surrogacy map of the world

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surrogacy map of the world

David LeeWei Xinthe Indian surrogate——a look into Indias surrogacy industry



    1North America

     - An estimated 25,000 surrogate babies were born in the US from 1976 to 2007. - A typical payment for a surrogate ranges between US$20,000 (S$30,782) to US$25,000.

    - States that allow but regulate surrogacy: California, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New Hampshire, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

    - Commercial surrogacy in Canada has been illegal since 2004, although altruistic surrogacy is allowed.

    2Western Europe

     Although surrogacy is legal in the UK, no commercial arrangements are allowed and the surrogate mother can only receive expenses in thousands of pounds through

    the Surrogacy Arrangement Act for medical and pregnancy related expenses.

    - Most women become surrogate mothers for altruistic reasons.

    - Only married couples can participate in a surrogacy agreement.

    - Countries in the European Union that ban all forms of surrogacy: Germany, Sweden, Norway and Italy.

3South Asia

    - When the Indian parliament passes the Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Bill & Rules, 2008, surrogate mothers may receive money for carrying the child and all their expenses are paid for during pregnancy.

    - The surrogate mother is bound by law to give up rights to the child, and the child’s birth certificate will have the names of his or her genetic parents. - Single parents may hire a surrogate mother for a baby.

    - All foreigners renting a womb in India will require documentary proof from their embassy that the child is accepted in the country of his or her genetic parents. 4Southeast Asia

    - Unclear laws regulating assisted reproductive services make Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines the

    go-to places for foreigners seeking surrogacy services in this part of the world. - All forms of surrogacy are banned in Singapore.


    East Asia

    - In Japan, there is no law to regulate surrogate births. Medical councils such as The Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology as well as the Science Council of Japan have called for surrogacy to be banned.

    - In 2008, it is reported that more than 100 Japanese couples have used surrogates to have children in the United States. Meanwhile, a law to regulate surrogacy is being


    - Last year, the media reported on a 61-year-old Japanese woman who became a surrogate mother to her own grandchild possibly the oldest surrogate mother in


    - Gestational surrogacy is banned in China.



    - In Australia, the state of Queensland bans all forms of surrogacy.

    - Commercial surrogacy is prohibited In other Australian states such as Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and South Australia.

    - Commercial surrogacy is banned in New Zealand.


     Eastern Europe

    - Russia and Ukraine are the only European countries where surrogacy is fully legalised.

    - Foreign couples are allowed to pursue surrogacy arrangements in both countries.

    Greece has the best law for surrogacy since 2002, surrogacy is legal in Israel and practiced in South Africa, Poland, Ireland, Denmark, and northern and several eastern countries

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