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    N E W S L E T T E R

    Volume 12Winter 2001

    ARA President: Ion Paraschivoiu; Secretary General: Monica Grecu;

    Emeritus President: Constantin Corduneanu; Editor: Aleksandra Gruzinska

    ARA’s 25th Silver Congress in Cleveland, July ARA founders Claude Matase and Jon Cepoi 12-16threcalled the early days of ARA and its evolution from the , 2000 Romanian Academic Society. Constantin Bratianu, The 25th annual congress of the American Romanian Secretary General of the Romanian Ministry of Education, Academy of Arts and Sciences (ARA) took place at the Law took the floor to underline the importance of Romanian-School of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, American academic exchanges and to describe the evolving Ohio, between Wednesday, July 12th, and Sunday, July 16th, autonomy and decentralization in Romanian university life. 2000. Registration for this silver anniversary congress opened Ladis Kristof, ARA Vice-President, took the floor to note that between 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm on Wednesday, July 12th, at the the current year was the 60th anniversary of the Soviet Law School at 11075 East Boulevard, Cleveland. That annexation of Bucovina and Bessarabia. For his many years evening provided a quiet interlude before the congress for of service to ARA and its purposes, Prof. Kristof was given a members informally to renew old friendships and to make new standing ovation. President Emeritus Maria Manoliu-Manea ones. thanked the organizers of the congress and called for a minute With invocational prayers by a Romanian Orthodox of silence to commemorate the life and work of three and a Protestant clergyman, the business of the congress began important ARA members now at rest: Mircea Ionnitiu, Ion at a plenary session at 9:30 am, on Thursday, July 13th, at the Manea, and Nicolae Timiras. She also read a letter to the Radisson Hotel under the chairmanship of Mr. Petru congress from Mrs. Paola Timiras, who unavoidably could Cocarteu, ARA President Ion Paraschivoiu, presiding. not be present. President Emeritus Constantin Corduneanu Richard E. Baznik, Vice-President of Case Western Reserve remembered the original purposes of ARA membership and University, welcomed the congress in the name of the recalled the leading Romanian intellectuals who have been university. August B. Pust, Assistant to the Governor of Ohio, active at other ARA Congresses. Bob Taft, Director for Multi Cultural Affairs & International ARA President Ion Paraschivoiu noted that this Affairs, read a letter of greeting from the governor in which he congress was the 25th silver anniversary of ARA. He drew recalled that Ohio is home to over 100,000 Romanian-attention to the growth in ARA membership, the ARA website Americans as well as the International Chamber of Commerce, which went up the previous May, and to ARA‟s enviable Ohio-USA-Romania. State Senator Robert Spada also record of publications. ARA Secretary-General Monica welcomed the congress and read the greetings from the Grecu took the floor to inform the audience about a new President of the Ohio Senate, Richard H. Finan, who exchange agreement which she had negotiated and which has applauded “the Academy for perpetuating the arts and been signed recently between the University of Nevada at sciences which American-Romanians have contributed to our Reno and the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj. The plenary nation‟s success” and noted that ARA “can be proud of the session concluded with the reading of a letter of greeting from many contributions which their organization has made to the His Excellency Mircea Geoana, the Romanian ambassador to preservation of the Romanian heritage throughout the State of the United States. Ohio.” James Trakas, a member of the U. S. House of The academic panels were grouped into six parallel Representatives, struck a similar note, recalling his own pride sessions, each session consisting of six panels meeting in his Hellenic heritage and urging Romanian-Americans to simultaneously in various rooms at the Law School. The first feel likewise. He concluded by calling on those present to session of six panels began the afternoon of Thursday, July help create 100,000 new jobs in Romania in the high tech 13th, and continued through Saturday morning, July 15th. industries in which Ohio and America excel and urged them to Plenary sessions each morning provided opportunities for the remain mindful of the many things which Romanian culture entire congress to hear specific speakers before dividing up for has to offer the United States.


individual panels. There were 36 panels and 6 parallel session The ARA Book Award was presented to: scheduled in all. They broke down as follows: 1) Charles King for The Moldovans: Romania, Russia, and the Politics of Culture 2) Ernest Latham for The Miorita: An Icon of Romanian Discipline No of panels No. of papers Culture Applied mathematics 2 8 Biology 1 4

