Summary of projects in Yorkshire Humberside

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Delivery of safe employment practice and allegations management training to the third and private sector; Evaluation of progress and further work needed

    Contract Holder Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

    Barnsley ? Existing training provision in ? Work undertaken with local NVQ ? Continue to deliver workshops on Barnsley identified & adapted to providers to increase the number of themes identified by the third sector Barnardo’s Priory Family meet third sector needs third sector employees taking up ? Undertake review, including Centre NVQ’s stakeholder evaluation ? Bespoke training made available to ? Increase further take up of training the third sector ? Forum established for funders,

    ? Workshops delivered ? Newsletter about Barnsley CWD providers and the third sector to

    training and support produced continue dialogue on training needs ? Providers to remove barriers to take

     up of training by the third sector &

    ensure take-up of funding available

    from BMBC to support training Bradford ? Plan and deliver a series of training ? Continue implementation of training ? Further raising of safeguarding events on the Common Core in integrated working practices standards Bradford Community & ? Pilot a training scheme for the local ? Evaluation & adjustments made to ? Further training in integrated Voluntary Service children’s disabilities workforce to the training programme for working practices appropriate to incorporate the Common Core children’s disabilities workforce Bradford model

    elements ? Support a local accreditation ? Further development of VCS

    process in safeguarding for VCS workforce recruitment project to ? Publish self-assessment toolkit for

    VCS organisations to assess their organisations, including awareness encompass both paid and unpaid

    position with regard to safeguarding events staff

    ? Plan & prepare a ‘grown our own’ ? Mainstream the volunteer

    programme to encourage recruitment programme and

    recruitment and accredited training progress to next stage of

    developing pathways to

    Contract Holder Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

    of volunteers employment

    Calderdale ? Trainer recruited to work alongside ? Training programme developed for ? Further training delivered on existing Trainer for Integrated front line staff and managers on specific integrated working Barnardo’s Working within Calderdale Multi-specific requirements of integrated processes and tools Agency Assessment Service working processes & tools ? Build capacity by training staff / ? The Trainer will work with third and ? Third & private sector represented volunteers from the sectors to

    private sector colleagues and be on the Workforce Strategy deliver training. These trainers will

    recruited from one of these sectors Development Group then offer support to colleagues

    across the sectors. ? The Trainer’s brief will be to develop ? Links made with Calderdale Youth

    relationships with key stakeholders Council and the Children & Young

    and to undertake a training needs People’s Partnership workshop

    analysis arranged to explore the contribution

    of children & young people in the development of the Workforce


    Doncaster ? Dedicated staff support to ? Continuation of dedicated support ? Continuation of dedicated support to administer the programme to administer the programme administer the programme Doncaster Council for ? Training events to increase capacity ? Publicity to improve awareness and ? Publicity to improve awareness and Voluntary Service of the sector understanding of workforce understanding of workforce development development ? Ensure the voluntary & community

    sector have access to common ? Training events held ? Training events held

    induction standards

    ? Provision of joint training & events

    with the workforce strategy group

    East Riding ? Identification of PVI workforce ? Continued delivery of specific ? Continued delivery of specific needs through mapping exercise training training East Riding CVS ? Mapping of current provision ? Input into the East Riding training ? Input into the East Riding training

    Contract Holder Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

    available plan plan

    ? Delivery of specific training to meet ? Participation of key stakeholders ? Participation of key stakeholders

    needs within the PVI sector on children’s within the PVI sector on children’s

    workforce development strategy workforce development strategy ? Identification of progression routes sub-groups sub-groups to further education

    ? Consultation event and evaluation ? Exit strategy developed & questionnaire completed sustainable partnerships identified

    Hull ? Mapping of the PVI sector to ? PVI Managers to be supported to ? Evaluation of years 1 and 2 & establish workforce needs in terms induct staff in line with CWDC review Children’s Workforce North Bank Forum for of recruitment & retention Induction Standards Strategy in line with the evaluation Voluntary Organisations ? Development of mapping into a ? PVI staff to receive basic training in ? Ongoing training delivery as in training needs analysis that can line with the Common Core of skills years 1 and 2 inform the Young People’s Services and & knowledge

    Workforce Development Strategy ? Basic qualification & traineeship from 2008 onwards schemes to be set up in line with full

     Children & Young People’s

    Partnership Schemes with equal access for PVI staff

    Kirklees ? Survey of workforce development ? Delivery of training programme to ? Continued development and needs & recommendations for VCS. Anticipated key areas include delivery of training Voluntary Action Kirklees forward strategy CAF training, basic assessment ? Exploration of how training delivery skills, behaviour management, can be mainstreamed ? Delivery of introductory briefing sharing information, informed sessions for CAF, safeguarding, ? Continued attendance at strategic consent, safeguarding, involving behaviour management etc meetings to ensure the programme children & young people and

    remains responsive and informs the ? Delivery of ‘playing our part’ evidencing impact

    programme, including surgeries development of forward strategy

    Leeds ? Improve the capacity of the third ? Reduce barriers to participation, ? Recommendations & plans sector to engage in and support the leading to increased access to and developed to increase access to

    Contract Holder Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

    Leeds Voice review and development of the improved engagement of the Third and improved engagement of the

     Local Workforce Strategy Sector in the development of the private sector in the development of

     Workforce Strategy the Workforce Strategy ? Audit and map the third sector

    workforce for numbers, grades, job ? Children’s Trust arrangement has ? Improve support to employers in the

    descriptions and geographical robust management information third & private sectors to share

    location in line with expectations of about the private sector workforce information, good practice &

    other partners within the Children’s to inform workforce development knowledge to assist workforce

