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    Unit 2 What time do you go to school?

    Period I

    Section A1a-2c

    年级!七年级 学科!英语 编写!刘永梅 审校!董丽君


    1. 知识目标

    (1)词汇!up drwssed brush tooth shower usually forty never early fifty job word

    station o'clock night funny exercise best group

     get up get dressed take a shower brush teeth what time

     from... to...

    What time do you/they... (2)句型!

     What time does he /she...

     That's a funny time for breakfast!

     (3)语法!What time引导的特殊疑问句


     2. 能力目标!学习不同时间段的表达法及in,at,on表达时间的用法,能用when

    what time 询问时间,掌握频率副词用法

     3. 情感目标!加强时间观念,养成良好的生活习惯,并学会合理安排自己的学




    1. 起床______2穿上衣服_______3.刷牙 _____4.洗淋浴_____________

    5.6:30______________ _______ 6.6:40_______________________________ 7.一份有趣的工作__________8.在一家广播电台_________________________ 9.从晚12点到早6___________________________________________________ 10.去上班_______________________ 11.在周末____________________________ b.翻译句子





    Teaching procedures:

    Step 1. Warming up

    Everyone has a busy morning.What do you do in the morning(

    What time do you get up/go to school/have breakfast?Let's talk about them.



    Step 2. New words

    1. get up 拓展get dressed get to get back

    get out of get on get off get into

     He gets up late ,but he get dressed very quickly.

    The plane gets to Beijing at 10:00.

    He'll get back soon .

    Don't get on the bus before it stops.

    Look, that woman is getting out of the car.


    He ______ his shoes before he goes out every day.(刷?

    Please pass us those _________________.(刷子?


    My sister’s ____________ are white and pretty.?牙?

    拓展 tooth 的合成词!toothache toothbrush toothpaste 4.辨析 take a (cold)shower take a bath

     5.辨析always usually often sometimes never He always gets to school early.

    Jim usually go for a walk after supper.

    They are often busy on weekdays.

    My son is sometimes late for school.

    We're never late for school.

    7.辨析 work job

    He has a ______ as a cook .He has much ________ to do every day.


     He's at work .

     My mother goes to work at 7 .


    Their father usually __________ on weekends.(锻炼)

    Please do ____________ 3 and 4 on Page 12 for homework.(练习?


    John likes to take exercise in the open air,so he is very healthy.( )

    We do morning exercises every day .( )

    Doing eye exercises twice every day is good for us.( ) 9. Group

     There are 9 _________ in our class .(组?

     A group of students help me find my lost money.( )



    How many _______________students does your class have ?(组?

    10.辨析funny fun

    That's the funniest joke I've ever heard.

    She is great fun .

    We had a fun night in the club.

    It's interesting and fun .

    Step 3.1a

     Match the activities with the people and you'll know their abilities.

    Step 4.Listeningand oral exercise. (1b, 1c,2a,2b,2c)

    Play the recording for the first time, students only listen.Play the recording

    again. This time ask students to finish the exercise.

     Check the answer.

     Practice the conversations with the partner. Then make your own ones.

    Step5. Grammar Focus

    Get ss to read the sentences and find the rules.

     Step 6. Do exercises.

    1. She gets up early and she is never ________ school.

     A. late B. early

     C.late for D.early for 2. ___________________?

    It's nine thirty.

    A. What the time B. What time it isC.What's time D. What time is it

    3.It's bad for you if you are ____ playing computer games.

     A.often B. usually

     C.always D. never

    4. ____ do you go shopping?

     On Sunday morning.

     A. When B.Where C. What time D. How

    ——5. Alice ____ speaks loud in front of others. What a shy girl she is!

     A.always B.sometimes C. never D. usually 6. A group of ________ are cleaning their classroom.

     A.worker B. workers

     C. student D.students

    7.It is the ____ show that we have ever seen.We all enjoy it very much.

     A. good B. well D.worst



    8. His brother goes to school ____ 7:30 every morning because his first class begins at

    7:30 .

    A. at B.before C.after D. in

    9. My parents usually ________ at about six p.m.

    A.get home B.gets to home C. get to home D. gets home

    ) 10. They like different kinds of __________.(工作

    11. How many ______ does your baby have? 12. We need enough e ________ to keep fit. 13. W ________ hard , and you will study better. 14. What a _____story it is ! Everyone laughs.(fun) 15.Does he have ________ in the park?(funny) 16.The English ___________ are too hard .I can't work them out .(练习?

    17.Michelle practice the piano at around 7:30 p.m.?对划线部分提问?

    18.Our mother likes to get up early .(变一般疑问句并作否定回答)

    19.He does sports every morning.(变否定句)

    20.We do our homework after school.(变一般疑问句并作否定回答)

    Unit 2 What time do you go to school?

    Period I Section A1a-2c


    1. up 2.drwssed 3.brush 4.tooth 5.shower 6.usually 7.forty 8.never 9.early

    10.fifty11.job 12.word 13.station 14.o'clock 15.night 16.funny 17.exercise

    Phrases 1.get up 2.get dressed 3.take a shower 4.brush teeth 5.what time 6.from...



    What time do you/they...

     What time does he /she...

     That's a funny time for breakfast!


    Do exercises


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