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    Liability for Bodily Injury and Property Damage


Depending on the circumstances, Sections may be liable for damages resulting from bodily

    injury of property damage in connection with Section activities. Fortunately, AWS and similar

    societies have a very good, almost accident-free record. However, in today’s climate of injured

    parties being prone to sue, it is prudent to take steps to minimize exposure to such suits, while

    at the same time not curtailing activities. AWS provides, at no cost of the Sections, public

    liability insurance covering their Section’s activities for bodily injury or property damage to cover

    just such occurrences in the unlikely event that they happen.

Special events, which may increase normal exposure, such as exhibits, large picnics, athletic

    events, welding contests, etc., sometimes are beyond the scope of the policy. These events

    must be reported in advance to AWS Membership Services, using the attached form, in order

    for our insurance administrator to determine if existing coverage is provided and if it is adequate.

    Also, for activities such as an exhibit in a shopping mall or plant facility, proof of “Certificate of Insurance” may be required by the owner or leaser of the facility. When a Certificate is required, Sections will be charged a minimal processing fee.

Even though there is insurance coverage, Section Officers should assume responsibility to

    minimize chances of accident and exposure to liability. Some suggestions are:

    (1) Have alcoholic beverages dispensed by and under control of a restaurant, caterer

    or some other independent service contractor. Reputable and responsible

    business entities also carry liability insurance.

    (2) When services are provided by a restaurant, caterer or independent contractor,

    obtain a certificate of insurance identifying the insurance carrier and the amount

    and type of liability insurance. These certificates are issued by all insurance

    carriers upon request by the insured restaurant, caterer or independent

     contractor (s).

    (3) Limit social periods before meeting to 30-45 minutes. Stop serving

    complimentary alcoholic beverages at the end of the social period.

    (4) Arrange transportation for anyone who looks to be in no condition to drive.

    (5) Look for, and eliminate, any hazardous conditions which might cause injury.

    Neither persons nor companies are recommended to be used as sponsors for hospitality

    periods or activities involving alcoholic beverages. In the event of an accident, they could

    become involved in a lawsuit. Instead, it is suggested that contributors be identified as

    patrons of the Section and be so publicized, with their monies going to the Section’s general


    ? Proof of Insurance Request Form on reverse side

Member Services 8/05

    Send completed request form to:

    American Welding Society

    Attn: Membership Services

    550 N.W. LeJeune Road Miami, Fl 33126


    AWS Section Insured:

    Description of Event:

    Date, Time & Duration of Event:

    Address of Event:

    Expected attendance: Age range:

Any special activities being planned, e.g., boat rides, athletic events, fireworks display, mechanically

    operated amusements devices or watercrafts, musical concert, aircrafts

    (including hot air balloons), etc.

Liquor sold? Yes No Provided by Section? __Yes __ No

    Provided by independent service contractor? Yes __ No

    Food sold? Yes No Provided by Section? Yes __ No

    Provided by independent service contractor? Yes __ No

    Race event? Run or Walk? ____ Length of course? Periodic checkpoints? _____ Water provided?

    Availability of emergency medical equipment & personnel?

    Roads blocked off by proper authorities?

    Athletic waivers being signed? Do they indicate fitness of participants?

* Request submitted by:


Section Office Held Telephone Number Date

Cost: $50 per high-risk event. $100 additional fee is required if co-insured is requested.

     ? Certificate will be sent to the AWS Section Officer making the request. Allow four weeks for processing.

Member Services 8/05

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