Resort and Club Management

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Resort and Club Management

    Resort and Club Management

    “To afford its user a place for escape from the world of work and to restore the process of daily care…” Author Chuck Gee, 2002


    HSPM/RECL 141

     9:00-10:15 am BBC 225

    Dr. Kate Sullivan, Professor

     Dept. of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Mgt.

     San Jose State University

     Call me “Dr. Kate”


    How to Contact your Professor

    Office Location: 515 Macquarrie Hall Telephone: 924-3201 or

    Office hours: 12-1pm Th; 10-12 noon Fri or by appt.

    Course Description

    Management and operation of resort and private club properties from their historical

    development to their economic and environmental impact; marketing and managing

    of services provided by these facilities within the hospitality industry.

    Required Reading

     ndResort Development and Management 2 Edition (1996) Chuck Gee

    Available at Roberts Bookstore or Spartan Bookstore

    Learning Objectives and Activities

    OBJECTIVE 1: Students will be introduced to elements of the resort and private club

    industry through reading, lecture, discussion, and on-site research and study. By the end

    of the semester, students will be able to:

    1. Describe the relationship of human/social need for hospitality services.

    2. Define the goals of various hospitality elements and related products and services.

    3. Identify and describe typical delivery system structures and be able to illustrate each

    with local examples.

    OBJECTIVE 2: Students will learn about the service relationship. By the end of the

    semester, students will be able to:

     1. Explain the role of courtesy in resort service.

    2. Describe the service relationship in terms of psychological needs and social-

    psychological experiences.

    OBJECTIVE 3: Students will be introduced to basic marketing concepts used in the

    field of resort and private club management. By the end of the semester, students will be

    able to:

    1. Define the basic role of marketing in the resort management.

    2. Provide/create illustrations which apply basic marketing concepts.

    3. Discuss strategies for marketing related to social and economic trends.

OBJECTIVE 4: Students will look for trends and issues in the field. By the end of the

    semester, students will be able to:

    1. Identify major challenges to the resort a nd private club industry. 2. Provide examples to illustrate responses to challenging trends and issues. 3. Create their own forecast for development and change in the field.

OBJECTIVE 5: Students will become familiar with career opportunities. By the end of

    the semester, students will be able to:

    1. Explain the human resources management process for hiring, training, and

     developing personnel.

    2. Describe opportunities for entry and advancement in the field. 3. Identify key qualities, philosophies, or experiences associated with success in the

    field of resort management.

Course Requirements Points

    A. Class Participation 10

    B. Trends presentation 10

    C.. Midterm and Final 15 and 15

    D. Field Trips 30

    E. Resort Display night 20

     Total points 100

Explanation of the above requirements:

A. Class Participation

    Attendance is expected and roll will be taken. You must come to class prepared, speak up, have something to say. It means reading before class and arriving at class with something to say, whether it is a question, comment or a topic. Quieter students need to speak up and more talkative students need to help the professor draw out the quiet ones. Asking questions of your peers is appropriate and encouraged. For example, “ Why do you feel that way?” “That’s interesting, can you say more?” Open communication means respecting the opinions of others, especially ones you disagree with. We come from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of opinions, thus, making a rich background for discussion. You must be willing to listen. You will be assessed for this 10% through your participation in each class discussion, in class assignments, activities and interaction with fellow students and the professor.

B. Resort and private club trends presentation

    In a well organized manner, you will tell the class about a trend in the resort or private club industry. Your voice will be able to be heard in the back of the room or you will not pass this assignment! You may use handouts or props to strengthen your 2 minute

    presentation. You will also explain why this trend is important to resort or private club development and hospitality in general. On the day of your presentation, you will turn in

    a 1-2 page write-up about your reactions to what you presented. A copy of the

    information will be attached to this paper.

C. Midterm and Final Examinations

    A midterm examination and a comprehensive final examination are given to assess your ability to absorb the information covered in the class. Examinations will include true and false, multiple choice, short definitions, matching, and mini-essays. If you would like to see a copy of other exams I have given, ask me and I will bring one to class. Don’t let

    your reading stack up until the last week before the final. It will show. Study

    continuously! Students with English as a second language will not be able to use

    electronic dictionaries.

    D. Field Trips

    You will be asked to meet at a specific location at a specific time, hopefully, class time

    but not always. We may have to do a Friday or Saturday tour. All tours will give you a

    behind-the-scenes look at the site. You are required to attend 2 out of 3 field trips. Car

    pooling is suggested. A follow up evaluation of what you observed will be required.

    E. Create and Display a Resort or Private Club

     On a specified day, groups of 4 will sponsor a booth representing their self created resort

    or private club. You are expected to sell the resort to onlookers who are looking for

    either a pleasure vacation or a business conference location. Prices must be prepared

    including lodging and food costs. You will be graded on detail and ability of the group to

    work together by industry representatives and your fellow group members. More details

    will be given out in class.

