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Professoren TU BAF

    Centre of Advanced Study and Research, TU Bergakademie Freiberg 1

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    (Lehrstuhl bzw. 0049-3731-39


    Wolfgang Sproessig 2688 Quaternion analysis, Cliffordanalysis, edge 应用分析 综合分析

    valuetasks for partial differential equations,

    mathematical modelling in thin layer systems

    with additional edge terms, Quaternionic

    analysis and partial differential equations,

    European intensive Courses in analysis Elias Wegert 2689 Riemann-Hilbert Probleme, edge value and 应用分析 非线性分析

    transmission problems, unique integral

    equations, auto correlation equation, packets of a circle Michael Reissig 2910 abstract Cauchy-Kowalewskaja Teorie, Hele-应用分析 偏微分方程

    Shaw currents, generalised analytic functions,

    degenerated elliptical differential equations, degenerated hyperbolische differential

    equations Swanhild Bernstein 2955 swanhild.bernstein@math.tu-Harmonious analysis and, Wavelets, inverse 应用分析 谐波分析及应用 problems, Clifford analysis and generalised

    functional theory Ingo Schiermeyer 2701 Ingo.Schiermeyer@tu-Algorithmische graph theory, discreet 离散数学与代数 离散应用数学 mathematics / theory of combinations,

    approximation algorithms, complexity theory Udo Hebisch 3187 Half groups, half rings, algebraic methods of 离散数学与代数 代数学

    the informatics Martin Sonntag 3306 Competitive hypergraph and dominant 离散数学与代数 数学图论

    hypergraphe, numberings of graphs and

    hypergraphs, maximum stream algorithms in transport networks Michael Eiermann 2322 数值分析与优化 数值分析

    Xiong Huojin, 2009-11-09

    Centre of Advanced Study and Research, TU Bergakademie Freiberg 2 Wolfgang Mönch 3279 Numerical solution of non-linear equations, 数值分析与优化 数值分析与 数理信息

    parametre treasure problems, parallel Computing Stephan Dempe 2956 Theory and Algorithms for Nondifferentiable 数值分析与优化 数学优化 Optimization and Discrete Programming

    Probléme, Parametric Optimization, Bilevel

    and Multilevel Programming, Applications of

    Mathematical Programming Oliver Ernst 3246 Stochastic Galerkin Matrices 随机微分方程 数值分析与优化

    Efficient Solvers for a Linear Stochastic

    Galerkin Mixed Formulation of Diffusion Problems with Random Data Karl Gerald van den 3225 Statistics of special scales, Compositional 概率论 应用概率学

    Boogaart Data Directions, Axes and Orientations

    Crystallographic orientation measurements,

    Crystall defects (fission tracks, dislocations) Statistics and stochastic modelling of

    SystemsModelling of ecosystems (e.g. Forst

    Ecology, Limnology) , Interaction of physics

    and stochastic geometries (e.g. Filtration,

    Properties of random composites,


    Modelling with stochastic differential


    Geostatistics, nonlinear geostatistics

    conditional distributions, geostatistics and

    differential equations Wolfgang Näther 2321 Statistics with fuzzy data, blurred chance 概率论 数理统计

    variable, optimum estimates, fundamental

    methodical questions, blurred data analysis, blurred regression, interactions and fuzzy

    measures, geostatistics with not exact

    variogramm, test planning for stochastische

    processes for the estimate of the trend, for

    predictions, evaluation of derivation

    measurements; classical statistics; linear

    models, test planning, time rows Konrad Froitzheim 3939 MurX - a Multimediaframework for X and 计算机科学 操作系统与通信技术

    Unix/Linux embedded in the XWindow

    Xiong Huojin, 2009-11-09

    Centre of Advanced Study and Research, TU Bergakademie Freiberg 3

    system, compressed transference of media

    fragments of the X client to the X server;

    Toolkit to the programming of multimedia

    applications ; MIST - Media Internet

    Streaming Tool box Videodistribution on the

    Internet, dynamic adaptation of the

    compression to different appication

    requirements; Enlargement of the Wavelet

    compression on conditional replenishment


    Bernd Steinbach 2568 steinbach@informatik.tu-Highly dimensional Boolesche problems; 计算机科学 软件技术与编程技术 Efficiency increase by processing of

