GM 1960 - B Process Control Plan Audit October 2003

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GM 1960 - B Process Control Plan Audit October 2003

    GM 1960-B WWP Supplier Quality

    GM 1927-16 Process Control Plan Audit Worksheet

    Supplier Name: Date: Supplier Number: Auditor (SQE): Plant Location Country Participants: Buyer Com. Mgr Exec Part name: Commodity: Creativity Team: Part number: Model Year: Program: Drawing Date: Eng. Change Level EWO#:

     No N/A PPAP Status: Product Validation Complete: Yes

     No Powertrain Part? Yes No Safety Related Part ? Yes Type Of Audit: Complete Quality System or Focus or Zone Specific: Audit status: Initial Follow up Run at Rate (GP9 Attachment B) TECHNICAL INFORMATION AVAILIBILITY Yes No N/A Comments 1. Are actual drawings available at production facility with the latest change level? * 2. Does the supplier have the final customer (GM) approved drawing? 3. Is the print completed? (Tolerances, GD&T, Correct datums, KPCs, etc.) 4. Are all Technical regulations/CTS/SSTS available? 5. If supplier is design responsible has DFMEA been used to develop the PFMEA? *


    6. Is a Process Flow Diagram available and is it acceptable (including receiving, rework, labeling, scrap, gauging/inspection and shipping)? * 7. Is there a PFMEA available and is it acceptable (RPNs, numbers match Process flow and include KPC/PQC/KCCs); any evidence that it is a living document? * 8. Is there a Process Control plan (PCP) available, and is it acceptable (numbers match PFMEA & Process flow, incl KPC/PQC/KCCs, GP-12 if applicable and latest EWO included)? * 9. Are all “Current Controls” listed on the PFMEA detailed on the Control Plan? * 10. Are process controls in place in the PCP to address the high PFMEA Risk Priority Numbers? * 11. Are KPC/PQC/KCCs called out on the PCP with gauging, sample size, frequency? * 12. Are sample sizes and check frequency for each operation reasonable? * QUALITY SYSTEM PLAN IMPLEMENTATION

    13. Does an approved supplier list exist for all components needed for the assembled part? * 14. Are controls in place to ensure only approved incoming material released for production? * 15. When parts require traceability, do controls link component traceability to the final part? (FIFO) * 16. Is the workplace properly configured and matches Process Flow Diagram? 17. Are all tools and gage available and properly identified, calibrated and certified? * 18. Are proper operator instructions available for each operation? * - Sufficient to run the job properly, including handling non-conforming parts? * - Are boundary samples available to operators and in use? * 19. Do all gages have operator instructions attached and clearly visible? * 20. Do the operators understand the instructions? Have operators been properly trained? * 21. Are Master Parts available to confirm inspection and error proofing devices? * 22. Is there a preventive maintenance plan on tools, equipment, auxillary equipment--is it followed? * 23. Do process control instructions correspond to the control plan? * 24. Are described tests and inspections actually performed as stated? * 25. Are operators aware of KPCs/KCCs? 26. Where the Process Control Plan calls for SPC is the data properly recorded? * Does the data make sense and are reasonable control limits shown? * 27. Are out of control points noted with the corrective action taken? * 28. Are product audits showing acceptable results (incoming matr‟l, in-process, final product)? * 29. Does the manufacturing process demonstrate the required capability (Ppk, Cpk, Cmk)? * 30. Does packaging and material handling protect parts from damage? * 31. Are instructions for handling Work In Process (WIP) and final product well documented and * followed throughout the process to shipping area; including repair/rework areas?

    32. Does the supplier conduct a „customer audit‟ on ready to ship parts?

?General Motors Corp. Published by Worldwide Purchasing October 2003 GM1927-16 (GM1960-B) 1

    WWP Supplier Quality

    Process Control Plan Audit Worksheet

     QUALITY SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION BY MANAGEMENT Yes No N/A Comments 33. Does tracking mechanism exist for downtime, scrap, premium freight, plant problem reports? * 34. Are out of control conditions managed? Are Action Plans (AP) followed? - Is responsibility for implementation assigned and do people understand their responsibility? * 35. Are problems quickly communicated to people who can help? *

     - Does the support system respond to the operator? * 36. If more than one shift, does information get passed across shifts? * 37. Cost of Errors (Money): Are all quality items (customer concerns, problem reports, warranty etc.) tracked back through the PFMEA and control plan to determine where the system failed? 38. Have PFMEA, Process Control Plan instructions been updated?

     * Mandatory to achieve "approved" assessment

    Follow-up Audit Date: Result: Approved Need Documentation Not Approved

    Auditors Comments:

    ?General Motors Corp. Published by Worldwide Purchasing October 2003 GM1927-16 (GM1960-B) 2

    Supplier Quality

    Corrective Action Plan

    Supplier Name: Date: Supplier No.: Auditor (SQE): Plant Location Country Participants: Buyer Com.Mgr Exec Part name: Commodity: Creativity Team: Part number: Model Year: Program:

    Question Concern Corrective Action Resp. Due Date #

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?General Motors Corp. Published by Worldwide Purchasing October 2003 GM1927-16 (GM1960-B) 3

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