     Final total percentage range and letter grade:

     96 100 A+

     93 95 A

     90 92 A-

     86 89 B+

     83 85 B

     80 82 B-

     76 79 C+

     73 75 C

     70 72 C-

     66 69 D+

     63 65 D

     60 62 D-

     59 and below F

    Dr. Sullivan’s Teaching Philosophy

    I want to help you learn and learn with you while we have fun along the way! I want to

    be a facilitator to you as you are introduced to the book, information, SJSU and each

    other! I want you to be more hospitable to yourself, those you will encounter in business

    or leisure, and those whom you don’t understand. In this class, I believe that sometimes

    you can lead the group! I expect your best. I expect you to read the books, take notes, go

    back over your notes after each class. Arrive early to class, pay attention, ask questions,

    work with others. I expect you to turn your cell phones off before class, don’t come in

    late or leave early unless absolutely necessary. I teach not only through lecture and

    discussion but with example. I use the readings and the field trips and guest speakers as

    additional help. I love to teach, have received some special awards for it, and want you

    to leave the class feeling special, ready to go and more aware of how to make this a more

    courteous and kind world!

    Email Philosophy

Papers cannot be emailed. Hard copies are due in class on the date identified in this

    syllabus. If you have questions regarding the class, you can email me. Just be sure to put

    in the subject/address that you are in the 001 class because I’ll prioritize it as important

    to be read asap.


Students are faced with any number of challenges, be it physical, emotional, social. I

    need to know if your learning will be affected differently in any way (e.g. dyslexia,

    learning disabilities, illness in your family, anticipated major event, etc) If you need

    course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability or if you need special

    arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, or you have emergency medical

    information to share with me, please make an appt. with me as soon as possible, or see

    me during office hours. Presidential Directive 97-03 requires that students with

    disabilities requesting accommodations must register with DRC (Disability Resource

    Center) to establish a record of their disability.

Academic Dishonesty

Plagiarism and cheating on exams is a serious problem on many campuses. It will not be

    tolerated in this class! Your own commitment to learning, as evidenced by your

    enrollment at SJSU, and the University’s Academic Integrity Policy requires you to be

    honest in all your academic course work. I am required to report all infractions to the

    Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development Academic integrity statement:

    Go to for more information..

Here is policy 1.2.1 from the SJSU policy on dishonesty:

”the act of incorporating the ideas, words, sentences, paragraphs, or parts thereof, or the

    specific substance of another’s work, without giving the appropriate credit, and

    presenting the product as one’s own work…”

Changing a few words in someone else’s sentence is also considered plagiarism. I will

    use the website ( to screen selected papers. Do not copy from

    someone else’s paper.

If you would like to include in any paper you turn in in this class any material you have

    submitted, or plan to submit, for another class, please note that SJSU’s Academic

    Integrity policy S04-12 requires prior approval by instructors.

    Late Paper policy

If you need more time to complete a paper, you must ask for an extension prior to the due

    date. If you have a reasonable problem, you will be granted an extension. If there are

    extenuating circumstances, explain them to me and I will decide what to do. Late papers

    will not be accepted without an extension and are due at the beginning of the class period.

    If illness prevents you from doing an assignment or taking a test, a doctor’s verification

    note must be provided to me. If you have English as a second language, have a native

    English speaker proofread anything you turn in. Missing an exam requires a doctors

    written verification of illness.

If your paper is late past the due date, penalties will apply which get progressively worse

    the later the paper is. Five points per day missed will begin the day after the due date.

    Excuses like “my printer broke, I left it in my car” are fine but do not need to be told to

the professor. Just get the paper to me by the next class or earlier to my mailbox in SPX

    49. Don’t be late!

    Schedule of Topics and Readings

Thursday, August 23 Chapter(s) to read

Introduction and Welcome to the World of Resorts and Private Clubs

Week of August 28

The Resort concept, history 1-2

    Week of September 4

Resort Planning and Development 3-4

    Week of September 11

Impact and Elements of a resort complex 5

    Week of September 18

Major Recreational Activities and Facilities 6

    Week of September 25

Field Trips

    Week of October 2

Managing the Resort 7,8

    Week of October 9

Heart of the House management; Security 9,10, 11

October 16

Mid-Term Examination

October 18

Field Trip

    Week of October 23

Resort Marketing and Sales 12

    Week of October 30

Managing the Resort Investment 13

    Week of November 6

Introduction to Private Clubs handout

    Week of November 13

History, development and trends in private clubs handout

November 20

    Field Trip

Week of Nov. 27

    Membership and administration of private clubs handout

December 4

Display Day

December 6

    Review for final

December 11

    No classes Study Day

     thFinal Exam: Tuesday, December 18 7:15 am-9:30 am

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