How Do Our Supporters Register for the 2010 Charity Challenge

By Stacy Greene,2014-06-17 18:47
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How Do Our Supporters Register for the 2010 Charity Challenge

    How To Register for the 2010 Charity Challenge? Please take note that registration is a TWO (2) step process:

I) You must register for your EVENT (marathon, half marathon or 5k)

    II) You must register to FUNDRAISE online through Artez Interactive

    Step I) Registering for the EVENT:

    1. Go to the STWM website: 2. Click on REGISTER & CONFIRM

    3. Click on Sign up now

    4. Under ONLINE Canadians Only Register Online at: , click on

    Note: This will bring you to the Events Online Registration

5. Select your event (Marathon, Half Marathon or 5k)

    6. Complete the remainder of the form.

    7. At the Are you a: radio button, select Charity Challenge Runner. 8. Select David’s Harp Scholarship Fund from the drop down menu of Charity Challenge Runner;

    Team Name.

9. Enter the appropriate PIN Code: CCDISC. This will give you the Charity Challenge discout of $35

    for the 5km and $65 for the half and full marathon. Your registration fee will be refunded to you if

    you are one of the first 10 registrants or you raise over $150. Click on the David’s Harp Scholarship

    Logo to get complete information on incentives. Refunds are minus the processing fee.

10. Ensure you click the check box to accept the waiver

    2010 Scotiabank Group Charity Challenge

11. Click Submit

    Result: An information confirmation screen will appear.

12. Verify your registration information.

13. Confirm the Registration fee amount is correct.


    ? $0 if the CCFREE code is used.

    ? $65 (marathon or half marathon) or $35 (5k) if the CCDISC code is used.

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     14. Click Submit

    Result: A transaction confirmation screen will appear.

    2010 Scotiabank Group Charity Challenge

End of Step I) Registering for the EVENT:


    Step II) Registering for Online Fundraising (Through Artez Interactive):

    You can set up your personalized online fundraising page through the Artez Interactive system.

    1. Click on the Fundraising link in the Transaction Confirmation Screen, Confirmation Email,

    or copy this link into your web browser:

    Result: You will be taken to the 2010 Charity Challenge Fundraising Page.

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    2010 Scotiabank Group Charity Challenge

    2. If you are a New fundraiser, click on Sign Up to create a new account

    Note: You will be asked to create a Username and Password

    If you are a Returning fundraiser, enter your Username and Password from last year.

    Note: You will need your username and password from last year in order to proceed.

    3. Select the charity you would like to support from the drop-down menu.

    4. You have an option of collecting pledges as:

    a. An Individual Individual fundraising for your charity

    b. A Team Captain Charity Fundraising Team Captain

    c. A Team Member Join an existing Charity Fundraising Team

    5. Follow the onscreen steps to create an account.


    6. Congratulations! You are now ready to fundraise online! Launch your campaign by emailing your

    family and friends!

    7. You will receive an email notification when someone sponsors you. You can log back into the system

    to see how much they had sponsored, and to send a thank you email. Note: Donations will be credited to the vendor CANADA RUNNING SERIES on the credit card statement.

    Artez Interactive Participant Access

    How do I log back into my Fundraising Account?

    You can re-access your online fundraising account by returning to You can now log in using the Username and

    Password that you had created.

What do I do with Offline Donation Forms and Cash & Cheque Donations?

    Please send all offline pledge forms and donation forms directly to the charity. The charity will be

    responsible for tracking offline donations, and providing an offline report for the Charity Challenge

    Prizing reconciliation.

How Do I Enter My Cash & Cheque Donations into Artez?

    1. Log into your personal online fundraising account.

    2. Click on the Fundraising Tab at the top.

    3. Click on Manage Cash & Cheques in the left hand menu.

    4. Follow the instructions to Enter New Cash or Cheque Donation

    5. Click Add Donation.

    Result: You will receive a notification indicating Cash or Cheque donation successfully added.

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    2010 Scotiabank Group Charity Challenge

    How Do I Pay my Cash Donation On My Credit Card?

    1. Click on Pay Cash & Cheque pledges via your own credit card 2. Click the pledge that you would like to pay in the Pay? column 3. Enter your Payment Information.

    Note: DO NOT enter spaces in your credit card number.


    i.) You will receive a confirmation that the payment was successful processed.

    ii.) An electronic tax receipt will be emailed to your donor

    It’s Easy to Fundraise Online!

    Here are the 7 easy steps to signing up to fundraise:

    1. Access Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Charity Challenge webpage

    2. Find our Charity Logo and click Start pledging today link

    3. On the next screen click on Sign Up in the left hand corner

    4. Select our Charity from the drop down list

    5. Select How you would like to Fundraise from this step you can join as an individual, create a

    team, or join an existing team

    6. Once you complete the rest of the registration, you can start sending emails simply by going to

    the top tab Fundraising and clicking on the Get Sponsors link located in the left side bar. It’s

    easy to ask friends and family to sponsor you.

    7. You will receive an email notification when someone sponsors you. You can then log back into

    5 of 7 the system to send them a thank you email!

    2010 Scotiabank Group Charity Challenge

2. What are the Benefits of Online Fundraising?

Who Benefits When You Register Online?

    You (the Participant) benefit because you won’t need to collect any cash. You can use email to ask your friends, family and colleagues for support, anywhere, any time of the day. And we can stay in touch by email

    to keep you up-to-date with event information. You can even leverage the online social networks that are


Friends and Family can support you by simply clicking on the link you email them and using any major

    credit card. It makes collecting donations from people near and far simple; they’re just a click away!

The Charity benefits by being able to keep track of fundraisers more easily. Issuing tax receipts online

    helps save costs and precious resources. The online system also enables pledges easy tracking to

    streamline the administrative efforts!

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    2010 Scotiabank Group Charity Challenge


1. Just ask:

    Some of the anxiety around fundraising is about asking for money. Using the online system you can easily ask friends and family, near and far by email and through online social networks, and you don’t risk any embarrassment because it is all done over the internet. No face to face asking!

2. Everyone is a potential donor:

    Get into the habit of asking for a donation! You’d be surprised, but if you ask, people are more than willing to give! You can even ask for sponsors in lieu of gifts for birthdays and holidays. Start with the people you know and feel comfortable around. (Your warm contacts.) This will guarantee you some sponsors as well as boost your confidence. Ask your family, friends, neighbours, and co-workers. Try adding your personal page link into your email signature, and let people know why you are fundraising!

3. Update your online Personal Page:

    It’s a great opportunity to share your story. You can update your personal page with your own picture and message to let everyone know you are fundraising. You’d be surprised, but you will find that your friends,

    neighbours, and co-workers may also have their own stories to share.

4. Set a personal goal:

    Set a clear personal goal and a time frame for achieving your target. Consider the amount of money you want to raise. Can you help us raise $100, $200, $500, $1000 or even more? Try sponsoring yourself to kick start your campaign.

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