Round 13 By Jonathan Magin

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Round 13 By Jonathan Magin

Round 8 By Brittany Clark and Jonathan Magin

    Toss Ups:

    1) It was named by Jean Baptiste Perrin after a 19th century Italian scientist, and was first estimated by Johann Josef Lschmidt in 1865 using the kinetic gas constant. This unitless constant is the ratio of the universal gas constant to the Boltzmann constant. It can be used to count any quantity and is defined as the number of carbon-12 atoms in 12 grams of carbon 12. FTP, what is this constant defined as 6.022x1023?

    ANSWER: Avogadro’s number or Avogadro’s constant or mole (accept 6.022x1023

    before mentioned)

    2) This novel begins with the main character taking off work to go to his mother‟s funeral where he does not cry or grieve. He befriends a local pimp, Raymond, and helps him get rid of one of his native mistresses, which leads to a confrontation with the woman‟s

    brother, known only as “the Arab”. The protagonist later goes back to the beach and shoots the Arab five times and is tried and sentenced to be executed for his crime. FTP, Mersault is the first person narrator of this novel by Albert Camus.

    ANSWER: The Stranger (or L‟Etranger or The Foreigner or The Outsider)

    3) It ended the Warring States period when it subjugated the last of its rivals, resulting in the unification of China. A new centralized bureaucratic system was imposed on the empire and writing and coin forms were standardized. Many public works projects were built as was the first Great Wall. The first emperor of this dynasty was Shi Huangdi who was buried with an army of terracotta soldiers. FTP, name this dynasty that was preceded by the Zhou, and followed by the Han and lasted from 221BCE to 206BCE.

    ANSWER: Qin Dynasty

    4) This religion does not have a formal creed and members believe that no clergy or mediation is needed between people and direct experience with God. Belief in the simple speech led to early members of this religion to avoid using honorific titles, using numbers for the days of the week and months of the year and using “thee” and “thou”. Including a belief in an Inner Light that all people have, this is, FTP, what relatively small religion with large populations in Pennsylvania?

    ANSWER: Quakerism (accept word forms) or Religious Society of Friends

    5) It can cause seizures, mental illness, paranoia and photosensitivity of the skin which results in blisters, thus some grow excess body hair to compensate for the sensitivity. In come cases, the gums draw back making the teeth seem longer and the skin around the fingers may draw back, giving the appearance of claws. At one point it was theorized that drinking blood would relieve the symptoms. Often given as an explanation for lycanthropy and vampirism is, FTP, what disease, often given as an explanation for the madness of King George III.

    ANSWER: Porphyria

6) It is located in the Persian Gulf and is connected to Saudi Arabia by the King Fahd

    Causeway. There is also a bridge being planned to connect it to Qatar, which lies south of

    it. Ruled by the Al-Khalifah family, its name comes from the Arabic meaning “Two Seas” which may be a reference to its fresh water and surrounding salty seas. FTP, name this small borderless Middle Eastern island kingdom with capital at Manama.

    ANSWER: Kingdom of Bahrain

    7) When he passed through Cairo in 1324 he gave out so much gold that it allegedly took

    12 years for the economy to recover. This excessive gold giving was during his hajj and

    he allegedly gave so much money away he had to take out a loan in order to return home.

    He was a benefactor of Islamic scholarship especially Sankore University in Timbuktu.

    He was the grandson of Sundiata, the founder of the empire. For ten points, name this

    Lion of Mali, a 14th century king of the Mali Empire.

    ANSWER: Mansa (Kankan) Musa I (accept The Lion of Mali before mentioned)

    8) The painting Kindred Spirits depicts a member of this artistic movement standing next

    to William Cullen Bryant. It included artists like Jasper Cropsey and Frederic Church,

    whose canvas Twilight in the Wilderness exemplified its enormous panoramic views of

    nature. The paintings of this school also depicted the mountains and waterfalls of the

    Catskills, Adirondacks, and White Mountains. FTP, Asher Durand and Thomas Cole

    were members of what 19th century American school, named for a New York river?

