The Ancient Civilization

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The Ancient Civilization

Title Unit22 The Ancient Civilization

    Purpose The students should be able to:

    and 1.know the Ancient Civilizations of the Yangtze Three Gorges Requirement 2. know the Wushan Man’s

    3. learn some new words about the scene

     1. the Ancient Civilizations of the Yangtze Three Gorges.Importance 2. Language points

    3. The meaning of Wushan Man

    Difficulty Role play---Introduce the scenery in their own words Teaching

    Aids Tape,video, pictures, music, chalk ,blackboard,brush,multi-media.…..


    Class No. Time

    Teaching Procedure

    Step 1:Warm-up

    1. Revision: Check the exercises on P227,and correct the mistakes. 2. Show Ss some pictures of ancient people,ask Ss if they know the ancient

    civilizations of Three Gorges.

     (WuShan Man , Changyang Man, the Relics of Daxi Culture)

Step 2: Reading the summary account


    Give the Ss a short time to read the summary account .Then simply explain

    the summary.

    Form of the Yangtze Three Gorges: orogenic movement, lashed by the river water, the rift valley.

    Features: proper altitude, mild climate, plentiful rainfall , thick forest an

    ideal habitat

    Ancient people:Wushan Man, Changyang Man

    Ruins: Daxi, Zhongbaodao

     Step 3: Reading Passage 1 Wushan Man


    1 Pre-reading: Give Ss some pictures of ancient people,ask Ss concerned


    Do you know what time the man belong to? (2million years ago)

    Do you know what man is the earliest in China?(Beijing Man)

     Then teaching the new words.

    2 Reading: Give Ss some time to read the passage 1, then finish the exercises on

    Page 233

    keys :

     1. It was unearthed in Wu gorge . .

    2. No, it wasn't.

    3. Wushan Man.

    4. He was strong .

    5. It's based on his many years' archaeological experiences.

    3 After reading: Check the exercises and correct them,then explain the language

    points and difficult sentences.


    a. Is mysterious Wushan man the first standing man in China so far?


    b. home and abroad


    c. monkeys crying on the river banks


    d. If we could penetrate the time tunnel, and go back to the time during

    which Wushan Man lived, let's imagine how our ancestors lived.

     让我们透过时间的长河,想象一下巫山一带我们祖先的生活情景 Step 4 Practice and consolidation

    Let Ss read the pasage again, then imagine how ancient Wushan Man lived Key words:

    The mountains were not high, the hills were rolling, grass and trees grew

    thickly, the climate of Wushan mountain was much more humid and hotter than it is today. Many tropical animals lived in the thick forest. Tough Wushan Man survived

    by struggling with the beasts, hunting and collecting wild fruits.


    Read the passage 2 and 3 , then finish the exercises on Page 234 and 237.

Summary or feeling after class

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