    Honorary ARA awards were presented to: Chemistry 2 8

    Economy 8 32 1) Claude Matasa (USA)

    Engineering 6 24 2) Ion Cepoi (USA)

    Environment 1 4 3) Miron Bonca (USA)

    Fine Art 1 4 4) Augustin Buzura (Romania)

    History & Anthropology 2 8 5) Ladislav Kristof (USA) Law & Politics 2 8 Literature 2 8 Following the awards, a dinner was served in the restaurant of Linguistics 2 7 the Law School. Medicine 2 6 Philosophy 1 4 A cultural event Politics 1 4 On Sunday, July 16th, a trip was organized to St. Mary‟s Physics 1 4 Romanian Orthodox Church in Cleveland. This provided Theology 2 8 ARA members an opportunity to attend the Divine Liturgy as well as to visit the associated Romanian Ethnic Art Museum. General Assembly Originally founded by Anisoara Stan in 1923, the museum On Saturday afternoon, July 15th, the ARA General Assembly has considerably expanded its collection of Romanian folk arts

    took place, President Ion Paraschivoiu, presiding. A quorum as well as important works by some of Romania‟s greatest

    of members was present and business was transacted and artists of the past 150 years. The visit to St. Mary‟s has been

    voted on. organized by Mr. George Dobrea concluded with a 1. The forthcoming congress in Montreal, Canada, and the magnificent Romanian repast for the ARA guests present,

    new ARA website were discussed but no motions were tabled hosted by the ladies of St. Mary‟s parish. No one present will

    or votes taken. forget their delicious and gracious hospitality, which was

    2. It was moved and seconded that the titles of the ARA complete from tuica through sarmale to baclava. Branch Representatives be changed to ARA Branch Directors.

    The motion was passed by voice vote. The Cleveland Museum 3. For Editor of the ARA Journal two names were presented as St. Mary‟s museum, as well as the Cleveland Museum of Art, candidates. Dr. Monica Grecu nominated Prof. Dr. Liviu neighboring the Law School, also provided a memorable Cotrau from the English Department of Babes-Bolyai aesthetic experience for those ARA members who discovered University in Cluj, Romania. Prof. Ion Paraschivoiu this important museum and braved the periodically inclement proposed Mr. Dan Fornade, editor of the publication weather to visit its rich collections. At the discretion of the Luceafarul in Montreal. A voice vote was taken, and Mr. Museum, the entry was made free to the participants of the Fornade was entrusted with the responsibilities of the editor ARA Congress. Those who took advantage of this gracious for the next issue of the ARA Journal. gesture were able to delight in the Impressionist Portraits exhibition.

    The ARA Awards Ernest Latham, ARA Secretary thIn the evening of July 15 at 7:00 pm the membership

    reassembled for the annual ARA awards which were presented thAnnouncing the 26 ARA Congress in Montreal, to the following: Canada The 2001 congress will take place on July 25-29 at the Ecole The ―Ionel Jianu‖ Award: Polytechnique de Montréal. The aim of this congress is to 1) Veniamin Apostol + (Republic of Moldova) provide a forum for persons of Romanian descent and their 2) Angela Commene (Canada) friends to present their contribution to scholarship in the arts and sciences. This year‟s theme is “Building Bridges.” It

    emphasizes the ever-increasing role of interpersonal The ARA Award

    communication between people of common background but 1) Alexandru Codoban (Romania) who are geographically dispersed. The official congress 2) Florin Ionescu (Germany) languages are English, French and Romanian. Registration 3) Cristina Mandravel (Romania) takes place in the afternoon on July 25, 2001. The plenary 4) Maria Minciu (Romania)

    session is scheduled for July 28. The evenings are reserved for 5) Sorin Radulescu (Romania)

    social activities, a banquet, the ARA Awards and a day long 6) Carmen Vlad (USA) excursion on July 29. The deadline for submitting proposals


is March 31, 2001. For additional information please consult appeal to a broad range of readers in engineering, the natural the ARA Website: sciences, economics, and business. Catanoy, Nicholas . Avenue Teutonia [Poems in French]. ARA e-mail: Alexandru Vlad Lungu: <> Editions Caractères, 1999. ISBN 2-85446-263-7. Catanoy, Nicholas . Indian Summer. Roman. Colectia Cartile