    Ternaervectorlisten-Tupeln; Decomposition

    strategies; Data Mining by decomposition of

    mehrwertiger functions; Theory Boolescher

    rings - Special Normally form (SNF); Exact

    ESOP minimisation; Neural nets; Parallel

    processing / software technology; Methods of

    the development of nebenläufiger algorithms

    based on the Unified Modelling Language

    (UML); Methods of the hardware / software

    code design for nebenläufige distributed

    embedded systems outgoing from an UML

    modelling; Test of software systems

    Heinrich Jasper 3116 Strategic Interaction of Real Agents 计算机科学 人工智能与数据库

    Bernhard Jung 3837 Virtual Workers: Interactive digital human 计算机科学 虚拟现实与多媒体

    models in the virtual Prototyping; Action

    capture; Grasp Recognition; Embedding

    Robots in Virtual Reality; VR in the opencast

    mining; Virtuhcon - Virtual high temperature

    conversion processes by means of mineral

    Xiong Huojin, 2009-11-09

    Centre of Advanced Study and Research, TU Bergakademie Freiberg 4



    Matthias Otto 3468 Matthias.Otto@chemie.tu-Dividing procedures; Atomspektrometrie; Chemometrie 分析化学 分析化学

    Edwin Kroke 3174 Edwin.Kroke@chemie.tu-Molecule chemistry of the silicon; Aminosilane and Silazane: Representation, Derivatisierung and application; Chlorine and Hydridochlorsilane co-ordinated; Chelatliganden for 5-and 6-fold co-ordinated Si-connections; Relocation reactions of 硅化学与化学 无机化学 higher co-ordinated Si-connections; Material chemistry of the silicon; Polymer-derived Si/C/N-and Si/C/O ceramics, Metall-Keramik-Nanokomposite; Si-Nanopartikel: Chlorsilanreduktion, stabilisation and surface modification; Wet-chemical

    corroding of silicon (silicon recycling, surface structuralisation), overview as graphics; (Poly) silylcarbodiimide, not oxidische gels and highly porous Si/C/N ceramics; Precursortechnik; Molecular and polymere Heptazinderivate and 材料科学 Kohlenstoffnitride; C / N - and C/N/P-flaming protection means; CNx-Nanotubes for electric-catalytic uses; Sol gel chemistry (among other things for layers and porous materials); High-pressure syntheses; New high-pressure phases and hard

    materials in the system SiAlON; (ultra) hard Nanokomposite

    Wolfgang Voigt 4338 Wolfgang.Voigt@chemie.tu-Solubility solution balance; solution process; solution kinetics. 无机化学 化学盐、熔融盐及电 解质溶液


    Crystal chemistry

    Salt melting and salt hydrate melting

    Heat accumulator materials Edwin Weber 2386 complex chemistry and inclusion forming (host-guest chemistry); Crystal engineering and material development; molecular recognition and chemical Sensors; Self-Assembly and functional layer structures. (2) material qualities related with 有机化学 超分子化学 environment; Chemoassays, Bioassays and structural activities related with the toxicity of chemical materials; molecule-theoretical analysis of organic reaction mechanisms.

    Gerrit Schüürmann 3873 有机化学 理论和有机化学, 生态


    Florian Mertens 3737 florian.mertens@chemie.tu-Adsorption phenomena in surfaces and in microporous structures, calorimetrie in chemical and biological systems, catalysis, hydrogen storage. 物理化学 物理化学

    Hans Jörg Mögel 2139 hans-joerg.moegel@chemie.tu-Disperse systems, Monte Carlo simulations, theoretical physical chemistry 接口与离散 物理化学

Martin Bertau 2384 martin.bertau@chemie.tu- 技术化学 化学与物理

    Armin Müller 2324 armin.mueller@chemie.tu-Production of silicon for the photovoltaics, CO2 fixation, white biotechnology (industrial biocatalysis) 技术化学 化学与物理

    Xiong Huojin, 2009-11-09

    Centre of Advanced Study and Research, TU Bergakademie Freiberg 5 Hans Joachim Möller 2896 electronic-grade silicone, GaAs, Sic, InP, GaN, poly silicone, minerals, CuGaSe2 / CuInSe2, organic semiconductors 实验物理 物理学协会

Jens Kortus 4008 Jens.Kortus@physik.tu-The system Si-Al-O-N under extreme pressure: A synthetic and cost-accounting route to new materials, research on new procedures with no contact and non-destructive investigation in the defects in construction elements and complicated material 理论物理 物理学协会 systems, defective correlation and tension correlation of GaN layers on nano-structured substrates

