Kodak Enhances Its Processes by Analyzing Them from End to End

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NET Framework 1.1. Hardware. A variety of portable and desktop computers and servers. Partners. EMC. For more information about Microsoft Office Visio 2003,

    Kodak Enhances Its Processes by

     Analyzing Them from End to End

    Case study

     Case Study

    Efficient processes that save employees time and companies With the combination of Visio

    money are of the utmost importance to successful businesses no 2003 and EMC Consulting matter what the size. Eastman Kodak Companya world products, we can add value at

    renowned provider of imaging solutions and servicesis working any point in the process

    with EMC Consulting to enhance its business processes and assessment cycle, which

    clearly communicate those processes to the team members enables process optimization at

    involved with them. Using two Microsoft? .NET-connected both functional and enterprise

    applications based on Microsoft Office Visio? 2003 technologylevels. This illustrates how the

    EMC Consulting Whiteboard for Visio and EMC Consulting whole is greater than separate,

    Enterprise Hub for Visiothe Commercial & Government individual components.

    Systems (C&GS) operation within Kodak can easily capture as-is Brendan Regan business process data with Visio diagrams, seamlessly integrate Manager, Business Practices Commercial & Government Systems the diagram fragments into an end-to-end process model, and Eastman Kodak Company

    store the information in a central data repository. By using this integrated solution, Kodak can use valuable Microsoft and EMC Consulting software already used throughout the C&GS operation, better understand process relationships operation-wide, and effectively communicate the enhanced processes through easy-to-understand process models. Kodak also estimates it will save time collecting process data and reduce the cost of maintaining and distributing process information.

.Eastman Kodak Company is a The C&GS operation within With EMC Consulting ? Increases employee multinational corporation that Eastman Kodak Company Whiteboard for Visio, subject productivity by visually provides high-quality imaging needed to graphically capture matter experts can diagram capturing consistent as-is products, solutions, and and evaluate process data, and fragments of as-is business process data with one solution services. With its headquarters then distribute new process processes, and then convert ? Saves time by analyzing end-in Rochester, New York, USA, information in a more the diagrams to data with the to-end processes with a single Kodak and its subsidiaries integrated manner. It wanted to Visio XML file format. EMC data repository market to more than 150 do this by creating a new Consulting Enterprise Hub for ? Reduces the cost of collecting, countries. The Commercial & solution that combined Visio validates, integrates, and maintaining, and distributing Government Systems (C&GS) Microsoft? Office Visio? and stores the data in a Microsoft process information operation provides imaging EMC Consulting Enterprise SQL Server database, or solutions to commercial and ? Communicates process Hubtwo tools used widely enterprise hub, which is used to government markets. information more effectively throughout the operation. view, analyze, and streamline the end-to-end process model.

    consistent and standardized method for

     capturing process information from their Eastman Kodak Company is a desktops. Then, the operation wanted to multinational corporation ranked 150th on analyze processes, enhance them, and FORTUNE magazine’s list of the top 500 implement the enhanced processes in a companies, based on the corporation’s consistent manner across the operation. 2002 revenue. It provides high-quality

    imaging products, solutions, and services

    to more than 150 countries. The

    Commercial & Government Systems

    EMC Consultinga Microsoft Office (C&GS) operation within Kodak is a

    Visio Solution Providerdevelops leading provider of innovative imaging

    software for business process discovery, solutions to commercial and government

    design, analysis, and optimization. Both markets.

    EMC Consulting Enterprise Hub and Kodak focuses relentlessly on customer Microsoft Office Visio are used separately satisfaction, which means it must at Kodak to analyze and document continually evaluate its processes to ensure processes. Their functionality is its performance meets or exceeds complementary, they integrate well with expectations. To effectively address this other Microsoft Office programs, they’re demand, the C&GS operation within easy to use, and they’re reliable. The next Kodak needed software tools that logical step for the operation was to simplified the process assessment cycleintegrate the programs so that it could collection, evaluation, and diseminationmore efficiently analyze, integrate, and and optimized process-related activities. enhance processes enterprise-wide. This operation used to collect process EMC Consulting did just that. It provided information by traditional means through the operation with two comprehensive interviews conducted with process solutionsEMC Consulting Whiteboard participants. It entered the process data for Visio and EMC Consulting Enterprise collected from those interviews into EMC Hub for Visio. Using Microsoft .NET Consulting Enterprise Hub or created technology, these solutions combine the separate process models with Microsoft? analytical capabilities of EMC Consulting Office Visio? drawing and diagramming solutions, the diagramming power of software. After those two tasks were Microsoft Office Visio 2003, the data-complete, it could take as long as several processing strength of Microsoft SQL days for Kodak business analysts to Server?, and Web services. This analyze the process data and develop combination provides Kodak with two streamlined processes. cost-effective solutions for diagramming, Although this traditional method was designing, analyzing, and enhancing successful, the C&GS operation wanted to business processes. take it a step further by integrating the First, Kodak subject matter experts visually process diagrams and data, the Microsoft capture as-is process information as Visio Office Visio and EMC Consulting process diagrams with EMC Consulting Enterprise Hub programs, and the disparate Whiteboard for Visioa Microsoft .NET-process model fragments into connected application that seamlessly enterprisewide, cross-functional process embeds the new Microsoft Office Visio models. The operation wanted to provide 2003 ActiveX? Drawing Control into its its subject matter experts (SMEs) with a user interface. Then, EMC Consulting