    Exilului, 1999. ISBN 973-9433-43-X The 2001 Organizing Committee includes:

    Dr. Constantin Virgil Negoita’s Fuzzy Logic may be Ion Paraschivoiu, Chair

    consulted at the Web address of The Cybernetic Conspiracy. Wladimir Paskievici, Co-chair/Social activities

    Perry, Thomas A. Passage to Romania is available at Center Ruxandra Botez, Registration/Local Arrangement

    for Romanian Studies, International Book Services, 5824 NE Petru Ciureanu, Technical Program

    Hassalo St., Portland, OR 97213-3644.USA. Mirceal-Alexandru Mateescu, Grants

    Dr. Florentin Smarandache has received the International Monica Matte, Public Relations

    “Podul lui Traian” Literary Award at the “Drumuri de spice” thInternational Festival of Poetry held at Uzdin (Yugostlavia) on The Honorary Chairman of the 26 Annual Congress July 8, 2000. Smarandache is responsible for "Paradoxism," is Professor Emeritus Nicolas Mateesco Matte, O.C., Q.C., a vanguard literary movement of the 1980s. It is based on an FRSC, Director Emeritus at Institute of Air and Space Law, excessive use of antitheses, antinomies, contradictions, and Mc Gill University in Montreal, Canada. He is also Honorary paradoxes. More information is available on the web: at: ARA Member and Honorary Member of the Romanian and at: Academy. Vasiliu, Cézar. Sfintii Neamului Românesc. Târgoviste: An International Agreement between BBU-UNR Stolnical Cantacuzino, 2000. Dr. Monica M. Grecu, faculty member in the English Department at the University of Nevada, Reno since 1984, and Distinctions Secretary General of the American Romanian Academy of Professor Ion Paraschivoiu holder of Bombardier Arts and Sciences (ARA), initiated an inter university Aeronautical Chair at École Polytechnique de Montreal was Exchange Agreement between Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, the invited guest speaker at the NATO/RTO Workshop Romania, her Alma Mater, and the University of Nevada, organized by CIRA on December 7-8 2000 in Capua, Italy. Reno. She has developed the program and wrote the The Workshop assembled experts on the subject of “Aircraft documents that were approved by both institutions. She then Icing.” They came from NASA, ONERA, CIRA (Italy), traveled to Romania and implemented the program in May DERT (U.K.) and Canada to validate their Computer Codes 2000. The program is making good progress to the great concerning experimental data. His Speech has been imprinted satisfaction of both institutions and their faculty. More than in the original Icing Code “CANICE” which serves to certify six colleges bilaterally are officially involved in this the Aircraft in Icing Conditions. Agreement, and several others are on their way to join including the Agricultural Institute of Cluj. Dr. Monica Grecu From Graham Hettlinger is diligently working on a sister-ship project between Reno, 1) National Endowment for the Humanities: Collaborative Nevada and Cluj, Romania. Her initiatives and efforts are

    Research Fellowship: Offers up to $30,000 for four to nine highly appreciated by the educational systems on both sides of

    months of research in east-central Europe and the former the world. ARA takes pride in the achievements of one of its Soviet Union. Proposals must include plans to work with at efficient, loyal and long-standing members. least one collaborator in the field. The merit-based competition is open to all U.S. post-doctoral scholars in the Forthcoming ARA Journal humanities, including such disciplines as modern and classical Manuscripts should be sent to the editor as follows: languages, history, linguistics, literature, jurisprudence, Mr. Dan Fornade, P.O.Box 1163, Station H., Montreal Quebec philosophy, archaeology, comparative religion, and ethics. H3G 2N1, Canada. For information about deadlines, length of Social scientists whose research has "humanistic content and paper and style write to Mr. Fornade or send e-mail to: employs humanistic methods" are also encouraged to apply. <> (For a complete list of eligible disciplines, please contact