Hermann Heilmeier 3208 hermann.heilmeier@ioez.tu-Ecological physiology of the plants, vegetation ecology, biocoenose plant insect systems, biodiversity research, nature conservation biology 生物学/生态学 生物学

Michael Schlömann 3739 michael.schloemann@ioez.tu-Microbiology of mining waters, synthesis enantiomeren of pure chemicals by bacteria, microbiological dismantling organic pollutants, microbiology in the subsoil, Biotenside 环境微生物学 生物学

    Xiong Huojin, 2009-11-09

    Centre of Advanced Study and Research, TU Bergakademie Freiberg 6



    Carsten Drebenstedt 3373 Assessment of the specific grasp resistance of hall 1 - boulder clay from the opencast mining in south Welzow 采矿与 地下工程 露天采矿

    Partial job 2: In-situ measurement, development of a computer animation to the origin of the Elb sand stone mountains and visualisation of Dresden by means of 3D-display, computer-aided mining planning for a potash bed

    Frank Dahlhaus 2360 frank.dahlhaus@mabb.tu-Use of self-condensing concrete (SVB) in the underground mining; use of various and redundant thick elements for enduring stable closing constructions 采矿与地下工程 建筑施工与混凝土

    Transport behavior of the system "firm roadway" under high dynamic demands

    Wolfram Kudla 2958 wolfram.kudla@mabb.tu-Development and improvement of testing equipments in ground work, civil engineering, in particular in condensing technology and condensing examination; device development in the earth construction / ground mechanics; statistical test planning 采矿与地下工程 土方工程与地下工程 and test evaluation; ground improvement procedure; enduring stable geotechnical closing buildings for underground deposite and atomic wastes; numerical methods in the geotechnology and in the mining

Matthias Reich 2491 Matthias.Reich@tbt.tu-Seismic Prediction while drilling 钻井技术与流体钻井技术、工程设备 矿业 与矿山机械

    Development and practise test of new drilling tools based on ultrahard materials Moh’d Amro 2542 钻井技术与流体地下水的采掘与储存

    矿业 技术

    Steffen Wagner 2830 steffen.wagner@tbt.tu-Geothermal Energy 钻井技术与流体地下水的采掘与储存 矿业 技术

    Jürgen Schmidt 2681 钻井技术与流体水土保护


    Helmut Schaeben 2784 integration of geometrical, topological, geological, and geophysical data in 3D digital geomodels, Use of GIS for geological tasks such as the rotation of data from different continents to make them comparable, Mathematical methods which 地质学 地质数学与信息

    determine the orientation distribution of mineral grains in rocks, Numerical modelling of geological processes with Finite Element or Discrete Element Methods

    Broder J. Merkel 2792 Thioarsenate and uranyl-arsenate determination by XAS & XANES 水文地质 水文地质与环境地质

    Uranium speciation by LC-ICP/MS

    Competitive sorption of uranium & arsenic & calcium with

    LC-ICP/MS, Laser induced time resolved fluorescence spectrometry

    Rehabilitation of acid mine lakes

    Submarine volcanism Panarea (requires scientific diving certificate ...)

    Hydrogeology Urema Rift (Gorongosa, Mozambique)

    Remote sensing of soil moisture in Jordan

    Groundwater modelling (Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Kirgystan)

    Arsenic in Bangladesh

    Xiong Huojin, 2009-11-09

    Centre of Advanced Study and Research, TU Bergakademie Freiberg 7

    Norbert Volkmann 2067 Norbert.Volkmann@geo.tu-Carbonization and degree of ripeness of coal and oil/natural gas mines; coal quality assessment; in particular from brown coals; special problems of the investigation and montanic Geology of brown coal deposit; special environmental Geology 燃料地质 地质学 questions about the dismantling, the raw material application, the recultivation in the brown-coal mining and the mining renovation

Christoph Breitkreuz 3296 General Geology, physical volcanology and clastic sedimentology 地质学 地质

    Jörg W. Schneider 2856 palaeontologic, phylogenetic and taxonomic exploration of macrofossils and microfossils (Invertebrate and Vertebrate) for the application in the Biostratigraphy, symbol analyse, Palaeontology of continental and marine sediments of the Paleozoic 古生物学 地质学

    era and the Mesozoic era (partly also of the Cenozoic era); Basic and applied research into the event and sequence stratigraphy and also into the Paleobiogeography as a basis of geotectonic reconstruction

