifted Student


Student Assessment

    Assignments made on Multimedia, Newsletter and role play are assessed using evaluation guides.

    Students will enact a role play where the ethical issues related to the accidents are dramatized.

    Evaluation sheets for this activity and guidelines are provided. Teachers and parents could be invited to attend the presentations.

Key Word Search

    Anagha, Newton, momentum, friction, road accidents, road safety, safety

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