Questionnaire - Second Draft 31302

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Questionnaire - Second Draft 31302

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Under Jurisdiction of Dean (or VC) of:

Supervisor: Supervisor’s Title:

    “Academic Coordinator[s] … administer academic programs that provide

    service closely related to the teaching or research mission of the

    University. This service may be provided to academic departments, to

    students, or to the general public…. The duties of an Academic

    Coordinator are primarily administrative….[T]he program[administered]

    must be fundamentally academic in nature, involving University research

    activities or activities requiring judgements related to University

    instruction.” APM 375-4 (This section of the APM is available on-line at .)


     The following questions are designed to assist evaluators in appropriately classifying

    this position. In no more than six pages please provide narrative answers to the six

    broad organizing questions asked below. Immediately following each organizing

    question is a series of more focused questions that serve to illustrate the broader topic.

    They should be answered in the narrative only if they are relevant to the position.

     The appropriate classification for the position will be determined from the

    information provided in response to all the organizing questions. No single question

    is determinative in deciding upon the classification.

     To the extent that these questions do not seem to “fit” an individual situation, please

    provide a full or supplementary description of the position in 6.b.

     Please treat this questionnaire as a cover sheet and append the narrative answers.

1. What is the mission of this unit and how does the Academic Coordinator

    contribute to it?

    An example of a “unit” is a research institute or center. It would not normally be a department,

    school or college, unless the Academic Coordinator is serving the whole of one of these.

2. How complex are the responsibilities of this position?

    a. To what extent does this position shape the academic content of this unit’s output?

    b. What is the number and character of the programs run by this Academic Coordinator? How

    dissimilar are they from one another?

    c. What constituencies are served by this (these) program(s) and/or this Academic Coordinator?

    Are these constituencies located within the University, in the region or in the rest of the

    nation/ world? What is the impact of the Academic Coordinator’s work on these

    constituencies? (Committee work could be included as part of the answer to these questions.)

    d. What kinds of problems does the occupant of this position need to solve?

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    e. Provide examples if unusual originality or creativity is required on an on-going basis for the

    successful execution of the duties associated with this position.

    f. To what extent (if any) does this position require long-term planning, including the

    development of new programs or the significant revision of existing ones?

    g. If there are near term and firm plans that would significantly expand the responsibilities of

    this position, please include this information in answering the preceding sub-questions.

3. What financial responsibilities are associated with this position?

    a. What is the responsibility of the holder of this position for generating the funds that support

    the program(s) it runs?

    b. If this position manages a budget what is its size?

    c. How many separate fund sources support the program(s) in the charge of this Academic

    Coordinator? What discretion does the Academic Coordinator have as to what is charged to

    each fund and the movement of resources between them? Who else is responsible for the

    financial management of this (these) fund(s)?

    4. Who is accountable to whom in this position?

    a. To what larger entity (department, school, college, division) does this unit report?

    b. To whom does this position report, what is the payroll title of the supervisor(s), what

    percentage of that supervisor’s FTE is devoted to managing the unit, and how frequent and

    detailed is the supervision usually expected to be?

    c. How many employees are supervised by this Academic Coordinator (both head count and

    FTE) and how diverse are their duties?

    d. Whom else does this position coordinate, monitor, or advise in a non-supervisory capacity?

    In what ways? What is (are) the title(s) of these people within the organization? (For example,

    the Academic Coordinator might coordinate independent researcher or GSRs in their access

    to, and appropriate use of, unit equipment.)

    5. What qualifications are necessary to this job?

    a. What professional qualifications and/or level of experience are necessary for the successful

    performance of the duties associated with this position?

    b. What degree of continuing professional practice and/or development (including independent

    research and/or publication), beyond the above specified duties of the position, will be

    necessary to success in this position over the long run?

6. What is the formal relationship of this position to the organization?

    a. Submit an organization chart of the full unit in which this Academic Coordinator is (to be)

    employed, including the job classification and FTE of the unit’s various positions.

    b. If the organization chart and the rest of the narrative do not fully convey the way in which the

    position helps the unit fulfill its mission, please provide the needed additional information.


Academic Coordinator Supervisor (Add the unit

     director as well if different)

Dean or Vice-Chancellor Date

    Send completed and fully signed questionnaire to Academic Personnel Office, 127 California Hall, MC # 1502.

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