Lothar Ratschbacher 3295 Tectonics, Geo/Thermochronology 地质学 地壳构造物理学

    Tectonics of the continental lithosphere with a focus on field investigations

Richard Gloaguen 2770 Richard.Gloaguen@geo.tu-Remote Sensing 地质学 地壳构造物理学

    Klaus Stanek Klaus.Stanek@geo.tu-Regional Geology, Microanalytics 地质学 地壳构造物理学

    Thomas Bohlen 地球物理学 2728 thomas.bohlen@geophysik.tu-seismic modelling of the full elastic wavefield: applications and methodological improvements, full waveform inversion, surface wave inversion and tomography, reflection seismic imaging 地球物理学

    Klaus Spitzer 2722 klaus.spitzer@geophysik.tu- Development of numerical simulation and inversion techniques for electric and electromagnetic methods, Investigating the near-surface regions of the Earth and terrestrial bodies Characterizing material properties by means of electric quantities, 地球物理学 工程与环境地球物理 DFG research project: Development of three-dimensional dc resistivity simulation techniques for borehole appications, DFG research project: The vertical gradient method in combination with magnetotelluric, borehole geophysical and dc

    resistivity methods for the determinatioon of the electric resistivity in the upper crust, DFG research project: Integrated data interpretation concept for dc resistivity techniques using three-dimensional simulation, sensitivity analysis, and inversion, DFG research project : Numerical simulation of transient electromagnetic fields for investigating the subsurface Herbert Klapperich 3614 herbert.klapperich@ifgt.tu-Bases of the ground mechanics; Special ground constructions/buildings/mining; Mechanics in civil engineering; Infrastructure project/ Tunnel construction/underground pits; Environmental technology / surface recycling - 地质工程学 地表机械,采矿技 rehabilitation/security/waste industry/mining landscape; Historical buildings 术,基础建筑

    Heinz Konietzky 2519 heinz.konietzky@ifgt.tu-Development of geotechnical methods and a geomechanical models for the judgement of the stability of chalkstones under progressive weathering to guarantee the public security; Micromechanical simulation of the splitting behaviour of hard 地质工程学 山体与岩石力学/岩石 rocks under high pressure; Numerical modelling of micromechanical processes on the basis of the kernel structure for the understanding of micromechanical damaging processes 工程

    Anton Sroka 2612 Proof of Intra-Plate-Tectonic by Space Geodesy, geomodelling, geostatistics in the environmental research, deformation analysis 矿山没量与应用矿山工程学


    Gerhard Heide 2665 Gerhard.Heide@mineral.tu-Typologic features of minerals in rocks and deposits; Spectroscopy of minerals; Mota mineralogy; Environmental mineralogy 矿物学 矿物学概论与应用矿 物学

Joerg Matschullat joerg.matschullat@ioez.tu-Complex environmental assessment of running water and its sediments at home and abroad; Inquiry into certain regional underground concentrations of elements in relation with environment; Evaluation of the danger potential of grassland grounds; 矿物学 地质化学与地质生态 Influence of mining waste dumps on the environment; Geochemical barriers for pollutant reducing with long stability; Isotopic Geochemistry/age dating; Damages caused by the environment to stones and mortarboard and their causes;

    GIS application in geochemistry; Geochemistry of oceanic sediments

    Jens Götze 2638 Complex investigations on quartz and other silica raw materials; Czochralski growth of high-piezoelectric single crystal for electronic applications; Thermally sprayed SiN coatings; Development of thermally sprayed bioceramic coatings with 矿物学 矿物技术 34

    improved adhesion to titanium alloy implants; Origin of volcanic agate; Methodological development of cathodoluminescence microscopy and spectroscopy; Fractal nature of the microstructure of plasma-sprayed ceramic coatings; Studies on

    superabsorbent polymer/clay composite (SAPC); Clay mineralogy: Sorption properties of heavy metals on clay; Protective coatings for application in outer space; Synthesis and properties of ferroelectric ceramic powers; Cathodoluminescence