    ANSWER: Hudson River School 9) His father was a Scottish-born Professor of Medieval Literature who was living in

    Princeton, New Jersey at the time of his birth. He joined the Boy Scouts after moving to

    Utah, where he received his lifelong ophidiophobia. He then studied archaeology at the

    University of Chicago under Professor Abner Ravenwood, before thwarting the Nazis on

    several occasions as well as a cult. FTP, name this hero named for his dog, who

    prevented the Nazis from ruling the world through sheer awesomeness and whip ability.

    ANSWER: _Henry Jones, Jr._ (accept _Indiana Jones_, prompt on “Indy”)

    10) Syme is working on the Eleventh Edition of the Dictionary of this language, which

    won't become obsolete until the year 2050. It is a completely manufactured language

    based on English and it is the only language with a vocabulary that shrinks every year.

    Eventually opposites will disappear and "bad" will instead become "ungood" “plus

    ungood" or "doubleplus ungood". Including words like goodthinker, blackwhite,

    crimestop, and doublethink, FTP, name this official language of Oceania in 1984.

    ANSWER: Newspeak 11) It first appeared in the fossil record of the Middle Devonian and remained abundant

    until the end of the Cretaceous period. Due to their incredibly sensitive eyes they are

    almost never found during daytime or during full moons which may explain why they

    were thought to have disappeared. They are represented now by only one or possibly two

    living species. The first sighting of a living species was in 1938 off the coast of South

    Africa. FTP, name this „living fossil‟ fish, previously thought to be extinct.

    ANSWER: Coelacanth [see-la-kanth or seal-ah-kanth]

    12) After studying at Oxford he did archaeological field work in France and Damascus and traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, learning the language and culture. During World War I he worked for British Military Intelligence in Cairo. In 1916 he was sent to the desert to report on Arab nationalist movements. He fought with Arab troops under Emir Faisal against the Ottoman Empire and they captured Aqaba in 1918 and Damascus in 1918. FTP, name this British military officer, whose autobiography Seven Pillars of Wisdom told of his time in Arabia.

    ANSWER: T.E. Lawrence of Arabia

    13) The northeastern corner of the most famous map of this place is labeled as having “big stones and rox.” In the middle lives a rabbit across the stream from his friends and relations and an owl lives in the most densely wooded area. In the bottom left corner is a cope of tress labeled “Where the Woozle Wasn‟t,” above it lays a trap for heffalump and to the right is Christopher‟s house labeled as “My House”. Created by A.A. Milne this is, FTP, what fictional forested area home to Eeyore, Rabbit, Piglet, and Winnie the Pooh. ANSWER: Hundred Acre Wood

    14) Her hair is sometimes braided with green snakes and she is usually shown standing on the inert form of her consort Shiva. Her name means „dark‟ and „time‟ and is a reference to death or „the devourer of time‟. Her poor reputation in the West comes from a cult from whose name the English word „thug‟ is derived, who would rob and murder

    travelers and sacrifice them to her. This is, FTP, which Hindu goddess who is usually associated with violence or death and is often shown with a necklace of skulls? ANSWER: Kali

    15) The chemicals were sealed inside a system of sterile tubes and flasks which were connected in a loop. Sparks were sent through the air in a simulation of lightning. Methane, ammonia, hydrogen and lightning were meant to simulate the conditions of an early Earth. After a week, 2% of the carbon had turned into amino acids including 13 out of the 21 amino acids used to make proteins in living cells. FTP, name this origin of life experiment conducted in 1953 by its namesakes at the University of Chicago. ANSWER: Miller-Urey Experiment (the order doesn‟t matter)

    16) In this book, a monk witnesses accident and questions why something so bad could happen to people who seemingly didn‟t deserve it. To answer this question, Brother Juniper investigates the lives of the five people to prove that their deaths were part of God‟s plan. Jaime, Pepita, Uncle Pio, the Marquesa, and Esteban are the five who die while crossing a gorge on, FTP, this titular object of a novel by Thorton Wilder. ANSWER: The Bridge of San Luis Rey

    17) One of this artist‟s paintings depicts the destruction of the possessions of an Assyrian king, who sits on an enormous bed, while another of his works shows impoverished Greeks about to be massacred by Turkish soldiers. Besides his many paintings set in Morocco, he is best known for a painting which depicts a young boy firing a pistol into the air next to a woman carrying a large French flag. FTP, identify this French painter of

The Death of Sardanapalus, The Massacre at Chois, and Liberty Leading the People.

