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Unit1 SectionA


    ( ) 1.A: How often ______ she exercise? B: Twice a week.

    A. do B. does C. doing D. did

    ( ) 2. I ______ like to drink milk. A.not B. doesnt C. dont D. no

    ( ) 3. Tennis ____ my favourite sport. A. are B. is C. am D. be

    ( )4.______do you go swimming ? Sometimes. A How often B How long C how many D How old ( )5.Katrina watches TV once ______ week. A a B the C an D


    1. what, usually, you do, on, do weekends? ________________________________________? 2. how often, your brother, does, exercise? _________________________________________? 3. I, nine , hours, sleep, every , night. _____________________________________. 4. Betty, milk, drinks, every, morning. ____________________________________. 5. some, students, once, watch, TV, a, week. _______________________________________________. .词汇(注意用正确的形式填空)

    1.The old man ____________(锻炼)every morning.

    2.I often __________ (购物).on weekends.

    3.He ____________ (几乎不)goes to restaurant for dinner. 4.They go to see their uncle _________(一次) a week .

    5 I want to go ________ (滑板).


    JoeWhat do you do on weekends?

    DavidWell, I usually have to study on Saturdays. JoeAnd how about Sundays?

    DavidWell, we have lunch together. You know, all of the members of my

    family. Then after

    lunch, I go to the park and meet my friends. JoeOh? What do you do there?

    DavidWe play football. After that I usually go to see a film outside

    the city.

    JoeDo you often go out of the city?

    DavidAbout once a month. My uncle has a small farm. JoeIts nice. Do you go alone?

    DavidNo, my mum, my two sisters and some of my friends go there, too.

    JoeBut why do you go there?

    DavidMany things: green trees, clean air, and there are few people. ( )1. What does David do on Saturdays?

    A. Study. B. Go to the park. C. Play football. D. Go out of the city. ( )2. Who has lunch with David on Sundays?

    A. No one. B. The whole family. C. His friends. D. His uncle. ( )3. Where do they play football?

    A. At school B. In the park. C. Out of the city. D. In a farm.

    s farm? ( )4. Who does not go to Davids Uncle

    A. Davids mother B. Davids father. C. Davids sisters. D. David

    s friends.

    ( )5. Why do they go to the farm?

    A. Green trees. B. Clean air. C. Few people. D. A, B and C

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