    American Councils). Applicants must have resided in the U.S. for three years before date of application or be U.S. citizens or New Books and web sites permanent residents. Language proficiency is not required if Adrian Bejan. Shape and Structure, from Engineering to applicants can demonstrate a means of conducting research Nature. Cambridge University Press, 2000. ISBN-0521-without it. American Councils is prepared to assist scholars in 79049-2; ISBN 0521-79388-2; locating potential collaborators. Application deadline: From heat exchangers to river channels, the book unites the

    February 15, 2001 engineered and the natural worlds. Among the topics covered

     are mechanical structure, thermal structure, heat trees, ducts

    2) Title VIII Central Europe Research Scholar Program: and rivers, turbulent structure and structure in transportation

    Provides full support for three to nine month research trips to and economics. The numerous illustrations, examples and

    east-central Europe. Fellowships include round-trip homework problems in every chapter make this an ideal text

    international travel, housing, living stipends, visas, insurance, for engineering design courses. Its provocative ideas will also


and affiliation fees. Typical awards range from $12,000 to Session 472. Symptoms of Theory: Nation, Enjoyment, $25,000. Open to graduate students, scholars, and faculty Critique. Arranged by the Discussion Group on Romanian who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents conducting Studies thresearch in the humanities or social sciences. Policy-relevant Décember, 10:15-11:30 am, Georgetown East. Friday, 29topics are particularly encouraged. Funded by the U.S. Washington Hilton

    Department of State Program for Research and Training on Presiding: Christian Moraru, University of North Carolina, Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States. Greensboro.

    Applications currently accepted on a rolling basis. 1. “Lacan or Lenin: The Styles of Slavoj Zizek.” Tomislav Z.

     Longinovic, University of Wisconsin, Madison. 3) Title VIII Central Europe Language Program: Offers 2. “Zizek after Marx: Enjoyment as the Historical Factor.” international airfare, tuition, insurance, and living stipends to Todd McGowan, Southwest Texas State University.

    graduate students and faculty for up to three months of 3. “‟Not That There‟s Anything Wrong with That‟: or,

    intensive language study at major universities throughout east-Enjoying the Virtual Subject.” Joanna Mackin, University of central Europe and the Baltic States. Applicants must be U.S. Pennsylvania.

    citizens or permanent residents. Funded by the U.S. 4. “ Textualizing Otherness in the Digital Age.”

    Department of State Program for Research and Training on Tomas Lavazzi, Savannah State University. Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States.

    Application Deadline: March 1, 2001 In Memoriam Professor Veniamin Apostol (Aug. 1938 Dec.2000), Doctor For applications and more information, contact: in Arts and Chief of the Production Department at the State Graham Hettlinger University of Arts in Chisinau, Moldova, was a Producer, American Councils for International Education Actor and Past Rector at the same University. He was also an Outbound Programs ARA Corresponding Member and “Artist al Poporului” of the 1776 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Republic of Moldova. He died last December in Chisinau. At thSuite 700 the 25 ARA Congress in Cleveland the participants Washington, DC 20036 expressed their admiration for Veniamin Apostol during the (202) 833-7522 ARA Awards ceremony by awarding him the “Ionel Jianu” Distinction awarded by ARA for his excellent Phone: 480-965-4188; Fax: 480-965-0310 accomplishments in the field of Arts. The members of the