    Enterprise Hub for Visio converts those process, while leveraging their unique “By incorporating Visio into our diagrams into data, validates the data, and knowledge and providing a true solution and using its extensible integrates it into an end-to-end process collaborative environment to communicate platform capabilities, we model. The application stores the data in a and facilitate change. By incorporating leverage an existing and well-single, dynamic, scalable Microsoft SQL Visio into our solution and using its known diagramming Server databasethe EMC Consulting extensible platform capabilities, we environment to provide an easy Business Process Knowledgebasea leverage an existing and well-known way to collect, share, analyze, single process data repository Kodak can diagramming environment to provide an simulate, design, and share across the C&GS operation. Using easy way to collect, share, analyze, communicate enterprise this repository, or enterprise hub, Kodak simulate, design, and communicate business process information can analyze and report on the end-to-end enterprise business process information

    with the help of the employees process in a variety of ways to reveal with the help of the employees who are

    who are closest to the process.” process relationships and opportunities for closest to the process.”

    Avi Fogel improvement. Ultimately, Kodak can The result is one standard, validated central Chairman and CEO implement new enhanced processes EMC Consulting view of a business process, which enables throughout the C&GS enterprise while sophisticated process analysis, simulation, continually honing and adapting them to fit and design. changing business priorities.

    Diagram As-Is Processes Avi Fogel, EMC Consulting Chairman and Kodak subject matter experts start the CEO, describes the benefits of this SME-overall effort by capturing process data

    driven process and of using Visio business with EMC Consulting Whiteboard for

    process diagrams: “Many of our clients are Visio, which connects the Visio drawing looking to expand business process window to the enterprise hub. EMC

    optimization efforts to actively include Consulting makes diagramming high-level

    those employees who are closest to the

     EMC Consulting Whiteboard for Visio and EMC Consulting Enterprise Hub for Visio enable Kodak to capture process data in diagram form, convert the diagrams into data, and then analyze and streamline an entire process.

    analyzed, and used to generate reports, or detailed representations of as-is Kodak such as process costing and timing or processes simple by providing standard ? symbols for process resource reports. templates and SmartShapesKodak SMEs to use.

    Validate Process Diagrams and Using the intuitive Visio visual work Convert Them to Data environment and shapes, SMEs across the Using the Submit Drawing to Hub option C&GS operation can create standard, on the EMC Consulting Whiteboard for consistent, error-free process diagrams just Visio toolbar, Kodak SMEs can validate by dragging shapes from the EMC and submit process fragments directly from Consulting Whiteboard for Visio toolbar the Visio drawing window to the enterprise onto the drawing page and connecting hub. Process analysts provide one more them. layer of validation by reviewing the

    diagrams to ensure the SMEs captured all Add Data to Diagrams the information necessary to integrate the Each diagram created by a Kodak SMEdiagrams into the end-to-end process. aptly named a process fragmentAnalysts then export the approved process represents a fragment of a process. As in the Visio XML file format, which SMEs create the process fragments, they retains all of the data associated with use the Visio functionality in EMC shapes in the diagram. EMC Consulting Consulting Whiteboard for Visio to Enterprise Hub for Visio converts the associate process data with shapes using diagrams into data and stores the data in custom properties that vary from shape to the enterprise hub for analysis and further shape. enterprise-level validation. After SMEs drag shapes onto the drawing

    Link Process Fragments and Create page, they enter data for the shape’s the End-to-End Process Model custom properties. For example, as an As EMC Consulting process analysts Activity shape is dragged onto the drawing submit business process fragments, they page, the Activity Properties dialog box populate the enterprise hub with individual appears, in which SMEs can enter data for fragments of a process. EMC Consulting that shape’s custom properties, such as the Enterprise Hub for Visio links these activity name, the role of the person fragments by matching the inputs in one performing the activity, the system used to process fragment to the outputs in another. perform the activity, and the hourly cost of Then, it integrates all the fragments into a performing the activity. This data is stored comprehensive, end-to-end process model, with the shape and diagram. Later, the data which enables organizations like Kodak to is imported into the enterprise hub,

     EMC Consulting Whiteboard for Visio enables Kodak to create consistent business process diagrams using standard SmartShapes symbols that look and behave exactly the way Kodak SMEs expect.

    Implement the Enhanced Process successfully take on large, complex

    and Distribute Process Information streamlining efforts.

