Veritas Home Inspection, Inc

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Veritas Home Inspection, Inc

    Alan B. Burns, President IL License # 450.0004242

     34111 N. Harrison Street

    Round Lake, IL 60073



This Agreement is made and entered on _______________ between Veritas Date

    Home Inspection, Inc. and ___________________ (the “Client”), with respect to Name of Client

    the real property identified as:________________________________________ Address of Property to be Inspected


    (the “Subject Property”). The Inspection will be conducted on _______________ Date

at ____________. The fee for this inspection is $____________. Time

General Provisions: The Inspector agrees to perform a visual inspection of the

    Subject Property and to provide the Client with a written inspection report within

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48 hours from the date of the Inspection. The written report is not a substitute for

    any transferor’s or agent’s disclosure that may be required by law, or a substitute

    for the Client’s independent duty to reasonably evaluate the property prior to the

    close of the transaction. This Inspection Agreement, the real estate inspection,

    and the written report do not constitute a home warranty, guarantee, or insurance

    policy of any kind whatsoever.

Scope of the Inspection: Veritas Home Inspection, Inc. is hereby employed by

    the Client(s) to perform a limited visual inspection of the basic operation of the

    systems and components of a building which can be reached, entered, or viewed

    without difficulty, moving obstruction, or requiring any action which may result in

    damage to the property or personal injury to the inspector. The purpose of the

    inspection is to provide the Client with information regarding the general

    condition of the building(s). The Inspector will prepare and provide Client a

    written report for the sole use and benefit of the Client. The written report shall

    document any material defects discovered in the building(s) systems and

    components, which, in the opinion of the Inspector, are hazards, are not

    functioning properly, or appear to be at the end of their normal service life. The

    Standards of Practice used in this Home Inspection meet those prescribed by the

    Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations Office of Banks and

    Real Estate. The Standards of Practice may be viewed and/or printed on-line at

The Inspector will inspect and report on the following areas only:

    1. Structural Components-foundation, crawlspace, attic, floors, walls,

    columns, ceilings, and roof.

    2. Exterior of Structure-wall claddings, flashing, trim, exterior doors, attached

    decks, balconies, stoops, steps, porches, railings, the eaves, soffits, and

    fascias where accessible from the ground level, the vegetation, grading,

    surface drainage, and retaining walls on the property when any of these

    are likely to adversely affect the building, walkways, patios, driveways,

    and a representative number of windows.

    3. Roofing-roof coverings, roof drainage systems, flashing, skylights, roof

    penetrations and chimneys, as viewed from the ground. Some parts of

    the roofing might be obstructed and not observed from this position.

    4. Plumbing-interior water supply and distribution system including all fixtures

    and faucets, interior drain waste and vent systems, hot water system,

    sump pumps, drainage pumps and related piping, fuel storage and fuel

    distribution systems, and the location of the main water and main fuel

    shut-off valves.

    5. Electrical-service drop, service entrance conductors, cables, and

    raceways, service equipment and main disconnects, the service grounding,

    interior components of service panels and sub panels (which will require

    removal of the cover), the conductors, the over-current protection devices,

    voltage ratings, a representative number of installed ceiling fans, lighting

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    fixtures, switches and receptacles, ground fault circuit interrupters, and

    smoke detectors.

    6. Heating-Permanently installed heating system and its controls, chimneys,

    flues, heat distribution system, including fans, pumps, and duct exterior

    only, and automatic safety controls.

    7. Air Conditioning-Normal operating control of the central air conditioning

    system and the distribution system.

    8. Interior-Including walls, ceiling, floors, steps, a representative number of

    cabinets and a representative number of doors and windows. 9. Insulation and Ventilation-Insulation, vapor barrier, ventilation of attic and

    foundation, kitchen, bathroom and laundry venting system, and the

    operation of any readily accessible attic ventilation fan. 10. Built-In Kitchen Appliances-The observation and operation of dishwasher,

    range, trash compactor, garbage disposal, ventilation equipment,

    permanently installed oven and microwave oven.

    The following are outside the scope of this inspection and are not inspected:

    ? Any area which is not exposed to view, intermittent, or is inaccessible

    because of soil, walls, floor, carpets, ceiling, furnishings, or any other


    ? The inspection does not include any destructive or invasive testing, or


    ? Roofs are not walked on due to safety concerns.

    ? The Inspector cannot light pilot lights, activate the main water, gas or

    electrical controls, energize electrical circuits that are off, or operate any

    controls other than user controls that are normally operated by building


    ? Building code or zoning ordinance violations.

    ? Geological stability or soil condition, lot drainage or flood plan location of

    lot or home.

    ? Structural engineering analysis.

    ? Termites, ants, vermin or other such pests.

    ? Asbestos, radon, formaldehyde, lead, water or air quality, electromagnetic

    radiation or any environmental hazards.

    ? Building value or appraisal or cost estimates.

    ? Condition of detached dwellings including electrical plumbing or any other


    ? Heat testing if temperature is greater than 85 degrees; Cooling testing if

    temperature is less than 65 degrees.

    Environmental Conditions: The Client agrees what is being contracted for is a

    building inspection and not an environmental evaluation. The inspection is not

    intended to detect, identify, or disclose any health or environmental conditions

    regarding this building or property, including, but not limited to: the presence of

    asbestos, radon, lead, urea-formaldehyde, fungi, molds, mildew, PCBs, or other

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    toxic, reactive, combustible, or corrosive contaminants, materials, or substances in the water, air, soil, or building materials. The Inspector is not liable for injury, health risks, or damage caused or contributed to by these conditions.

Client: We encourage the client to be present at the inspection. This will enable

    the inspector to point out specific observations, as well as help the client understand any comments provided in the Home Inspection Report. This report is intended for use only by the party contracting for same. It is not intended to benefit any third party.

    The Client agrees to read the entire written report when it is received and promptly call the Inspector with any questions or concerns regarding the inspection or written report. The written report shall be the final and exclusive findings of the Inspector. The Client acknowledges that the Inspector is a generalist and that further investigation of a reported condition by an appropriate specialist may provide additional information which can affect the Client’s purchase decision.

Arbitration: In the event that any dispute arises out of, or relates to, the Home

    Inspection performed or Home Inspection Report issued under this Agreement, such dispute shall be submitted to arbitration for resolution. Election to submit any claim to arbitration must be given, in writing, to Veritas Home Inspection, Inc. within one (1) year of the Home Inspection. The arbitration shall be conducted pursuant to the “Rules and Procedures for the Expedited Arbitration of Home Inspection Disputes” administered by Construction Arbitration Services, Inc. In the event that a dispute is submitted to arbitration pursuant to this Paragraph, the decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties and judgment on the award of the arbitrator may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction. As a condition of the reduced fee incorporated herein, our liability shall in no case exceed five times the amount of the fee charged.

    Veritas Home Inspection, Inc. expresses no opinion of the subject property beyond what is set forth in its Home Inspection Report. The client may wish to obtain other types of inspections, such as mold, air quality or environmental inspections that are not addressed in the Home Inspection Report. Veritas Home Inspection, Inc. does not inspect for compliance with building codes or regulations of any governmental body, entity or agency.

This contract contains a binding arbitration provision which may be

enforced by the parties.

I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and accept the terms,

    conditions, and limitations as outlined in this Pre-Inspection Agreement.

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Client Signature Date

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Inspector’s Signature Date

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