Netherlands Management Training Program NMTP Vietnam, 2010

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The Netherlands Management Training Program (NMTP) is a joint effort of the government andunderstanding of management and to strengthen their skills to

NMTP Info Candidates

    Netherlands Management Training Program (NMTP) Vietnam, 2010


    The Netherlands Management Training Program (NMTP) is a joint effort of the government and business community of the Netherlands to provide Vietnamese managers with an increased understanding of management and to strengthen their skills to successfully develop economic relations with Dutch partners.

    The Dutch government organization, NL EVD International, Agency NL (EVD) is in charge of the organization and implementation of the program.

    VNR Investment Support is the coordinator of the program in Vietnam. The program offers a combination of training by Dutch business schools and a traineeship in a Dutch company.

Outline of the program

The program consists of five phases:

1. Pre-selection of the candidates who applied for the program;

    2. Basic training and final selection of the candidates in Vietnam (one week);

    3. Training in the Netherlands (ten days);

    4. Traineeship in a Dutch company (four weeks);

    5. Final two days of feedback and assessment.

1. Pre-selection

    Candidates can apply for participation through the website of VNR Investment Support ( or by sending an application e-mail to The criteria for application are specified below.

    A minimum of two weeks prior to the start of the basic training week in Vietnam, candidates will be informed on the final selection outcome.

2. Basic training program

    This part of the program takes one week and will be staged in Vietnam. The program consists of an intensive management training, in which entrepreneurship and the stimulation of trade-relations between the Netherlands and Vietnam take centre stage. The candidate will get further acquainted with, among others, marketing and sales, financial management and project management. At the same time there will be a focus on the development of personal skills; a focus on the improvement and elaboration of personal skills, such as entrepreneurial behaviour, creativity and effective presentations. During the basic training program a final selection of participants will be made. Criteria for final selection include the command of English in practice and active participation in the training week. The selected candidates will travel to the Netherlands within 10 to 12 weeks after the initial week of training.

Unit 209, 4 Dong Khoi Street, Contact: District 1, Ho Chi Minh City Tel. 08 3827 63 98 / 0903 727 059 Vietnam

NMTP Info Candidates

3. Training and traineeship program in the Netherlands

    The first part, the 10-day training in the Netherlands, will focus on business development, and consists of Western business practices in subjects such as project management, human resource management, marketing & sales and financial management.

    Close attention will be paid to cross-cultural management, with an emphasis on practices and customs in the Netherlands (business) community in order to prepare the Vietnamese candidates for their traineeship in a Dutch company.

4. Traineeship in a Dutch company

This part of the program can best be characterized as “how does theory work in practice”.

    Dutch companies participating in the program offer a four-week tailor-made traineeship, to combine the specific needs of the company with both the personal and professional goals of the Vietnamese candidate.

    Often the traineeship involves an assignment which focuses on the improvement of the performance of (parts of) the company. This manner of working will give the Vietnamese candidate an insight into the Dutch company's organizational structure, as well as the internal practices of business. It serves as a way to discover the key parameters for success for the business under consideration. It will encourage the candidate to make possible recommendations for change or improvement in the host company, as well as in the home companies.

    Each Dutch company will have a coach to support and guide the candidate during their practical assignment. EVD will actively monitor the achievements of the trainee throughout the program.

5. Feedback and assessment

    After the four weeks traineeship there will be a two-day feedback and assessment session hosted by EVD. During this session the results of the traineeships will be presented and discussed collectively. The candidates will present their plans for practical application of learning points and will make suggestions for potential follow-up actions between Netherlands and Vietnamese companies. These final two days are concluded with assessment of both the training and the traineeship. A closing ceremony will mark the conclusion of the program.

Financial arrangements

    There are practically no (direct) costs involved for candidates. Full board and lodging will be provided during the program. During the first week of training in Vietnam candidates will be hosted. During the training program in the Netherlands, including the final 2 days of feedback and assessment, candidates will be hosted by EVD. During the traineeship, the Dutch companies will provide accommodation and meals.

    The only cost involved for candidates is the way of transportation towards the first week of training in Vietnam, the way of transportation towards the airport for the study- and training program in The Netherlands and personal spending money throughout the program. Insurance will be provided for by EVD.

Time schedule

There will be one training program for 2010. The training week in Vietnam will take place around July. The

    training and traineeship program in the Netherlands will take place around October.

Unit 209, 4 Dong Khoi Street, Contact: District 1, Ho Chi Minh City Tel. 08 3827 63 98 / 0903 727 059 Vietnam

NMTP Info Candidates


Candidate can apply for the NMTP program by completing the NMTP application form (available on The completed application form can be sent to

Candidate selection criteria

    - Application submitted on time and complete according to requested documentation;

    - Vietnamese nationality;

    - Bachelor degree or equivalent

    - Working at Vietnamese owned, Small or Medium Size Enterprise (SME), private or Joint Venture


    - Preferably working in one of the priority sectors: Agriculture, Water, Health care or Private sector


    - Minimum 3 years relevant management experience (managing staff, managing clients managing

    projects, etc.);

    - Be able to communicate (speaking, listening) easily in English with foreigners, preferably having a

    certificate (TOEFL etc.). A certificate of English at C-level is the minimum requirement.

    - Have prior approval of their boss to attend the program

    - Preference will be given to candidates looking to establish new business activities / initiatives

    through economic cooperation;

    - Civil servants from ministries are not admitted to the program;

    - Applicants from foreign-owned companies are not admitted to the program;

    - Applicant may not participate in NMTP as part of / or as replacement for existing training

    programs in their home-company.

During the training week in Vietnam the final selection will be made on the basis of the suitability and

    motivation for the Dutch training and trainee part.

In general candidates should have an all round eagerness to learn and further develop their management


Applicants who have been accepted for the course are expected to attend. In case of no-shows

    or cancellations within 3 weeks before the start of the course, the organisers reserve the right

    to claim any costs incurred from the applicant’s employer.

Further information

For further information on NMTP Vietnam please contact:

VNR Investment Support NL EVD International

    Mr. Jos Langens Agency NL

    Mrs. Nghiem Lien Huong Ms Lisette Blüm

    Unit 208, No. 4 Dong Khoi Street Ms Naomi Smeele

    District 1, Ho Chi Minh City P.O. Box 20501

    Vietnam 2500 EC The Hague

    Tel. +84 (0)8 3827 6398 The Netherlands

    Mob. +84 (0)903 727 059 Tel. +31 (0)88 602 8136

    E-mail: Fax +31 (0)88 602 9026

    E-Mail: E-mail:

    Internet: Internet:

    Unit 209, 4 Dong Khoi Street, Contact: District 1, Ho Chi Minh City Tel. 08 3827 63 98 / 0903 727 059 Vietnam

NMTP Info Candidates

Unit 209, 4 Dong Khoi Street, Contact: District 1, Ho Chi Minh City Tel. 08 3827 63 98 / 0903 727 059 Vietnam

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