    American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences deeply

    feel the loss of this Great Man and offer their heartfelt The Romanian Studies Association of America at condolences to the family of Veniamin Apostol. the MLA in Washington, D.C. Session 282. Romanian and East European Drama: Remembering Stefan Munteanu Connections and Contexts thThe 10 anniversary of the death in Los Angeles of Mr. Presiding: Ileana Orlich, Arizona State Univ., Tempe Stefan Munteanu, poet and animation film diretor, and 1. “Dilemma of Identity: Ranetti Roman‟s Manasse and Victor thformer ARA Member, was commemorated on December 9 Ion Popa‟s Take, Ianke and Kadâr,” Jeanine Teodorescu-2000. Friends and admirers met to remember and to honor the Regier, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago delicate, discrete, withdrawn and anxious Romanian poet and 2. “Opacity, Transparence, and Entropy in Marin Sorescu‟s painter, who passed away ten years ago in Los Angeles. They Historical Plays,” Anca V. Munteanu, Morningside Coll. commemorated his one decade old departure with candles, 3. “Realism, Fantasy, and the Tragic Impasse in Caryl readings of his verses and contemplation of his painting and Churchill‟s The Mad Forest,” Ileana Orlich drawings. Stefan Munteanu was born in Caracal, Romania in 4. “Tragicomic and Performative Dimensions in Romanian 1926. A graduate of the Institute of Theatrical Art and Theater after the 1989 Revolution,” Domnica Radulescu, Cinematography “Ion Luca Carageale,” who specialized in Washington and Lee Univ. animation, worked as an animation painter at the Cinematrographic Studios in Bucuresti till his departure for Session 787. Minorities‟ Literature and Politics in Romania the States in 1972. Presiding: Jeanine Teodorescu-Regier, Univ. of Illinois, For his filmography, Stefan Munteanu received numerous Chicago international prizes in Venice (1962), in Bergano (1966), and 1. “Multiculturalism at the Babes-Bolyai University,” Andrei in Trieste (1972). Marga, Bucharest, Romania. He collaborated with several major publications in Romania, 2. “Mihail Sebastian and the Totalitarian Temptation of the Gazeta Literara, Luceafarul, Flacara, Tribuna Urzica, Romanian Intelligentsia,” Radu Ioanid, Holocaust Museum. contributing his original graphics and illustrations. He had 3. “Hungarian and German Minority Literatures and Cultural personal exhibitions in Romania, Italy, Greece, USA Politics in Communist Romania,” Nicolae Harsanyi, Univ. of (Michigan, California), and Germany. After settling in the North Carolina, Chapel Hill USA, in 1973, he contributed poetry and illustrations to 4. “Ioan Budai-Deleanu and the Concept of „Tiganiada‟ different publications of the exile and published poetry books. (Gypsyad).” Lucia Cherciu, La Guardia Community Coll. He was a member of the Cinematographists‟ Association in City Univ. of New York Romania, ant the American Romanian Academy or Arts and Sciences. Monica Grecu, ARA Secretary General


    Admission Officer: Constantin CORDUNEANU. Dept. of Mathematics, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, ARA Regional Branch Directors Texas, 76010, U.S.A. Tel.: (817) 272-3261, (817) 272-5765. Questions concerning ARA activities, including the eligibility Fax: (817) 272-5802. E-mail: requirements, applications for ARA candidates, and the CORDUN@UTARLG.UTA.EDU required abstract proposal for the Annual ARA Congress Treasurer: Miron BONCA, 3153 Country Club Drive, Costa Mesa, should be addressed to your ARA Branch Directors as follows: CA 92626-2354, U.S.A., Tel.: (714) 434-9176. CANADA: E-mail:

    Dr. Florin Diacu, University of Victoria Site Director, COUNSELORS

    Adrian BEJAN, Duke University, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Durham, NC 27706, U.S.A. Tel.: (919) 660-5310. Fax: (919) Victoria, P.O. Box 3045, Victoria, BC, V8W 3P4 Canada. Tel.: 660-8963. (250) 721-6330 office; Fax: (250) 721-8962 office. E-mail: Charles CARLTON. Department of Linguistics. University of diacu@Math.UVic.CA Rochester, Rochester, New York 14627-0041, U.S.A. Tel.: MOLDOVA: (716) 275-4111. FAX: (716) 275-8531. E-mail Dr. Ing. Stefan Cartofeanu, Universitatea Technica a Moldovei, Bd. Stefan cel Mare nr. 168, MD 2002 Chisinau, Dinu GIURESCU, Romanian Academy, Calea Victoriei, 125 Republic of Moldova. Tel. & Fax: (3732) 24-83-78. E-mail: Bucharest, Romania. Olga PORUMBARU, (Plastic Arts), Lafayette Avenue #417, Sufferin,

    N.Y. 10901-7034, U.S.A. ROMANIA:

