Indemnification & Insurance Agreement

By Russell Woods,2014-05-13 04:49
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Indemnification & Insurance Agreement

    MARICOPA COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT th2411 West 14 Street, Tempe, AZ 85281-6942


    This Agreement is between ________________________ (“Contractor”) and the Maricopa County Community College District (“MCCCD”) for the services specified below (“Services”). The parties agree as follows:

1. Description of Work.

    a. Services or Items:

    b. Start and End Dates:

    c. Location Where Services Performed:

    d. Fee/Price:

2. Indemnification. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Contractor shall defend, indemnify, and hold

    harmless the MCCCD, its agents, officers, officials, employees, and volunteers from and against all claims,

    damages, losses, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney fees and court costs) arising from the

    acts, errors, mistakes, omissions, work or service of Contractor, its agents, employees, or any tier of its

    subcontractors in the performance of this Agreement. The amount and type of insurance coverage

    requirements of this Agreement will in no way be construed as limiting the scope of indemnification in this


3. Insurance. Contractor shall maintain during this Contract insurance policies for the coverages specified

    below issued by companies licensed in Arizona with a current A.M. Best rating of A:VIII or better. Before

    providing Services, Contractor shall furnish the MCCCD Risk Manager with certificates of insurance

    evidencing the coverages, conditions, and limits required by this Contract, at the following address:

    MCCCD Risk Manager

    2411 West 14th Street

    Tempe, AZ 85281

    Tel: 480-731-8879 / Fax: 480-731-8890

The insurance policies, except Workers’ Compensation and Professional Liability, shall be endorsed to

    name Maricopa Community Colleges, its agents, officers, officials, employees, and volunteers as additional

    insureds with the following language:

    Maricopa County Community College District, its agents, officers, officials, employees, and

    volunteers are hereby named as additional insureds as their interest may appear.

If any insurance policies are written on a “claims made” basis, coverage shall extend for two years past

    completion and acceptance of the Contractor’s work or services and must be evidenced by annual

    certificates of insurance. The insurance policies shall be endorsed stating that they shall not expire, be

    cancelled, suspended, voided or materially changed without 30 days written notice by certified mail to the

    MCCCD Risk Manager. The Contractor’s insurance must be primary, and any insurance or self-insurance

    maintained by the MCCCD shall not contribute to it. If any part of this Contract is subcontracted, these

    insurance requirements also apply to all subcontractors. The following coverage is required:

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    a. Commercial General Liability insurance with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence for

    bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, products and completed operations, and blanket

    contractual coverage, including but not limited to, the liability assumed under the indemnification

    provisions of this Contract.

    b. Automobile Liability insurance with a combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage

    of not less than $1,000,000 each occurrence with respect to the Contractor’s owned, hired, and non-

    owned vehicles.

    c. Workers’ Compensation insurance with limits statutorily required by any Federal or state law and

    Employer’s Liability insurance of not less than $100,000 for each accident, $100,000 disease for

    each employee, and $500,000 disease policy limit.

    d. Professional Liability insurance covering acts, errors, mistakes, and omissions arising out of the

    work or services performed by the Contractor, or any person employed by the Contractor, with a limit

    of not less than $1,000,000 each claim.


    Signature: Tax ID No.: Name: Phone No.: Title: Fax No.: Date: Address:

    Contractor is a: Corporation LLC Partnership Sole Proprietorship (an individual)


    Signature: Date:

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