    Xiong Huojin, 2009-11-09

    Centre of Advanced Study and Research, TU Bergakademie Freiberg 8

     investigations into bioceramic coatings of implant materials

    Thomas Seifert 2626 thomas.seifert@mineral.tu- "Research and exploration project to the mining geology, mineralogy and geochemistry of hydrothermal Au-polymetallic vein-type mineralization in the French Gulch and Mission mining districts (Bullion River Gold Corp.), California, USA"; 矿物学 矿层研究 "Petrogenese of the granite complexes of Eibenstock and Kirchberg under special consideration of mafischer lode rocks"; "Gold in the Saxon Vogtland; Characterisation of the chosen layer and derivation to the origin of the gold"

Bernhard Schulz 2668 Bernhard.Schulz@mineral.tu-My research interest centers on metamorphic rocks, their geochemistry, geochronology, geothermobarometry, microstructures and regional structural geology. Studied regions are the Eastern Alps to the south of the Tauern Window, the Armorican 矿物学 岩石学 Massif and the French Massif Central.

    The current projects are on monazite dating by electron microprobe and related trace-element study of garnet in metapelites. Trace elements in garnet and monazite and EMP Th-U-Pb dating of tectonothermal processes in the

    inverted metamorphic series of La Sioule and Haut Allier (French Massif Central) , Dating of metamorphism in metapelites of the Léon Domain (Armorican Massif, France) by trace element analysis in monazite and garnet (EMP and LA-ICPMS),

    In-situ Th-Pb dating of monazite by laser ablation ICPMS with a single collector.

    Xiong Huojin, 2009-11-09

    Centre of Advanced Study and Research, TU Bergakademie Freiberg 9



    Georg Unland bzw. 3179 Thomas.Folgner@iam.tu-Processing machines and environmental 洗选机械 机械加工与洗选技术

    Dr. Folgner technology; construction methodology and

    calculation methods; agglomeration

    technology; processing of renewable raw

    materials; recycling; mineralogy

    Andreas Rehkopf 3291 Andreas.Rehkopf@aut.tu-Modelling of dynamic process; process 自动化技术 控制技术 automation; secure automation

    Peter Löber 3230 Architecture concept for distributed 自动化技术 过程自动化

    automation systems; Drafting and

    implementing transformation models and application of handling and robot systems;

    industrial real time communication

    technology / RT-Ethernet; MC-based

    developments and applications; MES

    component developments (PDMS, Q-system,

    leading situation, simulation...); modelling,

    simulation; realisation of material handling

    systems of Waferfabs

    N.N. 2894 bertram.frei@e-technik.tu-Development of special control and 电气工程 电气工程 measuring procedures as well as control and

    measuring instruments for the energy and

    power technology;

    Minimisation of the dynamic demand in the

    mechanical power chain for three-phase AC

    by wave mechanics regulation and


    Mathematical modelling and digital

    simulation of asynchron and regulation of

    electric power with the application of

    Xiong Huojin, 2009-11-09

    Centre of Advanced Study and Research, TU Bergakademie Freiberg 10

    observing synchronous machines

    Identification of the parametres of

    asynchronous and synchronous machines

    Bernd Meyer 4510 Technical assessment of fossil and biogenic 能源加工技术与能源加工技术与热能

    solid fuels including substitute fuels; 化学工程 残渣处理 characterisation of the pyrolysis and

    gasification behaviour of coal and biomase; research on mechanisms, material and

    energy balances of pyrolysis process

    according to the process parametres and

    characterisation of the pyrolysis producte;

    research on the reactivities of fuels and the

    kinetics of gasification processes; research on

    the minerals behaviour during their

    conversion processes and the influence on

    ash quality wtih the special application of

    biomase; development as well as technical

    and economic assessment of process chains

    for the use of the material and/or use of

    biomass as energy (e.g., BtL); producing and

    characterisation of coke for different uses

    (e.g. Active coke and reduction coke);

    development / optimisation of carbon

    absorbing materials in particular for the

    environment protection (exhaust gas, smoke

    and sewage purification)

    Thomas Kuchling 4533 thomas.kuchling@iec.tu-technical questions of reactions (reaction 能源加工工程与反应技术 mechanisms, kinetics, process optimisation 化学工程 and process simulation), in oil processing,

    petrochemistry and fuel chemistry

    Christos G. Aneziris 2505 Material and process development of 陶瓷、玻璃与建陶瓷

    dispersion ceramics steady with thermo-筑材料技术 schock and resistant to corrosion for high temperature circumstances in steel

    production; microstructural modification of

    ionic ceramics for sensor; macro and micro

    process optimisation of open porous

    ceramics; structure manipulation and gradual

    Xiong Huojin, 2009-11-09

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