     Prof. Dr. Ing. Corneliu Berbente, Vice-Rector, Universitatea GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE “Politehnica” Bucuresti, Str. Splaiul Independentei nr. 313, Claude MATASA, 2026 Scott Street, Hollywood, FL 33020-2417. E-Sector 6, 77206 Bucharest, Romania. Tel. & Fax: (401) 410-mail: 7285. E-mail: Nicolae H. PAVEL, Dept. of Mathematics. Ohio University. Athens, Prof. Dr. Ing. Alexandru Codoban, Catedra de Mecanica, OH 45701, U.S.A. E-mail: Universitatea “Politehnica” Bucuresti, Str. Splaiul Irinel DRAGAN, Department of Mathematics. University of Texas at Independentei nr. 313, Sector 6, 77206 Bucharest, Romania. Arlington, Arlington, TX 76010. Tel.: (401) 410 0400 office; (401) 410 4542 office. E-mail: GOVERNORS Octavian BARLEA, Sendinger Str. 63-J, Munchen 2, 8000 Germany.

    Alphonse JUILLAND, Stanford University, U.S.A. U.S.A.: Maria Manoliu MANEA, University of California at Davis, U.S.A. Prof. Carmen Vlad, Professor of Mathematics, Dept. of George E. PALADE, University of California at San Diego, U.S.A. Mathematics, Pace University, 1 Pace Plaza, New York, NY Toma PAVEL, Princeton University, Princeton, N.J., U.S.A. 10038-1598, USA. Tel.: (212) 346-1451 office. E-mail: Emil TURDEANU, La Sorbonne, Paris, France. PRESIDENTS EMERITI WESTERN EUROPE: Maria Manoliu MANEA. (1982 -1995). University of California at Prof. Dr. Eng. Florin Ionescu, Faculty of Mechanical Davis, U.S.A. Engineering/MK, University of Applied Sciences Konstanz, Constantin CORDUNEANU. (1995-1998). Dept. of Mathematics. Brauneggerstrasse 55. D-78462 Konstanz, Germany. Tel.: Univ. of Texas. Arlington, U.S.A. 07531 206-289, -197, -320, office; Fax: 07531 206-294, -400, ARA JOURNAL, 1998-1999:

    Cristian Petru BALAN, Editor, 22 W. 480 Sycamore Drive, Valley -450, office. E-mail: View, Glenn Ellyn, IL 60137-7406 Prof. Dr. Ing. Liviu Masalar, Systèmes de production ARA NEWSLETTER EDITORIAL BOARD [ISSN 1081-3985] mécanique Métrologie, Université de Liège, Chemin des Aleksandra Gruzinska, Editor, A.R.A. Newsletter, Dept. of Chevreuils 1/B 52/3, 4000 Liège, Belgium. Tel./Fax: 011-32-Languages and Literatures, Arizona State Univ., Tempe, AZ 4-366-9166 office.E-mail: 85287-0202, U.S.A. Tel.:(480) 965-6281/965-3873 FAX

    (480)-965-0135; E-mail: Nicolette Franck [European Liaison], 26, Chateau-Banquet, 1202 THE A.R.A. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE [1998-Genève, Switzerland. 2001] Monica M. Grecu, [Humanities: Lit., Ling., Philosophy], Dept. of President: Ion PARASCHIVOIU. J. A. Bombardier Aeronautical English, School of Arts and Sciences, Univ. of Nevada at Chair Professor, Ecole Polytechnique, C.P. 6079, Succ. Reno, Reno, Nevada 89557, U.S.A. “Centre ville,” Montréal, (Québec ) Canada H3C 3A7. Tel.: Peter Gross, [Hist., Politics, Communication, Sociology], Information (514) 340-4711. Extension 4583. FAX: (514) 340-5917. and Communication Studies Zip 600, Univ of California, E-mail Chico, CA 95929-0502. Vice-President: Ladis KRISTOF, Prof. Emeritus, Portland State Ion Paraschivoiu [Canadian Liaison], Ecole Polytechnique, C.P. 6079, University, Portland, Oregon. Home: 23050 N.W. Roosevelt Succ. Centre Ville, Montréal, (Québec ) H3C 3A7, Canada. Dr., Yamhill, OR 97148, U.S.A. E-mail: Olga Porumbaru, [Art: Music, Painting, Sculpture, Dance], Vice-President and Liaison Officer: Peter GROSS. Information and Environmental Design, 200 Lafayette Ave. #417, Sufferin, Communication Studies Zip 600, Univ. of California, Chico, N.Y. 10901-7034, U.S.A. CA 95929-0502, U.S.A. E-mail: Mircea Sabau [Medicine, Biology], Dept. of Radiology, Univ. of Secretary-General: Monica M. GRECU, Dept. of English, School of Chicago, 5841 S. Maryland, Chicago, Illinois 60637 Arts and Sciences, Univ. of Nevada at Reno, Reno, Nevada, 89557-0077, U.S.A. E-mail: ARA Newsletter Web Address: Secretary: Ernest. H. LATHAM, Jr., 285-A G Streeet S W, Washington D.C. 20024-4337, U.S.A.