    Trust arrangements development activities ? Identify barriers to engagement of

    ? Identify barriers to engagement of the third sector in workforce reform

    the third sector in the workforce strategy and ways to overcome

    reform strategy and ways to them

    overcome them

    North East Lincolnshire ? Improved access to best practice to ? Introduce supervision and set ? Development of Managers within support frontline practices & standards & training for supervision the third sector, in line with the rest Voluntary Action North East identification of key webpages and practice of the workforce Lincolnshire advertising ? Event to publicise quality assurance ? Career pathways in place for third packages on offer sector staff, including accreditation ? Every Child Matters awareness

    raising events delivered within the routes ? Accreditation of Handbook on community to PVI sector Common Induction Standards ? Third sector taking part in training

    ? Pilot Common Induction Standards the workforce ? Train third sector staff to be equal and training with multi-agency partners in multi-agency work groups to include the third sector,

    ? Develop further e-learning / including Induction Standards

    accessible packages workbook for those with no


    ? E-learning package produced to

    develop awareness of child

    protection for Foster Carers

    North Lincolnshire ? Mapping voluntary and private ? Delivery of accredited and non-? Specialist pathways training

    Contract Holder Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

     sector contribution to children, accredited Common Induction developed & delivered to highlight Voluntary Action North young people & family services training progression routes for the VCS & Lincolnshire private sector workforce ? Every Child Matters training courses ? Continuation of awareness raising / events delivered training ? Feasibility & needs analysis for a

    local voluntary sector accreditation ? VCS represented on Safeguarding ? Update mapping information & centre completed Board and Executive Committee analysis

    ? VCS involved in Children’s Trust ? Voluntary, Community & Private ? ‘Workforce Engagement’ post structures sector engaged in consultations holder appointed (with

    Safeguarding Board) ? Report on whether VCS & private

    sector agencies are in growth or

    decline and evidence fed into the

    strategic planning agenda North Yorkshire ? Continue work identified in year 2 ? Workforce Development sub group ? Continued development of to focus on this agenda Workforce Development Sub group ? Priorities may change as the North Yorkshire Forum for programme develops ? Workforce data exercise to inform ? Ongoing maintenance of workforce Voluntary Organisations future training needs data and training needs analysis

    ? Development of a dedicated area ? Ongoing development of ‘Learning

    for private and third sector on Zone’

    Children & Young People’s portal ? Identification of training needs looking at vacancies, career and

    ? Priorities may change as the development opportunities

    programme develops ? Development of a dedicated area

    for Private and Third sector ‘NYCC

    Learning Zone’ looking at

    appropriate e-learning packages

    such as safeguarding and

    integrated processes

    Rotherham ? Continue areas of work from year 1 ? Build capacity and sustainability ? Continuation of key areas of work initially through the development of from years 1 and 2 ? Engagement with new voluntary

    Contract Holder Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

Chantry YMCA a system to manage performance organisations ? Further investment in the and development for the workforce, development of managers and ? Commence engagement with the which directly links to the Common leaders. private sector. Core. ? Investment will be made in building ? Embedding of Common Core and ? Develop the skills, knowledge and a qualified workforce. Common Induction Standards abilities of managers and leaders with a key priority of mapping other

    areas of work that support this ? Development of materials &

    activities to potentially become

    income generators by providing

    services to external organisations.

    Sheffield ? Extend an existing programme of ? Delivery of safe employment ? Delivery of safe employment safeguarding training for the third practice and allegations practice and allegations Family Welfare Association and private sector, delivered via a management training to the Third management training to the third

    partnership between Sheffield and Private sector and private sector

    Safeguarding children Board and ? Evaluation of progress and further Family Welfare Association work needed

    ? Include the third and private sectors

    in safe employment and allegations

    management training, in

    accordance with Sheffield’s

    Workforce Development Strategy

    York ? Mapping of quality assurance / ? Supporting previously unengaged ? Continuation of work shown in year improvement schemes to support groups to identity gaps in their two. York Council for Voluntary PVI groups working practices and strengthen Service their working practice ? Information / route map produced showing how workforce strategies in ? Assisting groups already known to

    York link with QA/QI frameworks networks by signposting to support

    or providing direct support ? Identification of hard to reach

    groups & results logged on PVI ? Working with children and young

    people to gather information about

    Contract Holder Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

    database PVI groups operating in another

    locality ? Gap analysis on groups meeting

    key standards and QA to align with

    the Children’s Workforce Strategy

    Wakefield ? Build upon skills and qualification ? Build on the knowledge gained in ? Continue with the delivery of the audit undertaken in 2007 Year 1 & focus on delivery with the agenda set out in Year 2, but will Wakefield Children’s Fund recruitment of a part time co-seek to mainstream the agenda, ? Respond skills gaps and the Barnardo’s ordinator/ commissioning of an either by ensuing the embedding of priorities for intervention as set out agency, with responsibility for: a culture among statutory providers in the final audit - exploring which ensures engagement with the safeguarding, multi-agency training, ? Promoting the directory and training PVI or by securing alternative information sharing between opportunities among the PVI funding for the worker agencies and the Common ? Ensuring the on-going access of Assessment Framework and the ? An evaluation of the project will be PVI services to statutory agency required competencies of managers completed to inform future planning training provision within the PVI and funding applications in support

    ? Acting as a conduit between the of the project beyond 2010 ? Commission an agency to 1) statutory sector and the PVI, explore these specific training reviewing training needs and the needs in more depth 2) Identify suitability of provision existing training opportunities (and

    ? Bringing the perspective of the PVI gaps), with a view to moving into

    to existing training opportunities. the delivery of the required training

    to the PVI in April 2008

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