    ANSWER: Eugene _Delacroix_ [del-uh-QUA]

    18) Name‟s the same. It is the name of the place where Portia lives in The Merchant of

    Venice and was a car produced by Vauxhall. It identifies a private university in

    Tennessee with sports teams known as the Bruins. It is also the surname of Leon, Julius

    and Simon of the vampire hunting clan in the videogame Castlevania. FTP, identify this

    term that lends itself to a namesake Stakes as the last leg of the Triple Crown.

    ANSWER: Belmont 19) A decline due to exhaustion began only fifteen years after it was discovered, leading

    to its abandonment in 1898. It was excavated to at least 3200 feet and between 1859 and

    1878 it yielded $400 million in silver and gold. Its discovery and subsequent immense

    fortunes that it generated played a role in the growth of the state it was discovered in and

    San Francisco. Discovered in Virginia City, Nevada in 1859, this is, FTP, what richest

    known silver ore deposit in the United States?

    ANSWER: Comstock Lode

    20) Some potential sources of inspiration for this poem are a German ballad titled “The Shepherd of the Giant Mountains” and the large twisting tree at Christ Church, Oxford

    where the author was a mathematician. Its structure is the same as classic English poetry

    with quatrain verses and rhymed iambic pentameter despite the fact that many of the

    words in it were made up by the author. Telling the story of a hero seeking a monster

    who beheads it with his vorpal sword at brilling is, FTP, this poem by Lewis Carroll.

    ANSWER: “Jabberwocky”


    1) FTPE, name these things from the Russian revolutions of 1917.

    [10] This faction, led by Vladimir Lenin, seized power in the October Revolution of 1917

    and their name means “majority”.

    ANSWER: Bolsheviks [10] This was last Czar who abdicated after the February Revolution and who was later

    killed with his family by a firing squad.

    ANSWER: Nicholas II [10] This party, whose name means “minority”, was also been part of the Social

    Democratic Labour Party but disagreed with the Bolsheviks on several issues.

    ANSWER: Mensheviks 2) Everyone loves edutainment software, so answer these questions about geographical

    features of the Oregon Trail FTPE.

    [10] It is the second largest river in North America by volume, flows from British

    Columbia through Washington and Oregon and the Grand Coulee Damn is located on it.

    ANSWER: Columbia River [10] This mountain is located near the eastern edge of the Rockies and can be seen as far

away as the Great Plains. It is named for the man who first documented it.

    ANSWER: Pike’s Peak

    [10] This pointed geologic feature rises nearly 300 feet above the surrounding river

    valley and its name comes from its odd shape.

    ANSWER: Chimney Rock 3) Name the phylum FTPE.

    [10] This is the largest phylum of animals and includes insects, arachnids and crustaceans.

    ANSWER: Arthropoda (accept Arthropods)

    [10] This phylum consists of marine animals with a name meaning „spiny skin‟ have

    fivefold radial symmetry and include sea urchins and starfish.

    ANSWER: Echinodermata (accept Echinoderms) [10] Members of this marine phylum have a muscular foot for motion and a radula used

    for feeding. Members include clams, octopi and squids.

    ANSWER: Mollusca (accept Mollusks)

    4) Answers the questions about stories from Aesop‟s Fables, 5-10-15.

    [5] This fable involves a young shepherd who repeatedly warns villagers about a fictional

    lupine visitor.

    ANSWER: The Shepherd Boy Who Cried Wolf

    [10] This fable involves two insects, one who is preparing for the coming winter and one

    who is not.

    ANSWER: The Ant and the Grasshopper (accept variations with Ants)

    [15] This fable concerns a mammalian protagonist who cannot reach the fruit he wants

    and says that they were sour anyway.