    After the enhanced process is approved,

    C&GS can implement it across the Analyze and Enhance the End-to-

    End Process operation and provide documentation for Using the integrated process data in the the entire process or fragments of it to enterprise hub, process managers, business employees in visual and accessible file analysts, system developers, strategic formats, such as Visio diagrams or HTML planners, and directors can all see the same pages on an intranet site. Kodak can use detailed end-to-end view of how teams in this documentation to train employees on the operation function. As they collaborate the enhanced process and ensure they with EMC Consulting process analysts to comply with particular rules and review and analyze the information, they regulations throughout the process. can perform the following tasks: This ongoing process improvement cycle

    comes full circle when EMC Consulting ? Determine how individual processes

    develops new Kodak best practice affect the end-to-end process, how

    templates, based on the enhanced process, individual processes detract from one

    and distributes them to SMEs across the another, and how they add value to

    C&GS operation so they can use them one another.

    when documenting and submitting new as-? Dynamically view and analyze the is processes to the enterprise hub. end-to-end process in a variety of

    ways, including viewing swim lane

    and activity-level diagrams.

     ? Run reports, such as gap analysis, Kodak predicts it can enhance the process costing and timing, and processes in the C&GS operation by process resource reports. working with the EMC Consulting ? Improve an as-is process and design Whiteboard for Visio and EMC Consulting the to-be process by generating Visio Enterprise Hub for Visio solutions. It process diagrams from process data in predicts it will also derive the following the enterprise hub, and then benefits. modifying the diagrams with EMC

    Save Time Collecting Process Data Consulting Whiteboard for Visio.

    Even though capturing as-is process ? Simulate optimized process scenarios information is an obvious starting point for throughout the operation before any streamlining effort, many process deployment. organizations see it as a daunting task and

    rarely do it because they do not have the ? Publish process data in a variety of

    right tool for the task: EMC Consulting file formats, such as Microsoft Office

    Whiteboard for Visio. The intuitive Visio Visio, Microsoft Office Word,

    2003 interface incorporated into EMC Microsoft Office Excel, XML, HTML,

    Consulting Whiteboard for Visio allows and PDF file formats.

    the people at Kodak who are used to C&GS analysts can then hone the process

    working with Visio to transfer their skills until it’s optimized and aligns with the

    to this program and continue quickly and business priorities in the C&GS operation.

    effectively creating as-is process diagrams.

    As Dan Hay, Microsoft Office Visio Group

    Product Manager explains, “Visio makes it

    easy for ordinary people to produce To avoid these types of costly mistakes, detailed, accurate, professional diagrams Kodak is taking an operation-wide that can be broadly communicated and approach by analyzing its processes from understood. Microsoft is excited about the end to end with EMC Consulting EMC Consulting solution that together Enterprise Hub for Visio. Kodak predicts with Visio provides enterprise customers a its employees will save time and effort by valuable, strategic asset that can be used to analyzing processes across the entire decrease costs, improve the bottom line, C&GS operation using one accurate data and optimize business processes.” repository. Kodak predicts it can also

    reduce the costs of collecting, maintaining, In addition to a low learning curve, there is and distributing process data with one no confusion about which shapes to use. repository. Everyone throughout the organization uses

    a handful of simple shapes to diagram their Use Valuable Software Tools and portion of the overall process. The result is Integrate Their Functionality consistent, error-free, as-is process EMC Consulting Enterprise Hub is an diagrams that are simple to understand and efficient tool for process analysis and easy to validate and integrate into the Microsoft Office Visio is an effective tool enterprise hub. Kodak predicts that using for documenting processes. Kodak wanted EMC Consulting Whiteboard for Visio to to use these valuable tools and enable its capture as-is process data in diagram form employees to transfer their knowledge will reduce the time it takes to capture data, about these tools to an integrated solution thereby increasing employee productivity. that combined both products. EMC

    Consulting enabled them to do just that. Save Time and Reduce Costs by Now with EMC Consulting Whiteboard for Analyzing End-to-End Processes Visio and EMC Consulting Enterprise Hub In order to enhance processes operation-for Visio, Kodak can seamlessly move data wide, Kodak needs to analyze them from from Microsoft Office Visio to EMC end to end. This seems like another Consulting Enterprise Hub and vice versa obvious component in any streamlining without distorting the data, which enables effort; however, it is also another daunting Kodak to use the functionality of each tool task. It is much easier and less and add value to each tool’s output. Kodak overwhelming for individual departments realizes the best of both worldsor teams to improve their part of the maximum functionality and value. process, while overlooking

    interdepartmental dependencies, process overlaps, and the operation-wide big picture. Shortcuts like these are often expensive and the root cause of all

    streamlining effort failures.

    Microsoft Office Visio 2003 is an easy-to-use diagramming application that enables business and technical professionals to document, design, communicate, Microsoft Office System: and improve ideas, processes, and systems. ? Microsoft Office Visio 2003

    ? Microsoft Office Word 2003 For more information about Microsoft Office Visio 2003, go to: ? Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Other Microsoft software and

    technologies: ? Microsoft SQL Server 2000

    ? Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1

    Hardware A variety of portable and desktop

    computers and servers



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