    Proceedings thSurugiu, L. and Paraschivoiu, I. Editors. Proceedings of The 25 Congress of the American Romanian Academy

    of Arts and Sciences (ARA). Polytechnic International Press, Montréal, 2000. ISBN 2-553-00806-6. 375 p. $25.00


    Essays on E. M. Cioran. Aleksandra Gruzinska, Editor. Contributors include Leonid Arcade, Florin Berindeanu,

    Peter G. Christensen, Andrei Codrescu, Aleksandra Gruzinska, Ovid Hurd, Ingeborg M. Kohn,

    Standa Stolojan, 1999. $30.00

    Manea, Ion and Grindea, Daniel. Editors. Români în Stiinta si Cultura Occidentala. Enciclopedie 2nd Ed. 1996 $50.00 Manea, Ion. Editor. Români în Stiinta si Cultura Occidentala. Enciclopedie. Davis, l992. $35.00 Butariu, Miron. O viata de om: Note autobiografice. Los Angeles, 1991. $16.00

    Timiras, Nicolae. Anii tineretii. Berkeley: 1991. $12.00

    Arcade, L.M.; Manea, Ion; Stamatescu, Elena. Editors. Homo Religiosus: To Honor Mircea Eliade. Hommage

     à Mircea Eliade. 1990. $20.00

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     1990 [2nd ed.]. $25.00

    Quinlan, Paul D. The United States and Romania. American-Romanian Relations during the

     Twentieth Century Woodland Hills, l988. $17.00

    Turdeanu, Emil. Modern Romania: The Achievement of National Unity 1914-1920. 1988. $17.00 Jianu, Ionel; Carp, Gabriela; Covrig, Ana Maria and Scantéyé, Lionel. Editors. Romanian Artists in the

     West. Paris: 1987. With 480 illustrations (320 in color) of painters and sculptors living in the

     Free World. English edition also available. $35.00

    Manoliu-Manea, Maria. Editor. The Tragic Plight of a Border Area: Bessarabia and Bucovina. Humboldt,

     l984 [Out-of-print.]

    Bârlea, Octavian. Romania and the Romanians. Los Angeles, 1977 $ 6.00

    Quinlan, Paul D. Clash Over Romania. Los Angeles, l977. $ 7.00


    Kristof, Ladis and Balan, Cristian Petru, Editors. A.R.A. Journal 21-22 [1996-1997] $40.00

    Manea, Ion. Editor. A.R.A. Journal 12 (1989); 13-14 (1990); 15 (1991); 16-17 (1992); 18 (1993);

     19 (1994); 20 (1995). each volume $20.00

    Corduneanu, Constantin, Editor. Libertas Mathematica Vols. I-XVIII, 1981-1998, $30.00

     Vol. XIX (1999), Vol.XX (2000). $35.00

To order books and journals, please make a check to the American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences. For orders

    outside the USA, send international money order (or postal order) or write to:

    Mr. Miron Bonca, A.R.A. Treasurer, 3153 Country Club Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626-2354, U.S.A.

    1. Prof. Andrei ANDRIES - Republic of Moldova



     The membership list is available on the newly created ARA web page




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