    ANSWER: The Fox and the Grapes 5) Name the religious holiday. 10-10-10

    [10] This Muslim holiday is a month long and involves fasting from sunrise to sunset in

    remembrance of the revelation of the Qur‟an

    ANSWER: Ramadan

    [10] This holiday taking place over the first two days of Tishrei, is the Jewish New Year

    for people, animals and legal contracts.

    ANSWER: Rosh Hashannah [10] This holiday celebrated by Christians a couple days before Easter is in remembrance

    of the crucifixion of Jesus.

    ANSWER: Good Friday

    6) FTPE, identify these works by Beethoven.

    [10] This last Beethoven symphony features a Friedrich Schiller poem sung during the

    long 4th movement.

    ANSWER: Symphony no. 9 or Choral Symphony (accept Ode to Joy)

    [10] The third movement of this Beethoven sonata, a ferocious Presto agitato, is less

    well-known than its opening movement, a long Adagio sostenuto.

    ANSWER: Moonlight Sonata or Sonata No. 14 in C sharp minor

    [10] With a name meaning “piano”, this incredibly difficult sonata features four

movements instead of three, with an ethereal third movement that one critic described as

    a “mausoleum of the world‟s suffering”.

    ANSWER: Hammerklavier Sonata or Sonata No. 29 in B flat major

    7) Given a nickname of a French king and the years he reigned, give his name and ordinal


    [10] 1643-1715, the Sun King

    ANSWER: Louis XIV (14th) [10] 1268-1314, the Fair

    ANSWER: Phillip IV (4th)

    [10] 1461-1483, the Spider King

    ANSWER: Louis XI (11th)

[repeat, change to Plath bonus] 8) FTPE, identify the following things about Wuthering


    [10] A posthumous second edition of Wuthering Heights was edited by this younger

    sister of the author.

    ANSWER: Charlotte Bronte [10] In the 1939 film adaptation, this actor portrayed Heathcliff, and later roles include an

    award winning Hamlet in 1948.

    ANSWER: Laurence Olivier [10] Both Ted Hughes and this woman, his wife, have poems titled “Wuthering Heights.”

    ANSWER: Sylvia Plath 9) Answer these questions related to Charles Darwin. 5-10-15

    [5] This was the name of the ship that Darwin was on while he studied the Galapagos.

    ANSWER: HMS Beagle [10] This British naturalist had an independent theory of evolution which prompted

    Darwin to publish his first.

    ANSWER: Alfred Russel Wallace [15] This is the name of a British biologist nicknamed “Darwin‟s Bulldog” for his

    defense of Darwin‟s theories. ANSWER: Thomas Henry Huxley 10) Answer the questions about annoying television commercials FTPE.

    [10] He advertises how to get „free money‟ from the US government while wearing his

    trademark question mark suit. And yes, he wears it everywhere he goes.

    ANSWER: Matthew Lesko [10] This self-proclaimed „fitness celebrity‟ is famous his Fitness Made Simple workout

    videos, and one of our members thinks that his head is way too big for his neck.

    ANSWER: John Basedow [10] This cleaning product is marketed by Billy Mays and theoretically uses an oxygen

    chemical to clean clothes.

    ANSWER: Oxiclean

11) Name these paintings that incidentally all include dogs FTPE.

    [10] A sleeping white dog lies at the foot of a bed in this Titian painting, which portrays a

    naked woman as a reclining Roman goddess.

    ANSWER: Venus of Urbino [10] A curly-haired dog represents fidelity in this 1434 Van Eyck painting, which depicts

    the title figures joining hands in a ceremony.

    ANSWER: The Arnolfini Wedding or clear-knowledge equivalents that include the

    word Arnolfini

    [10] A dog looks at oxen pulling the title object through a stream in this best-known

    landscape painting by John Constable.

    ANSWER: The Hay Wain 12) Answer these questions about minerals. 10-10-10.

    [10] This scale measures the scratch resistance of minerals or „hardness‟.

    ANSWER: Mohs scale of mineral hardness

    [10] This is the hardest mineral on the scale at 10.

    ANSWER: Diamond

    [10] This is the softest mineral on the scale at 1.

    ANSWER: Talc

    13) For ten points each, identify these Wonders of the ancient world.

    [10] This wonder was supposedly built by Nebuchadnezzar II around 600 BCE.

