05-13-2008doc - City of Phillips Common Council Meeting

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05-13-2008doc - City of Phillips Common Council Meeting

    City of Phillips’ Common Council Meeting

     Council Room, Municipal Hall

    174 S Eyder Avenue

    May 13, 2008

    7:00 PM

Mayor, Jeffrey V. Fahl

    Council Members: Wards 1 & 2 Jayson Reinke, Laddy Hlavacek; Wards 3 & 4 - Linda Johnson,

    Charles Peterson; Ward 5 Elvis Presley, Dorothy Hanish.

    City Attorney: Bruce Marshall

    Public Works Terry Staroba; Police David Sonntag; Library John Hendricks

    Administration Mary M. Willett

    This meeting is held in compliance with Wisconsin’s Open Meeting Law, WI ? Chapter 19, Subchapter V. As such it is open to the public.

    Following the open session of the meeting, the Council will convene into closed session.

    Authority: Wisconsin State Statute 19.85(1)(e), Competitive or Bargaining Reasons. Deliberation

    of or negotiation for purchase of public properties, investment of public funds, or conduct of other

    specific public business, whenever competitive or bargaining reasons require a closed session.

    Discussion of strategies/negotiations of possible public property purchase

    1. Call to Order (presiding officer)

    a. Greeting

    b. Certification of compliance with Open Meeting Law

    c. Pledge of Allegiance

    2. Roll Call: Jeffrey Fahl ___Laddy Hlavacek___ Jayson Reinke ___ Linda Johnson ___

    Charles Peterson ___ Elvis Presley ___Dorothy Hanish ___.

    3. Introduction of Vicki Jeppesen, Interim Dean of Northcentral Technical College North


    thth4. Approval/Correction of April 8 & 15, 2008 Council Meeting Minutes

    5. Public Comment

    6. Library Board Appointments

    7. Payment of vouchers in the total amount of $236,790.36.

    8. Agreement/Contract with Von Briesen & Roper, S.C.

    9. Resolution #1099, Chapman Park Affidavit of Correction

    10. NWRPC Enterprise Center Tour Report

    11. Committee Reports

    12. Motion to convene into closed session ___Laddy Hlavacek___ Jayson Reinke ___ Linda

    Johnson ___ Charles Peterson ___ Elvis Presley ___Dorothy Hanish ___.

    13. Motion to reconvene into open session. ___Laddy Hlavacek___ Jayson Reinke ___

    Linda Johnson ___ Charles Peterson ___ Elvis Presley ___Dorothy Hanish ___.

    14. Action on the subject matter of the closed session.

    15. Adjournment

     Tuesday May 13, 2008


    ………of the Common Council of the City of Phillips at a regular meeting held in the Council Room of Municipal Hall on May 13, 2008.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Fahl at 7:00 p.m. Those present


1st Aldermanic District: Jayson Reinke and Laddy Hlavacek nd2 Aldermanic District: Linda Johnson rd3 Aldermanic District: Elvis Presley and Dorothy Hanish

    City Attorney: Bruce Marshall

    Clerk-Treasurer: Mary M. Willett

    Police Chief: David Sonntag (7:43 p.m.)

    Public Works Director: Terry Staroba

    Librarian: John Hendricks

    County Supervisor John Vlach (7:10 p.m.)

Mayor Fahl introduced the interim dean of Northcentral Technical College, Vicki

    Jeppesen. Ms. Jeppesen told the council of the near future plans of NTC. They

    have received a 3-year $1.9 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor

    which will benefit the entire region. She also told the council that using the

    training room in the Municipal Building worked very well for her in a recent rental

    for a regional manufacturing meeting.

Presley/Hanish motioned to approve the minutes of the April 8thth and 15 Council

    meetings. Carried.

    Mayor Fahl announced the appointment of Linda Thielke to the Library Board.

    Mayor Fahl thanked John Hendricks for his 14 years as Library Director for the

    City of Phillips Library.

    Mayor Fahl said that Rebecca Smith was hired as the new Library Director and

    would start the position on June 2, 2008.

    Johnson/Reinke motioned to approve the payment of the vouchers in the total

    amount of $236,790.36 as recommended by the Personnel-Budget-Finance

    Committee. The motion carried 4-1, with Mr. Presley voting in opposition.

    Hlavacek/Presley motioned to adopt Resolution #1099 regarding Chapman Park

    Affidavit of Correction. On a voice vote of 5-0, the resolution was adopted.

    RESOLUTION #1099

    Chapman Park

WHEREAS, the City of Phillips Common Council, voted to deed the parcel labeled as “Chapman

    Public Park” and/or “Public Park” to Four Seasons Development Group at the September 14,

    2004 City Council Meeting.

WHEREAS, Four Seasons Development has been paying the property taxes on said property.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the City of Phillips Common Council agrees to accept the

    Affidavit of Correction of Four Season Subdivision (230 Log Cabin Lane) to correct the errors in

    the labeling and ownership of the “Chapman Park” parcel, City of Phillips tax parcel #272-1107-

    08-000, being located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Log Cabin Lane and Katharine


Adopted: __May 13, 2008 Approved: _Jeff Fahl____________

     Jeffrey V. Fahl


     Attest: _Mary Willett_____________

     Mary M. Willett

     City Clerk-Treasurer

    Council members who toured three economic development enterprise centers

    Jay Reinke, Linda Johnson, Dorothy Hanish, Chuck Peterson and Mayor Fahl

    reported to the full council the information learned from visiting the three centers,

    talking with enterprise business tenants and visiting with the Village President of

    Grantsburg and NWRP personnel.

At 7:50 p.m., Johnson/Presley motioned to convene into closed session. On a

    voice vote of 5-0, the motion carried.

At 8:29 p.m., Presley/Johnson motioned to reconvene into open session. On a

    unanimous voice vote, the motion carried.

Presley/Hanish motioned to adjourn. Carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:29 p.m.

Mary M. Willett

    City Clerk-Treasurer

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