    ANSWER: Hanging Gardens of Babylon [10] This wonder was a giant statue of the god Helios erected on its namesake island and

    was roughly the size of the Statue of Liberty.

    ANSWER: Colossus of Rhodes

    [10] This three tiered structure had a feature that could allegedly be seen 35 miles away.

    ANSWER: Lighthouse at Alexandria (accept Pharos of Alexandria) 14) Identify these things from Norse mythology, 10-10-10

    [10] After Loki hooked up with Svaldilfari (a giant‟s horse), this eight-legged horse was


    ANSWER: Sleipnir

    [10] In the comics, only Beta Ray Bill, Captain America, Storm and Eric Masterson

    could wield this weapon of Thor.

    ANSWER: Mjollnir (prompt on “hammer”)

    [10] Full of numerous mythological critters and connecting the worlds, this was the

    World Tree.

    ANSWER: Yggdrasil

    15) FTPE, answer these questions on “living fossils” that are not the coelacanth.

    [10] This venomous egg-laying mammal is one of the five species of monotremes and is

    a native of Australia.

    ANSWER: Platypus

    [10] This plant, found in the wild only in China, has been around since the time of the

    dinosaurs and its extract is hailed as a memory enhancer.

    ANSWER: Ginkgo biloba [10] This marine arthropod is more closely related to spiders than crabs, has a hard shell

    and hides under sand. They have blue blood due to their having copper instead of iron.

    ANSWER: Horseshoe Crab 16) Name these law codes. 10-10-10

    [10] Harsh punishments and strict rules often merit this adjective, which is derived from

    the name of an Athenian lawman.

    ANSWER: Draconian [10] This law code was a collection of statutes of Roman Emperors as codified in 529 by

    a Byzantine emperor.

    ANSWER: Code of Justinian (accept Codex Justinianus and prompt on “Corpus Juris


    [10] This French civil code was established 1804 and the Louisiana code contains some

    features of it.

    ANSWER: Napoleonic Code (accept Code Napoléon or Code civil des français)

    17) Name these shows that deal with dead bodies.

    [10] This show has David Boreanaz as an FBI agent named Booth and revolves around a

    physical anthropologist named Dr. Brennan who works at the Jeffersonian Institute.

    ANSWER: Bones

    [10] This successful show about the guys who do their work in the field and lab is set in

    Las Vegas stars William Peterson as Gil Grissom.

    ANSWER: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    [10] This show with Martin Landau and Orlando Jones examines crimes by looking at the

    bodies and the materials involved in the crime and then solving the crime.

    ANSWER: The Evidence 18) Identify these people from the Hundred Years War. 5-10-15.

    [5] This Maid of Orleans led the French troops dressed as a man and was burned at the

    stake as a witch.

    ANSWER: Joan of Arc (accept “Joan or Jeanne d‟Arc”)

    [10] This first Lancastrian king and grandson of Edward III deposed his cousin Richard II

    and took the throne.

    ANSWER: Henry IV (accept Henry of Bolingbroke) [15] This oldest son of King Edward III of England family fought at the Battle of Crécy,

    but died before he came to the throne.

    ANSWER: Edward the Black Prince (accept Edward of Woodstock, or Edward, Prince

    of Wales)

    19) Name these roles or shows that Mandy Patinkin has been a part of, FTPE.

    [10] Patinkin plays Special Agent Jason Gideon on this CBS drama about members of the

    FBI‟s Behavioral Analysis Unit. ANSWER: Criminal Minds [10] Patinkin played Rube on this Showtime show starring Ellen Muth about grim reapers.

    ANSWER: Dead Like Me

[10] In perhaps his most famous role, Patinkin played a Spanish swordsman who is

    looking for the six-fingered man who killed his father. That man should prepare to die.

    ANSWER: The Princess Bride

    20) Give the novel from the first line. 5-10-15.

    [5] “Call me Ishmael”

    ANSWER: Moby Dick by Herman Melville

    [10] “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”

    ANSWER: A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens [15] "You don't know about me without you have read a book by the name of The

    Adventures of Tom Sawyer; but that ain't no matter."

    ANSWER: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

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